What a valuable article, thank you so much. You finish, however, by saying "And maybe we can start to build something a whole lot better. It just takes everybody waking up." God, that's a tall order, given how rapidly the vast majority totally shut their minds. Out of fear? Yes, but there's something else: it's awful to admit but it must feel GOOD to follow orders. Or something. I dunno...Calling it "mass hypnosis" or whatever still does not explain what ultimately amounts to self-harm even if the official line was constructed to say the exact opposite.

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I sure hope you are right! My worry is that they can attempt to achieve the control they want through CBDCs. They are going for complete totalitarian control. No holds barred. And they will be willing to do anything to get it, I'm afraid. We're in for rough times.

As for the shots, they can reformulate them to some extent and claim they are safer and many people will be fooled. They might try that. They are also talking about making mRNA flu shots. Those will be a safety disaster too.

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"if my shot does not protect you"

Yes, that's rational/moral thinking. But we've know since late last summer that the shots don't do much, if anything to prevent transmission, yet mandates were still issued in the fall. Conclusion: The powers that be are irrational, immoral, or both.

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Here is hoping you are right. Although from another perspective a lot of the damage has already been done. One could argue it is a success on their end. A great percentage is already vaccinated. To what extent and to what end this achieved. If the nanotech has a basis in reality... then perhaps the majority being trackable was the objective? Hard to be sneaky and resort to guerrilla tactics with the GPS and location setting turned on permanently.

Or perhaps the genocide and depopulation theory has a basis in reality. And then 90% will soon perish and the Georgia guidestones multilingual commandments are closer to fulfillment.

Or if you look at it from a biblical perspective. First comes plague, followed by famine and then finally war. There certainly appears to be all the right pieces put in all the right places to make global food chains collapse by decree, whilst being blamed on a series of other unrelated events. Eg covid restrictions. Bad weather/climate. Wars and global logistic complications.

Or perhaps this was simply another situation where money, politics, expectations of returns on investments and cutting corners to meet tight deadlines leads to industrial disaster. Like so many other industrial disasters that have come and passed through time.

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I hope you’re right Meryl. I said all along that however much power and money The Great Reset cabal has it would be hard to control a very chaotic world with 7.5 billion people in it - even if only a small minority are Awake to what’s going on. Which doesn’t mean the Great Reset folks won’t keep trying but it does mean the Awake have to stay vigilant!

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What do they have in store for us, indeed!

I think what they have in store for us is that they'll continue to use Science! to seduce the majority of the population. Because of this, I believe it's important to expose the pseudoscience behind CO2 catastrophic warming: after all, it's exactly this that's the main justification for the necessity of a Great Reset (Klaus is very clear about this.) But CO2 catastrophic warming isn't real; Koonin's recent book (https://www.amazon.com/Unsettled-Climate-Science-Doesnt-Matters/dp/1950665798) exposes this, but there are many, many avenues of research that expose the fallacies in global warming theory. The theory survives because we're being taught that it's beyond dispute and that those who disagree have been paid off (as if the scientists who receive lifetime funding for promoting this theory aren't?)

So, they will use fear to control us, and Klaus Schwab said the changes will come on us "like a tsunami." The bad things to come-- even if the badness is fictional, like CO2 catastrophic warming--- will be used to implement supposedly "necessary" measures, in exactly the same way that lockdowns were supposedly necessary to control Covid. And of course, pathogens will emerge because of global warming, right? Not because there are bioweapons labs all over the place.

So if anyone is convinced that CO2 catastrophic warming is real, read around and learn the truth because this is important. And then think about where these bioweapons labs will be in 10, 20, or 30 years, and the threat they pose to humanity, and the need to focus on shutting them down. In my view, one of the immediate dangers is these bioweapons labs and they aren't talked about enough. I watched the Malone interview in Headwind 2 (https://www.theepochtimes.com/headwind-dr-robert-w-malone_4382543.html) and much as I admire Malone, I'm disappointed that he didn't mention the biolabs and instead we hear talk about how maybe he might win a Nobel! I mean, really, what was that about?

Let's talk about things that matter. I know, we're all doing the best we can. But if changes come on us like a tsunami, we just might have to do better.

In my view, we need more people on board to expose CO2 pseudoscience. We need people to question this authoritarian science, and then see that so much of science isn't real science at all, but authoritarianism. Then we need to see that the media has just been parroting this authoritarian pseudoscience: this has become our real "new normal."

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Brilliant article!!!

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It’s hard to believe they will just stop, even for a bit, I don’t see this as possible unless they get to “get away with it” , and the RED team with its RINOs and multi-national interests allow them to sweep it under the rug.

I have this sad feeling that “we the people” don’t amount to much when it comes to the important matters. We could, but we are so divided on the next steps, on who we are, and on what is worth fighting for.

Divided we fall, it really is that simple.

I think the only way out is something like my 8x8^8 idea, and something like my Constitution’al Democrat’ic Republic’an idea.

WE THE PEOPLE need to rediscover who we are, what we believe, and under what we should unite.

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That list of doctors who co-signed for the CDC will definitely come in handy later....how could any doc think of doing that...now with the evidence in plain sight?. Maybe some are psychologists or other non medical doctors...I mean really, wouldn't they be stupid, ok, beyond stupid, to actually set their names to such a thing as youth whackscene recommendations now?

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What a wonderful Easter morning message to find in my inbox: HOPE, based on firm realities. Thank you so much, Meryl. I will spread this as widely as I can. Now we must work as hard as we can to stop "gain of function research" and close all level 3 and 4 labs everywhere.

