So if I'd vaccinated my children within 2 months of when they actually caught covid, about 1 of them (of 4) wouldn't have gotten Covid? Would that have been the one who was asymptomatic, or the one who had a fever for an hour and then was bouncing off the walls again? And months later, when they spent a week with relatives who-- it turned out-- had Covid during the stay, what would have happened then? Would the 1 who'd remained uninfected become infected? Would there be reinfections? (As it was, all remained healthy, with apparent sustained immunity from the mild/asymptomatic prior infections.)

I would be extremely angry (at myself, and at the CDC, and at our pediatrician) if I had chosen or been coerced to vaccinate my children against this virus with this vaccine.

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"How long till we are in negative efficacy territory?"

These are fake, relative, non-absolute levels of effectiveness anyway.

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Yes, they will definitely find a way. Because their goal has always been: create fear, resulting in compliance (masking and all the rest), which sells tests and shots. It’s as simple as that. Sell sell sell.

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Old stuff, new stuff, and asinine stuff from the UK.

Pfizer and BioNTech Announce Data from Preclinical Studies of mRNA-based Vaccine Candidate Against COVID-19. September 9, 2020


Adagio’s Round Trip | Science | AAAS

March 2, 2022



Freedom of Information request on clinical trial data for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine on children aged 12-15 (FOI 21-678)

Published13, August 2021.


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