"Modern propaganda works insidiously through the pillars of influence we have been hardwired to trust.”[7]

Like doctors and scientists?

Just trust the experts! The vaccine is "safe and affective." Just trust "The Science!"

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Excellent summary - thanks! "Live Not By Lies" is also the title of a book by Rod Dreher, who, by the way, probably because he sees creeping totalitarianism here, moved to Hungary, hoping that PM Orban's efforts for freedom, family, and Christianity, will keep that country saner for longer.

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I recommend reading the works of Gustave LeBon, Walter Lippmann, EDWARD BERNAYS, Jose Delgado and James Giordano. The mind is the battlefield; truly.

The problem, though, is much deeper today than weaponization of language and emotions. Our moods, thoughts, feelings and even our memories can be manipulated via frequencies. Be aware of the existence of Directed Energy Weapons and their implications.

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Thank you! Praying for a miracle every day. When we move God out of places like schools, families and government, Satan runs in to replace God. And now we’ve lost integrity and truth . My heart is sad to see how our country has allowed this to happen by taking God’s blessings for granted.

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Mark Crispin Miller, News From Underground; Patrick Wood, Citizens For Free Speech; and FIRE, Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression - are all excellent also on understanding and resisting propaganda.




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Boy he nailed it here:

Language: the weaponization of words, and the sanitization of speech. The use of language has been captured, censorship abounds, and definitions are changed to suit the propagandists.

How many times did the PTB change the definition of things to fit their narrative? Vaccines were the first thing changed and a lot of us saw through it immediately and could tell that they had an agenda that most of us rejected.

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Great follow-up to your previous 2 — the Simon Marcus article and the absurd Maine newspaper propaganda piece, the comments section of which is “Exhibit A” on how effective these years of propaganda have been on a hopefully shrinking collection of people willfully choosing against intelligence. Thank you.

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It is indeed absolutely fabulous! These are a couple of gems I mined from it on censorship and free speech:

“The greatest attack on language is censorship and this must be resisted at every level. You cannot have a free society without free speech, period. Any attempt to argue that others must be protected from offense and hurt feelings should be utterly repudiated. No government, no company, no fact-checkers can ever be the arbiters of truth.”

“Individuals do not need to be ‘protected’ from ideas. Protection from ideas is a way to disable and cripple free people. The First Amendment to the Constitution ensures that nothing can stand in the way of free speech and a robust marketplace of ideas, whether they be good, bad, or ugly. Of course, therein lies the problem. Labeling and censoring ideas as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ ‘harmful,’ or ‘offensive’ ultimately leads to control of ideas in general and cannot be done without suppressing everyone’s right to free speech. It’s either all or none.”

I only wish they would make an audiobook of it as I haven’t been able to find time to finish it and need to be able to multitask while reading[listening].

Michelle Stiles did a great interview with Mercola, too:


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This book should be a mandatory 101 college course!

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No wonder I have always treasured the first ten pages of S.I. Hayakawa's 1941 "Language in Thought and Action," in which he masterfully explains the different attitudes of two imaginary societies that offered "welfare," or "unemployment." Same thing; entirely different results in how their citizens perceived the wealth transfer.

Propaganda, which uses intellectually dishonest debate tactics to convince the masses of stuff that ain't so and cognitive biases to make it "stick," may be the single most important subject matter to master. It's the foundation for all the lies.

Which leads in to one of my few areas of expertise: alcoholism-fueled egomania, which makes addicts the most convincing and pernicious liars. Perhaps I should start writing....

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Ambitious young people will make a beeline to join the evil cartel especially if it’s a choice between have and have not

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This book sounds excellent. Thanks for the review.

I wrote two very short pieces that might interest you all on the ways conspiracies operate within the context of larger institutions such as the CIA:



They make some simple points but, just as the techniques pointed out in this piece, they are key to understanding the modus operandi of intra and inter-institutional conspiracy.

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Fantastic! Thank you for the tip, will have to get.

