I listened to most of the meeting yesterday. I heard several Physicians refer to “pregnant people” when discussing vaccination in pregnancy, birth and breast feeding. Your nomenclature of ‘a mock’ is generous. This is bad medicine and they are reading the same crap data all in the name of vaccines “access”. I understand the thought process for access, but what they are doing is dangerous.

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They are sold out, stupid, evil, or any combination of these. I hope they burn in hell. That’s not very Christian of me, so I hope they are miserable the rest of their lives and what goes around comes around for them. Still not Christian though, is it?

This really is evil , though, because they know the shots don’t stop the spread and are dangerous and THEY DON’T CARE . CYA all the way. I wonder if they took the shots or will let their kids or grandkids?

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Are they all subject to legal reprisals if they don't get the liability release from recommending these products to kill a few more children?

This seems like the battlefield where we should all stand.

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Thank you for this depressing news. Eyes and ears are wide open to the corruption, criminality and incomprehensible action by those who stand to profit from this disastrous decision.

Dr. Nass, your presence and attention is much appreciated.

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I never thought it would be doctors that would end the world.

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Time to revolt. It is *way* overdue.

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15-0 right after hearing a fantastic dissenting voice in the public comments. They are monsters.

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Dr. Nass, my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all that you do and who you are as a human being. You and your Colleagues are humanity's hope.

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Approximately two thirds are WOMEN basically sentencing all children to harm and death, beyond sick and evil - one word psychopaths! May they share hell with madeleine Albright and Janet Reno.

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This is a diabolical terrorist attack on the people with a lethal bioweapon.

What is the best strategy to fight back?

Here is a great brief interview of Dr. Marty Makary by Tucker Carlson.

Thu, Oct 20 at 10:38 AM



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Tucker Carlson

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I don't give a damn what 15 blatantly corrupt and extraordinarily stupid bureaucrats have to say on the matter. They are irrelevant to me. My children will never be injected with the magic juice. Never. Take the power back. Do not comply. Tell them no.

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I commend and support you, Dr. Nass. You're a woman or courage and integrity for speaking the truth in the face of massive attacks and suppression. As for these "vaccines," it's criminal pushing these on children, or even younger adults. More people have been seriously injured and killed by these toxins than from covid. The FDA, Pharma, CDC, medical boards, "public health" officials are thoroughly corrupt and in bed with one another. They are killing and injuring people for money.

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Someb district attorney is going to classify this as murder 1.

A. They are getting money for this decision

B. The data is Stong enough for them to know death will occur

C. They were and are in a position of trust authority and power.

D. There is a corruption and collusion.

E. Just start it where they aren't released on bail. If ever there was a flight risk..

Some district attorney is going to seek the death penalty and get it. This is murder for hire. It's all how you frame it. Prosecutors this is the case of the century.

That the victim is not known in terms of identity shouldn't matter.

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This insanity can only be driven by sinister (WEF) ulterior motives. What's really in these DEADLY injections that Kids don't need because they're not susceptible to Covid? Could it really be a control element within Graphene Oxide found in the Covid injections? LIABILITY must be reinstated = COMMON SENSE! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots!

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Oct 20, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

Why was this done before the election?

Is this part of the Republian strategy?

I have been a life long democratic voter -- Bernie democrat

And have felt right from the start that the dems were on the wrong side of this issue and it would eventually cost them. I tried to warn them.

There will be a wide spread revolt because of this vote to put it on the regular schedule.

Corruption out in the open -- they can act with no consequences -- so far

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They can't be that ignorant. Pure evil must be the correct name for them.

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