At this point in time, it's impossible that public health officials, school officials, GP doctors and so on haven't been made aware of the enormously high incidence of harmful and lethal effects on teenagers and young adults from these toxins. Yet they continue pushing these into those age groups who don't need them. Any doctor or official still pushing these deadly products is complicit in criminal activity - whether "legally" criminal or not. It's incredible how large a percentage of professionals are willing to cause harm or death just because they're ordered to do so, or because they might lose their jobs if they don't, or because they might get attacked socially.

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Clearly, there is an ongoing attempt to trick everyone into self-euthanasia.

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Jan 11, 2023·edited Jan 13, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger when they were surrounded by savage Indians, in response to the latter's question “What are we going to do, Tonto?”—“What do you mean ‘we,’ white man?” Well, what do you mean we? I like certain columns of Alex Berenson, like this one, but the correct account is given by C.J. Hopkins about both Berenson and Musk: The Mother of All Limited Hangouts https://cjhopkins.substack.com/p/the-mother-of-all-limited-hangouts?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=298057&post_id=96058076&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

As for the we of it, I also recommend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERvURcpg3JE&ab_channel=Redacted BOMBSHELL docs reveal Covid-19 COVER-UP goes straight to the top | Redacted with Clayton Morris

https://www.bitchute.com/video/8ftbShzrkjl9/ Intent to Harm - Evidence of the Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by the US DOD, HHS, Pharma Cartel

https://expose-news.com/2023/01/08/us-dod-controlled-covid-vaccine-from-start/?cmid=76a6cbc1-922a-4b13-a879-871c1ffda045 US Department of Defense controlled the Covid Vaccine Programme from the start

I am no longer puzzled by Pfizer’s defense some months ago in a lawsuit alleging fraud that they were immune because they operated under an OTA (Other Type Authority) contract that exempted them from liability even when lying and committing fraud and killing people [sotto voce: because it ain’t a vaccine, it’s a military countermeasure.] Don’t miss the screenshot towards the end of “Intent to Harm” from the CDC website that describes the vaccines as weapons and states that they remain the sole and exclusive property—not the property of Big Pharma that makes them or the hospitals that give them—of the USG until the moment of injection. That's the power of We the People.

Jan 12, 2023. The screenshot appears at 1:16:25. The heading equating the Vaccine with Weaponry may be the filmmaker's addition. The url to the CDC may be stale and I for one often cannot find CDC pages that I have previously saved, but only some revised Orwellian update. In this case the update is faithful to the original with the correct conclusion by the author that Vaccine = Weapon and follows below. Note that everyone in the USA from Richard Fleming to Ryan Cole who has taken possession of and analyzed one of these vaccine vials is now a hard-core self-confessed federal felon. Once again, that's the power of We the People:

https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/provider-enrollment.html "*At this time, all COVID-19 vaccine in the United States has been purchased by the U.S. government (USG) for administration exclusively by providers enrolled in the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program and remains U.S. government property until administered to the recipient. Only healthcare professionals enrolled through a health practice or organization as vaccination providers in the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program (and authorized entities engaged in shipment for the Program) are authorized to lawfully possess, distribute, deliver, administer, receive shipments of, or use USG-purchased COVID-19 vaccine. Other possession, distribution, delivery, administration, shipment receipt, or use of COVID-19 vaccine outside the parameters of the Program constitutes, at a minimum, theft under 18 U.S.C. § 641, and violation of other federal civil and criminal laws. Violators are subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law."

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And the swine Flu shots were halted after, what, 67 deaths? This is criminal.

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A 17-year-old male at Western Brown High School in Cincinnati died of cardiac arrest on Monday. This is happening way too often to call it rare.

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Poisoning children at the $peed of The$cience

Cull op in progress

Please step aside /s

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The "vaccine" is the man-made lethal assault weapon of choice of the Globalists Power Elite.

The 3 E's of sustainable development of two decades ago

Economy Equity Environment

has morphed into today


Environmental Social Governance

Same dirge, second dark verse


Eugenics Eviction Enslavement

One World Death and Slavery System for All

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When the parents wake up to this tragedy all hell will break loose.

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Prediction of resource depletion from back in the seventies. They/them thinks that if there is going to be a die-off anyway, why let the subhumans blow through the rest of the stuff.

In the sixties, they were saying we need to either decrease the birth rate or increase the death rate. Bingo.

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Why are we continuing to inject mRNA poisons (they are not vaccines) into people? So big pharma can keep their tyrannical and highly profitable medical mafia going full steam. Do you have any other reason?

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Clotshots are bad! Breaking News!


Um, didn't we all know a year ago that these shots were poison?

Hey! I have an idea!!

Why don't we all just sit around and point at our TV and shout "DIED SUDDENLY!" one some teen athlete or news anger drops dead on camera!? We could keep all kinds of stats, type of shot, number of dead per day or per team or per game. We could even have side wagers!

Or... wait.... Hey I have another idea!

Why don't we stop the shots by addressing the ROOT CAUSES, beginning with the FAKE VIRUS narrative?

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There's no other conclusion than 'they' want us dead or maimed. I can't even imagine finally realizing the injections are causing all of this if I had insisted my children, family, friends, co-workers, and employees getting this 'countermeasure'. Not sure I could live with the guilt and grief.

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Betting this is not reported by msm.

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Pharmaceutical costumers for life! It’s a brilliant business model. And very sad for our populations.

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Thank you for exposing this.

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So we know 1:5 boys are affected with heart issues large enough to show in a EKG. Do we have any idea why it's not more? Could more have latent issues that just haven't arrived yet? Are many adult non-athlete hearts at risk? One wonders at how little attention is given to such a large effect in our nation. Apparently Taiwan cared enough to actually test these kids, near 5000. Could we not use https://www.heartcarecorp.com/ where https://emergencymcg.com/ says each test costs ~ $300 with minimal training required?

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