There's some very interesting quotes about propaganda, "pouring buckets of slop over each other's heads" in the records of the Hitler-Stalin pact:

The Hitler-Stalin pact: discussion of the Non-Aggression Treaty and the secret protocols

January, 1992


(Download full text PDF - free)

"In the period before the German-Soviet rapprochement the German Government made little secret of its hatred for the Soviet Union. Next to Jews the ideology of the Bolshevik state as well as its leaders were the pariahs of Nazi propaganda." - p. 21

"Ribbentrop suggested a joint and rather flowery communiqué to the press and submitted it for Stalin's approval. After reading it he said to Ribbentrop:

"Don't you think that we have to pay a little more attention to public opinion in our countries? For many years now we have been pouring buckets of slop over each other's heads and our propaganda boys could never do enough in that direction; and now all of a sudden are we to make our peoples believe that all is forgotten and forgiven? Things don't work so fast. Public opinion in our country, and probably in Germany too, will have to be prepared slowly for the change in our relations this treaty is to bring about, and it will have to be made familiar with it."

A more modest statement was agreed to. At the end of the discussions champagne was served.

Toasts to the treaty and the German people were made. Then Stalin proposed a toast to Hitler:

"I know how much the German nation loves its Fuhrer; I should therefore like to drink to his

health."" - p. 60-61

"Lastly the Pact and its consequences have shown what governments. both with and without

structural checks and balances are capable of. It also shows to what degree disinformation can

be created and perpetuated. It is this which is the lesson the historian and the student of history

must take to heart when studying the Pact." p. 87

Some additional insights from the paper I found interesting. Most of us have been taught our entire lives that Nazi's and Communists hate each other, Fascists and Marxists hate each other, Hitler and Stalin hated each other, and the Pact was just useful for strategic posturing and deception between the two nations and leaders. But that wasn't the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That was US and western propaganda:

"There was a natural link. Economically speaking both states [Germany and the Soviet Union] were closer structurally than they were to the capitalist countries. Ribbentrop noted in particular that both countries were, in fact, hostile to "capitalistic western democracies". Germany had economic four year plans. The Soviet Union had five year plans. Both maintained direct party and state control over the economic direction of their respective states. Germany still had private enterprise but the Nazi policy of Gleichschaltung ensured the primacy of the state in economic matters." p. 31

And this from the conclusions of the 1992 paper points to what happens when censorship and propaganda can no longer sustain a deception, the consequences come due. The Russian-Ukrainian war today that the US provoked and is underwriting with our tax dollars and weakening our economic status is the product of both the deceptions by Hitler and Stalin in the Pact and secret protocols, as well as the deceptions by the US and the USSR in their official denials of the Pact and secret protocols for a half-century following WWII. It may take a very long time for truth to prevail. But it does prevail. At great cost in the interim, and the aftermath. Propaganda and censorship leaves a trail of destruction behind:

"Had their validity been publicly accepted when they were discovered, after they were secretly spared from destruction, in 1945, they may likely have altered general Western perceptions of the day. It is greatly possible that this is precisely why the American authorities chose to suppress the documents following their discovery" and why the Soviet Union was allowed to discredit them.

The saddest consequence of the Pact was the forced subjugation, deportation of millions of people, and the annexation of the three Baltic Republics and the northern territories of Rumania. In the case of Rumania, it is only an irony of history that the annexed territories were spared the horrors of the Ceaucescu regime.

As for the Baltic Republics, their quest for independence rested on the rejection of the Pact by the Soviet Union. The problem Gorbachev faced was that a return to pre-August 1939 borders would give the Baltic States back their independence. It would also require a settlement of the territory seized from Poland. This would involve part of the Byelorussian and Ukrainian Republics." p. 86

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I read the book Let the Children Go by Ted Patrick. Ted Patrick at one time was considered the Father of Deprogramming. What scares me is in his book he talks about how when people are out of a cult for a little bit, that even a year later they can, "float back" if they see, or hear their cult around them. That he emphasized isolating the person from the cult for as long as you can. That he "saved" people from cults and thought they were okay but they again were contacted by the cult and went back.

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