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The "information-space" was declared a "conflict-zone" by the Pentagram in 2016, so you truly are a "Warrior", Sister. :-)

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Dr. Nass, at the risk of repitition, we all owe you more thanks than we can express.

You also give quite a few of us hope, that the word will get out to the normies...with hope,

before it is too late.

Heartfelt wishes for all Blessings and all goodness to you.

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Personally, I believe the mRNA injections are just one part of a much greater transhumanist agenda... https://eccentrik.substack.com/p/transhumanism-is-the-extermination

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Great videos!! Love the "New World Dis-order" infographic a reader submitted!! I know there are quite a few infographics on the jab but I have some ideas and working on some to hopefully share.

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It seems to me YouTube and Facebook aren't too worried about any Congressional hearings on the Censorship Industrial Complex or about Missouri v. Biden. They are censoring full speed ahead just as always. This makes me ask, "What do they know that I don't know?"

They must know that it's okay to keep censoring and nothing serious is going to happen to them because they continue to be such avid censors and "team players." My question: How do they know THIS? My bet/hunch is that they somehow KNOW who's going to win the next presidential election and that there's NOT going to be a new sheriff in town.

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Today, they are censoring, smearing, cancelling and intimidating people who question the vaccines and the lockdowns. In the not-to-distant future, they'll probably be censoring those of us who fight digital currencies or who are not afraid of "Climate Change."

I don't think these people are going to say, "Okay, that's enough censorship for now. We're going to have a couple of years with no censorship." It doesn't work that way. They've got to have even more censorship to get the rest of their programs implemented.

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When my brother and sister and I were very young, my father would try to terrify us into behaving by hitting the hall walls and saying he was coming out there like a bashing, smashing machine. Fast forward 20 years, we are all home from wherever we were living or going to school and up in the middle of the night making noise, and my half asleep father comes charging down the hallway saying the same thing. The look on his face at our hysterical laughter was something. Check out what just happened with the Daily Beast's hit piece

Oops: The Daily Beast Inadvertently Boosts Sales of Company Selling HCQ and Ivermectin


They are orcs, with few moves, so they keep making them. Our strange attractor is gaining form and beauty, though not predictability.

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Everything is lined up.

Digital currency is being initialized in Australia and elsewhere. AU banks are phasing out cash.

Food prices are shooting up and shortages are occuring.

Two large wars are on going.

Location tracking is on.

Surveillence is rampant.

MSM is controlled,

The internet is censored.

Energy choices are reduced and getting more expensive.

Inflation is rising.

Crime is worse than ever. Policing has hands tied.

Guns are being controlled/withdrawn from citizens in many countries.

Economies are in trouble around the world.

The Who takes control of our medical care in May 2024.

Who claims another pandemic is coming and I expect it to come between May and November 2024.

Ukraine has cancelled elections. Will the US follow during the next "Pandemic" or maybe require "computerized" voting and keep the US demorats in Power?

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If they don't watch out, some formidable real "leader" is going to emerge who says, "Okay. That's enough. We see what's already happened and what's coming in the future. We now opt out of the program."

Of course, our real rulers know this could happen, which is why the Censorship Programs and "messages" sent are so emphatic. They have intimidated all the possible leaders into "self censoring" and not broaching this more extreme "solution."

People think censorship is only designed to, say, "prevent vaccine hesitancy." I say, nope. It's designed to prevent any would-be Thomas Paines or Patrick Henry's from emerging on the political landscape.

People don't know this, but (my opinion) Dr. Nass is trying to prevent us from reaching this point. She's trying to save a modicum of freedom, but also keep the United States of America ... united.

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I love Youtube's reason for taking your video down. You might be a terrorist, there might be nudity, maybe hate speech... on and on. WHICH ONE Youtube!?!?! And defend that accusation. Yeah right. Go Rumble!

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Won't let me watch first video with Corbett. Excellent second video. WHO is a criminal organisation and David Martin did a great job proving it as you did with their horrific and purposeful overdosing of Hydroxychloroquine killing people. We must absolutely deny any recognition of this organisation and the others that pretend to have power but do not! What a cabal of murderers.

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you have to go to the link--the arrow does not work.

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your experience with the WHO is mirrored in this UNESCO proposal to censor speech that they do not like: It is full spectrum dominance of the worlds people in secret and it progresses without much effective real opposition as you repeatedly point out in the UNs WHO department: The subjugation of the German people since WWII is where we are all headed under UN and its offshoots.


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Two very good interviews. All the unusual secrecy surrounding the WHO amendments tells me there's something unusual happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear, yet. They are so preoccupied with money right now they forgot to mention money and funding. Give me one reason or two why the WHO would demand three years to undo from the WHO. Maybe they're greasing up the WHO to be the next huge money laundering operation just as the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world begins. They already have the tyrants and criminals on board.

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I'm definitely going to watch them! And I just visited the ICS website, but unfortunately the summit videos are not available yet, I understand. I am very curious. I can hardly wait.

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