Thank you for your time and efforts in restoring our faith and freedoms in these difficult times of multiple crisies!

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Agree totally and we have the same problem in globally captured Australia being run by treasonous politicians, one of the many and one of the worst being the WEF former young leader and former PM Scott Morrison who was fully cognisant of the plandemic rollout plan and the biggest traitor of all chairing his unconstitutional National Cabinet of State Premiers omitting all of his Federal Cabinet, where he has politically and illegally through a corrupt Federal court order banned the release of the National cabinet minute papers and documents. In this cabinet he with all the States’ Premiers outlined their plan of lockdown and law enforcement tyranny to subject Australians to for 2 years.

We have no bill of rights and no right to bear arms to protect ourselves and they used draconian fascist emergency laws to terrorise Australians.

I honestly thought that style of emergency law, abuse of power by government was finished after Nazi Germany was defeated in 1945 and Nuremberg hung some of the most heinous of Nazis. I opened my eyes pretty quickly 6 months into the plandemic in 2020 and see everything through a different prism of reality than I ever did before. I was naive for all my long life prior to that, now as an old bloke wish I’d been more aware to how the world really worked way sooner. Emergency powers must be abolished worldwide or if used Western Governments should not be able to abuse that power under common law which should be sacrosanct, guaranteeing democratic freedom always.

We also need to clean out the judiciary in some way as they are all politically controlled and are not at arms length. The laws need to changed to ensure peoples democratic and hunanw rights are sacrosanct in the courts irrespective of any emergency powers.

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Love it. Wish we could have the same or similar pledge against the mandatory, harmful, and mostly unnecessary childhood vaccine schedule that has been causing huge increases in chronic diseases in children.

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MAA, I changed capitals as you suggested. I also tweaked a couple of words today, 8/13. But I am missing the tweeks you suggest to punctuation, if any. Thanks!

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This should be the new WHO Treaty and all the world must sign it! Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

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Looking good! A few notes below:

1) Can you do a find/replace of two spaces (e.g., after periods) with one? That’s a holdover from the typewriter era but is a typographical no-no these days :-)

2) Also hoping you can do a find/replace of straight quotes and apostrophes with smart (curly) ones for consistency and typographical viewing pleasure :-)

3) In #1, the comma should be omitted after “weeks” if “without legislative review” applies to “not to exceed two weeks”:

“not to exceed two weeks, without legislative review” > “not to exceed two weeks without legislative review”

4) For the title of #2, I strongly recommend changing “MEDICAL CARE” to “MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS” or some other term without positive connotations. Calling it “medical care” implies it is good for you.

5) The single quotes should be double quotes here (single quotes are used for a single character, but double are used for terms and phrases):

‘Gain-of-function’ > “Gain-of-function”

6) This is missing a period at the end:

“As a citizen, I support the Pledge and urge my elected representatives to do so as well”

7) “5” should be spelled out as “five” in the following:

“As a candidate or elected representative, I pledge to introduce and strongly support legislation to accomplish the 5 Pledge items above.”

8) Also in footnote #1, calling these laws “shortsighted” is too gentle. I suggest “detrimental,” “dangerous,” “destructive,” “harmful,” or something along those lines.

9) “Emergency” should be lowercased here (unless there’s a reason you’re capitalizing it; I did leave “People” and “Pledge” accordingly):

“Both legislative and administrative government activity must reconvene by the end of two weeks after a declared Emergency.” > “emergency”

10) The commas should be converted to semicolons due to the internal conjunction in this list:

“Legislative hearings on the emergency measures; notice and comment by the public; and approval by the legislature will be required to renew any emergency powers.”

11) In footnote #2, there is an unnecessary comma in the first sentence:

“The doctrine of bodily autonomy, and the expectation” > “The doctrine of bodily autonomy and the expectation”

12) This needs a serial comma after masks and the unnecessary comma removed after “vaccinations” (I suggest changing the second “and” to “as well as” for clarity:

“The doctrine of bodily autonomy and the expectation of informed consent for medical procedures have been infringed with mandated medical tests, masks, and vaccinations as well as federal financial incentives to the private sector”

13) In footnote #3, the parenthetical needs a little revision to avoid a non-parallel structure:

“(freedom of speech, the press, and religion as well as the freedom to peaceably assemble)”

14) I think the commas would be more effective as em dashes here, and the subsequent em dash is unnecessary:

“were taken from us—without any means of timely redress—by our governments in collaboration”

15) This needs “media” inserted after “mainstream”:

“with mainstream media and social media companies”

16) Wasn’t it 2012? (https://www.congress.gov/bill/112th-congress/house-bill/5736)

“A 2013 amendment to the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act”

17) In the Reuter’s citation, the straight quotes and apostrophes should be smart for consistency. We also need a period before the ellipses (which should be … instead of three periods) here:

“simply made them up.… Disclosure”

18) Need “the” inserted before “CDC”:

“US laboratories, including the CDC”

19) Title-case article title:

an article titled “Congress Demands Details of Secret CDC Lab Incidents Revealed by USA TODAY”

20) Need commas inserted after the country and state:

“Yet NIH funding of coronavirus gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina,”

21) Unnecessary comma before “and want” needs removing:

“American citizens are outraged at the harm this research has caused and want it stopped for good.”

P.S. Let me know if you want me to implement these corrections. I know you’re incorporating feedback from multiple people so thought it might be easier for you to see the individual suggestions.

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This is a good effort at ‘keeping our Republic’ thanks, Dr. Nass.

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Dr. Nass,

This coming Friday (August 19th) the Nuremberg Code turns 75. It would be a symbolically historic day for you to publish the final final version of the pledge!


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Amen. Sincerely Thank You Dr Nass. Love and Light To You. God Bless.

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I'll bet the legislators have no clue about what the W.H.O. is up to. They should promise to inform themselves.

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I have not used some of your well thought out suggestions for the following reasons:

1) avoiding all words that seem divisive in any way, as this is intended to be a purely non-partisan document that anyone who wants a return to the rule of law and end to man-made pandemics can adopt.

2) I have tried to make it as simple as possible while providing sufficient clarity for the legislators to take the ball and write the needed legislation--or revoke other legislation.

3) accountability for mistakes made is a different issue, which muddies the waters wrt what needs to be done to restore us as quickly as possible. Fixes first. I happen to be much enamored of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission during the mid 1990s, where the scientists who put anthrax into chocolate candies (etc.) were allowed to remain free if and only if they confessed all their crimes and answered all questions about them.

I happen to believe that God will take care of the punishments so I don't have to. What a relief!

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MAA, because I don't know what they are

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The US is a democratic republic, not a democracy. How about restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

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This should be signed by every MD in the world that understands the seriousness of what is happening at this time. Bravo, Dr. Nass!!

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Awesome. Ask DeSantis to sign it.

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