Sue with Citizens' Covid Origin Inquiry, www.covidorigins.org

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“ The original Wuhan strain appeared out of nowhere that was natural. And the original Omicron strain appears to have also originated in a lab.” Based on what evidence are you claiming the original Wuhan strain was natural? My understanding is there is little to suggest anything natural about it. The FOIA releases would suggest more likely an unnatural origin.

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This is a brilliant piece of writing. But it doesn't take everyone to wake up. All it takes for those who have already woken up to adopt the 'my life is my message' principle and set up community gardens, create supportive local communities, and start to decentralise the powers that be, so we can start providing for ourselves in a very uncertain world.

In creating new micro-societies, based on hope, inspiration and fun, others will follow. To expect those who would be severely emotionally damaged by a drastic 'waking up' episode is not humane, especially in view of how many people who are already opting to commit suicide. Expecting everyone to wake up will only result in more irreparable harms to the individuals who are not ready to face the harsh realities of our current situation, and will only hamper the momentum shift of those who are laying the groundwork for a better, more resilient, and sovereign future.

We only need 5% of the population to bring about the necessary changes, and then let the rest of the world follow... Stop wasting time trying to change the minds of the belligerently ignorant, and start using that time to create the basis for ushering a new future! Plus, don't get sidelined. We need to be ever-vigilant! There are new threats to our autonomy coming every day.

Don't saddle yourselves with the emotional burdens of people who cannot cope with the reality of this situation. Stay primed. Look for the new assaults, for they are surely coming as sure as eggs is eggs!

I have just written about the latest attempt to sway public opinion to get behind a plan that could feasibly bring about the social credit state in the UK... https://rachelwild.substack.com/p/uk-government-threatens-to-privatise?s=w Let's focus on that, and halt it in it's tracks!

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**📃Article: Whistling😗Past the Graveyard🪦Part One: The Crimes & Betrayals of the Medical Establishment, by Greg Maybury.

#DrFauci #Covid #BillGates #BigPharma #VaccineSideEffects #WEF #WHO #KlausSchwab #GreatReset #AdverseEvents (15-20m)


**📃Article: Whistling😗Past the Graveyard🪦Part Two: The High Priests of Public Health & Modern Medicine, by Greg Maybury.

#DrFauci #Covid #BillGates #BigPharma #VaccineSideEffects #WEF #WHO #KlausSchwab #GreatReset #AdverseEvents (15-20m read)


Preamble: Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the global conspiracy that is the Covid “pandemic”, is the ease with which the vast majority of those in the medical, healthcare, and affiliated scientific fields embraced the official dogma and complied with the dictates imposed under its regime.

The stark reality is that the arch-criminal globalist confederacy that is the World Economic Forum—in tandem with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—could hardly have imagined much less attempted this monstrous deception without the imprimatur and cooperation of the medical establishment. Along with ditching their solemn oath to ‘do no harm’ and betraying their ethical principles, they've become fully owned chattels of the Big Pharma crime cartel.

In this two part series, from the personal to the political and back again Greg Maybury applies the 'blowtorch to the belly' of this once revered profession. It’s not a pretty sight.

⬇️👀👍 From some readers:

— ‘You’ve really put down on paper what most of want to but can’t find the words. You certainly have done the homework and speak 100% truth. You’re work is amazing and you deserve much respect as well! God bless you!’

— ‘On the mark, yet mind-bending research and writing from Greg Maybury!’

— ‘Excellent breakdown of both the new “norms” imposed on our fellow citizens by their ‘leaders” whose main objective is the retention of Power over the citizenry no matter the consequences & the demise of the once highly regarded Medical Profession for their complicity!’

— 'A must read piece. Clearly showing that the medical establishment follows the same process with every crime they commit & how the public can so readily drink the kool-aid when it gets served.'

— ‘Awesome read, Greg. You nailed it all! And then some.’

— ‘Greg, I cannot thank you more in words to match the gratitude in my heart. I earned the Ph.D. (Pharmacology) almost one half a century ago (1976). By the end of that academic trek, I knew, viscerally, all of what you have written is true. 🙏 for speaking out’.

— ‘Greg, I applaud you for your contributions to our (still) virtual struggle. We have to have solutions going forward. Before we have solutions agreed, we have to have the problem clearly stated. You contribute so well to that!! Thank you.’

‘[Mr Maybury] I don’t know of a single other commentator etc., that expresses so well, in such a detailed, believable way, the thoughts you present. I have sent off links to your articles [to those friends who still read my emails]. I shall subscribe and support your work.’

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Apr 17, 2022·edited Apr 17, 2022

Every time we start to think this way, they do something sneaky. In war I remind folks it’s called (oh now I forget but something like) a strategic retreat. In boxing and fencing it’s called a feint. No, they haven’t let it go. They have put in place these mRNA jabs to get all of us whether by c19 or flu. Just noticed the comment right before me was almost exactly the same!

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What you say about the WHO treaties is sensible, but we can't forget that countries are not operating with good sense--they are operating according to a script. That is why countries are even now eagerly signing up to let the WHO violate their constitutions.

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Thank you for such a common sense, non-fear mongering article. I agree - the best thing we can do is try to get those who have been convinced of The Lie to see the light. Sadly, I've lost relationships with family and friends over this and I doubt those will be repaired. But, I am as passionate about the truth as they were about upholding the narrative, so that is that. I am still grieving those losses.

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