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‘Progressive’ is, and has been, another word for Socialists. The Marxists rebrand themselves once a word is worn out. The corporate-fascists (also sometimes referred to as neo-feudalists) will use the progressives as front until they get what they want and will then dispose of them, as most revolutions tend to. We need to be ‘Constitutionalists'.

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"While progressives might believe they are in charge, I think it’s much more the case that we are being used." looks like one of them just "woke" up. thanks for the good news.

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Thank You for this:

"It wasn’t always like this. Over the past century the primary advocates of free speech have been liberals and progressives like myself, who frequently defended the rights of people whose values they sometimes differed from and were highly unpopular with mainstream American society at the time, such as the over-policing of the Muslim community during the War on Terror...

..While progressives might believe they are in charge, I think it’s much more the case that we are being used. Under the cover of social justice, the corporate machine rolls on. The US government and its allies, realizing that information was the future of conflict, slowly but surely engineered a takeover of the independent, adversarial organisations that should be holding them to account...

..The cultural shift is only partly organic. The Virality Project shows how powerful people cynically harnessed well-intentioned ideas about protecting people’s health, when in reality, they were protecting and advancing the interests of Big Pharma and expanding the infrastructure for future information control projects."

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How did progressives become useful idiots for the Globalists? A magic potion of money, brainwashing (hijacking and cleverly weaponizing a legitimate cause), serious intimidation and group think.

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This is a recent article from Tablet Magazine. The author, a former military intelligence officer, describes how the DOD (Dept of Defense) and security agencies colluding with tech companies have used vast counterinsurgency and counterterrorism infrastructure programs against the American people (and other Five Eye nations).

This has created a new field - the pseudoscience of misinformation. "....In effect, a concept taken from the worlds of espionage and warfare—disinformation—was seeded into academic and nonprofit spaces, where it ballooned into a pseudoscience that was used as an instrument of partisan warfare."

"Everywhere one looks now, there is a disinformation expert. They are found at every major media publication, in every branch of government, and in academic departments, crowding each other out on cable news programs, and of course staffing the NGOs."


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The rich ate the left.

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My criminal mind is working overtime and I believe this to be true. The dominion voting machines and Fox News are in cahoots. The Democratic Party paid the 700 million to shut everybody up. That’s why Tucker is gone. This is a hot potato for the Democrats the big lie is just that. Spread the word please.

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Official narratives are most often based on profit objectives, whether national, e.g., Pharma/CDC, or international, e.g., wars of choice for natural resources, and both use fear as impetus to gain citizen support. Views earning fiercest gov’t and controlled media label of “disinformation” are those producing statistics or facts from respected individuals countering an official narrative, thereby threatening the profit objectives of the narrative.

Therefore, a “war on disinformation” is a war against enlightening the public to the truth of illegal machinations for profit via the use of fear to deliberately mislead our public into supporting the selfish motives of those in whom we have invested faith that they will look out for our interests, health, safety and rights. A “war on disinformation” is a war on all that for which our Constitution stands.

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This morning, Thursday April 27, 2023, I posted the following Note:

“On May Day, Monday May 1, people should gather peacefully at the offices of their local Coroner.”

This afternoon, the same day, Notes banned me without explanation, other than to refer to their content guidelines.

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In a recent interview with Utah Senator Mike Lee, Jordan Peterson started talking about the Third Commandment, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” It doesn’t mean, “Don’t say ‘godamnit or use foul language.” It means don’t seek unearned virtue. Don’t attribute your passive deeds to god’s will. (Don’t put on a mask and think you’re saving the world from a deadly manmade virus!)

I’ve been musing on this for a few years now, bewailing the moral certitude of the woke mob: “I’m a good person, therefore what I’m doing is inherently good. There is no need to justify it further” I was fascinated to learn that this is exactly what god what prescribing against in #3. It’s one of his “top ten” no-nos. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.””

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I would love to see the complete list of “anyone taking military, defense contractor, or intelligence agency money...”

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The statement "new financial models will need to be developed" is delusional and explains why this person was surprised at developments. "Developed" by whom? It is "their" money. It is "their" models put forth by "their" organizations funded by "their" created credit and money. (See a pattern here?) Who is going to correct this? No one which is why he has to resort to "halving funding" is a start. C'mon. Who is going to enforce this? Those who are taking from the financial teat? Dream on.

Read Whitney Webb's book to get a real education about the real world. It is not as pretty as the unreal Worker's Paradise promised.

Get rid of the private federal reserve and central banks and you might have something. That would be a major step in freedom. Remove the ability of the control system of budgets and people to spend federally and create laws and rules to "nudge" us in a direction. Let us be free. Support the individual and not the collective.

Elites may grab the ideas which serve them but they do not hollow them out. They fund them co-opting and directing how things go much as a farmer tends to a garden supporting desired growth and weeding out or starving the unwanted. The resultant entity is advanced, not weakened.

He describes and bemoans the changes that have occurred in the "progressive" movement but ignores the method used to get there. Therefore, don't expect the solution to be accurate. This is similar to addressing the organ failure cause by an expanding cancer and overlooking the cancer itself. We all know where that goes.

There is NO free market and that is misunderstanding number one. A false assumption that stains all further analysis. This control apparatus is designed to be too big to fail and it won't. Call it "sustainable". Honor private property and individual freedom and leave it alone as long as it does not hurt others physically. But "The System" will not and your support of it will continue to disappoint and surprise you. It is a false idol leading to all that is described here.

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