We would be lucky to have such a President.

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What are we going to do about 'it'?

We're going outside and plant a garden. We're going to remind, even those who despise us and spitefully use us, that we are all afforded grace and hope, that each of us, aligned with divine purpose, are so very necessary.

By the grace of God the malevolent power that has corrupted so many never considered me worth corrupting.

We are all family. Our Father so desires that we were one, in Him.

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I don't want to hear anything this angry and violent man has to say. What do I mean by violent? A 25 million dollar lawsuit against good freedom fighters is violence. I'd like to have a review by a normal, good hearted person.

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I disagree, in a broad sense, with Dr Malone’s last statement: “the enemy, the face of creeping globalized utilitarian evil, and it is us.”

I can see how even those of us who have stood up for truth, tried to warn anyone who would listen about the lies of the last three years, started walking away years ago from what was the status quo rhetoric about government, etc, have participated in some ways with convenience driven, cultural normified (fill in the blank), etc, etc.


No, WE are not “the enemy”, nor are WE “the face of creeping globalized utilitarian evil”. Maybe ignorant. Maybe unwitting participants. Maybe even lazy, fat Americans in some sense. But this evil didn’t ORIGINATE with us. And the majority of those who will read RFK’s book are part of the “choir”, so my guess is they aren’t the ones purposefully moving these evil agendas forward.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood his meaning. It wouldn’t be the first time!🙃

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Thank you so much for the peek Dr. Nass...I gave my copy of "Fauci" to a friend and never got it back...but this seems to me seminally important....I will get on the pre-order list.

At last, some truth...And those who do not want to fund war, either kinetic or biological, get whacked don't they? Since at least Nov. 23, 1963

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I am shocked (I guess I shouldn’t be) at how the lame stream media is depicting RFK a wacko just because it doesn’t fit their control narrative. I am glad that someone is telling the truth, I think Trump was lied to very often to keep him in the dark - looking like his own category of wacko.

I also find they do that to Main line their pick for Office. And then their puppet gets installed not voted in.

Glad he is willing to release this before the primary!

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Thank you Meryl, for reprinting Robert Malone's review of RFK Jr.'s new book. I so appreciate your willingness to add your support wherever you are seeing it needed. Adding energy and support for Bobby's presidential candidacy is so important and I am grateful that so many of you Truth Lions are moving in behind him and moving his profile up into a place where he cannot be ignored.

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I burned all my bridges trying to get through to friends and family about Covid issues. With one exception I’m persona non grata. I continue to educate myself and share articles and information on social media I find credible but it feels like preaching to the choir. What am I going to do about it, you ask? I don’t know.

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Aug 3, 2023·edited Aug 3, 2023

Dear Dr. Nass,

Thank you for tirelessly working for our freedom and justice by featuring not only your own comprehensive Medical-Gov research, but also that of other truth promoting peers.

Please consider teaming up with Patrick Wood of Technocracy News to record a class on Citizenry research and how to effectively speak truth to power. Aligned minds are force multipliers.

God bless you and the freedom cause.

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This is Key:

"It has been estimated that total Federal expenditures on biowarfare research and development from the end of WW II through to the implementation of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (1975) exceeded the costs of the US Nuclear Warfare program during this period, and this biowarfare program (and funding stream) is intimately linked to academia."

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Loved the review, so well written, up until the point he states "we have seen the enemy and it is us."

There Dr. Malone goes again, blaming the citizens for the homicidal urges of the powers that be. Did any of us read about Operation Paperclip in High School or College? Know about Ft. Detrick and the experimentation there? the RAT lines? Psychotronic weapons? Read about them years ago in the newspapers? I doubt it. Without proper information and comprehension, there is no logical basis for moral action. That mass psychoses theory needs a soak, wash, rinse and do not repeat.

Agreed we need a vigorous response. Dr. Malone is correct about this. But the response needs to be properly informed. And that's why this book is so important. Mr. Kennedy is giving needed factual information and epigenetic history of the origins of the present medical misery. Can't wait to read it.

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I will be interested to see how the book lines up with findings published by Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt in their respective Substacks...

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RFK isn't telling the truth about COnVID.

Leaders of the "No Virus" team have had many private correspondences with him. He knows that there are no such things as viruses... So WHY DOES HE CHOOSE to promote this "lab leak" theory?

We KNOW Bobby is lying, because he's basically admitted such in private emails. Here is one that was sent to a prominent person, whom I cannot identify, but I can vouch for the authenticity of this.

“I’m grateful for your courage and intellectual integrity. I have an open mind on this issue but no bandwidth to spend the time energy and credibility capital to personally investigate it. I feel the same way towards those people who passionately and knowledgeably argue that 9/11 is an inside job. It could be true. But there are opportunity costs in taking on this cause and I think diminishing returns to my overall effectiveness. I cannot right every wrong or expose every falsehood. I need to be strategic In choosing my battles. If you reflect, you will find that you do the same. I admire and encourage you but I must beg off on this war for the time being. I’m more likely to join if you get it nearer the goal line where the cost/returns ratio improves.” -- RFK Jr (Aug 2022)

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It appears Bobby's book will continue to gaslight the public on the existence of viruses. We need him to promote the truth that no virus in the world has been proven to exist. I bet that's not in the book. What we need is a massive awakening that viruses are nothing but a Rockefeller allopathic snake-oil profit strategy with the help of Pasteur's false conclusion on communicable diseases. Now the US military is involved in mass murder - an "operation democide" to depopulate the US.

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Dr Malone's teaser review concludes that 'we' are the enemy, 'part of the creeping, globalized, utilitarian evil'. In some sense, yes. In many senses, no. It's a curiously wonky conclusion.

For myself, I am a citizen who has had no involvement whatsoever in 'deep corruption of medical-biological research, medical ethics, and the entire western “health” enterprise which has occurred over the last century'. Furthermore, as a bog-standard citizen I had naively hoped that a few of those up to their necks in this cesspit might have blown the whistle on this Dr Strangelove BS in a more timely fashion. But no, it's 'me' as Walmart citizen who has to wake up from my selfish coma and resolve the issue, and I should probably give myself a brutal beating for my woeful inattention to developments around those Disney Deathstar Sciences while I'm about it? Time we pitifully ordinary folk got our act together; now it's up to us to do the heavy lifting. Of course, it is. You've made it so clear to me. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I am aware (dimly) of Dr Malone's own hero's journey from somewhere pretty adjacent to the myocardium of the Beast to the cramped bridge of the Millennium Falcon. In his review here he takes a moment to mention another luminary of the recent past. He quotes 'Yeates'' work 'Second Coming'. The poet's name is in reality Yeats (since corrected) and the title of the poem is 'The Second Coming'. As I say, the bridge is a tight squeeze.

Perhaps a clean sweep is due. After all, the plucky vessel and its motley crew should be viewed with incredible caution: is it the really the Millennium Falcon or actually a lifeboat pulling away from the doomed Titanic with more than a few falsetto survivors aboard recently crammed into sparkly crinolines?

What do I think we 'the culpable' should do? Raze the stables to the ground of course. A performative mucking out by well-meaning amateurs will achieve nothing. As per usual. See Operation Paperclip.

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"we can see the enemy, the face of creeping globalized utilitarian evil, and it is us." WRONG conclusion! it is the corporate globalist agenda, WHO, CDC, FDA, et. al. Don't put that blame on us.

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