There is hope for humanity

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Good on you, Van Haga. May the United States make the same concerted and concrete effort to keep our country, and your country, independent and sovereign, absent of any Global mandates.

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👊Finally & slowly it's all unraveling! Thank u4this + all your work & devotion 2help enlighten &save us.

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Given articles 55 and 60 were not followed, why are all countries not objecting to the entire WHO IHS process? We truly live in an insane, upside down world.

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Thank you Dr. Nass. Your information on this is so helpful to understanding what is going on globally and giving me the ability to bring it forward to elected officials.

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God Bless this man.

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Ah, but does the action of one parliamentarian constitute a legal reservation on behalf of an entire country?

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I'm glad the Dutch have gotten fed up with being pushed around!


From the good-Who: We're Not Gonna Take It


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Hi Meryl, this is what I found a while ago, on Wikipedia concerning the Belgian government...same story...

'Treaties with foreign countries are concluded by the government (the King). When it comes to trade treaties, or treaties that bind Belgians or impose objections on the state, they can only take effect in Belgium after the approval of parliament.'


I sent this info to the Ministers (Prime Minister and Department for Health) in Brussels!

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Unmissable interview of mine with Dr Michael Nehls. Neuroscience explains how our loved ones turned into zombies.



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would that our Resident in Chief, our Senate Majority Leader had the balls that this lady has. Unfortunately the Big Guy sold his balls to the CCP and Shucky Choomer, well his are likely gone to the highest bidder (or left on Epstein's Island

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Wybren van Haga was not voted back into parliament last election and neither Pepijn van Houwelingen. These were the two members who were most active against everything that was going on during the plandemic.

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So you can just walk in take the crown now your in charge...

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Awesome observation by the Dutch and a great move on their part!

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From Mark Playne at NotOnTheBeeb.com:

"Summary of Country Positions (written by WCH)

• Eleven Members of Parliament in Estonia issued a letter rejecting IHR amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty.

• New Zealand’s new coalition government will reserve against proposed amendments to IHR.

• Slovakia’s prime minister announced the government will not support strengthening the WHO.

• A comprehensive bill by a congressman is gaining traction and public support in the Philippines.

• Two South African parliamentarians champion the WHO Withdrawal Bill and mobilise on it.

• A Parliamentarian in the Netherlands filed a letter making a reservation due to lack of due process.

• Eleven European Union parliamentarians are formally challenging procedural failures in IHR amendments.

• Bill HR 79 (to defund and exit WHO) was introduced by United States Congressman Andy Biggs.

• Parliamentarians continue advocating to reject IHR amendments and question the WHO in Japan.

• A letter from the Australian people communicates rejection of the WHO’s proposed amendments to the IHR.

To do something, see the UKMFA and SOR campaign here."

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