How can the most revolting humans on the planet pass judgement on us? They do not have a leg to stand on. Hypocritical thieving psychopaths the lot of them.

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It is unconstitutional to refuse cash in the US. Under the constitution individuals did not give up the right to determine the method of trade. In order for any government to have a right we need to give it up to the state and then and we’re limited amount of rights are given to the federal government. It is not their right to take. I was taking another Constitution Class at the beginning of all this and it hit me - this is how we fight this!!

This means if individuals want to use cash they can do it which is constitutionally allotted for. In fact if we want to trade with shells under the US Constitution we can do that & the government actually cannot tax that!!

I can’t wait until I get my advocating program out so more people can learn the law - because we’re going to have to do many lawsuits over this.

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Several big chain stores in my area have suddenly removed the cashier checkouts and installed ONLY self-check machines! Some take cash, many do NOT. All this is how they plan to squeeze us into cashless cbdc!

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I received this email from my bank:

Hello Peter,

As a bank, we have a duty of care to help protect you and the wider community from the effects of financial crime. To help us undertake this more effectively, we want to let you know about a few changes to the terms of your Personal current account, which will take effect from 11th September 2023.

You can see all the details in the leaflet we’ve included, but here’s a summary of the main changes. You can view the full terms and conditions.

Limits on payments

Protecting you from financial crime and fraud is very important to us. That’s why we’re making it clearer that we can set limits on payments to and from your account. These limits can apply to different types of payments, including cash deposits and withdrawals, and payments that we identify as going to areas of high risk of financial crime, such as certain cryptocurrency exchanges. There are more details in the leaflet.

Payment limits change from time to time. We'll always seek to tell you what they are but sometimes (to stay ahead of the criminals) we might not be able to. Cash limits are listed on our website – or you can ask for details in any branch.


It’s now clearer when we have the right to take a payment from your account to repay money that you owe to us, for example, when you’ve received a refund that you weren’t entitled to or where we’ve credited a payment into your account but the funds from the payer’s bank don’t arrive. We’re also clarifying how we apply an exchange rate to foreign currency payments you receive.

Keeping your account safe

To further protect you from financial crime and fraud, we're making updates in relation to when we delay or decline to act on your payment request. This might be if you exceed limits on your account or if something unusual happens and we want to investigate this. We're making it clearer that if your payment request breaks the terms of your account, we won't be liable if we delay or refuse to act on it.

We’re adding that we can refuse inbound payments if we reasonably believe there to be a high risk of fraud or other criminal activity, and that we can close accounts straight away in the case of abusive tax avoidance schemes.

Your debit card

We’re updating our terms to help protect and manage your card.

We’re clarifying that you shouldn’t alter or modify your card

We’re confirming that when you receive a replacement debit card, we may enrol your new card to the relevant card scheme’s updater service. See leaflet for details.

It’s personal

Just a reminder that you shouldn’t use a Personal current account for business banking. Go to our website to find out about our Business accounts.

Have we got the right information?

Things change. Maybe you’ve moved home or got a new email address recently. We want to get things right when we’re getting in touch about your account. So if any of your details need updating, please let us know. It would be great if you could give us your mobile number too. This helps us with security when you’re shopping online.

Check and change your details using Online Banking. Or, if you like, give us a call or visit a branch.

Accessible banking

As well as 24/7 messaging in the Mobile App or on our website, you can use Relay UK or SignVideo to get in touch with us. And if English isn’t your first language, we can arrange for an interpreter or translation in more than 150 languages, free of charge.

There’s also Banking My Way, which is a free service that allows you to tell us about any support or adjustments you need us to make to improve your everyday banking experience. For example, if you have a hearing or sight impairment. Your information will be stored so you only need to tell us once. You can do this through Online Banking (you’ll need to register) or with our colleagues in branch or over the phone. You can visit our website to find out more.

Reviewing your account

It’s important to review your account regularly to ensure it still meets your needs. If you’d like to make any changes to your account, let us know and we’ll be happy to help. If you decide your account isn't suitable any more and you'd like to close it, please let us know and we can help you do this. However, if you’d prefer to close this account and open a new account with another provider, you can use the Current Account Switch Service, which offers a secure and easy way to switch in seven days. If you’re happy with your account and the changes we’re making to your terms and conditions, you don’t need to do anything – any changes will happen automatically.


The Current Account Team


This email is confidential. So if you’ve received this instead of the person it was for, please delete it.

Need some help?

Cora, your digital assistant, is ready to help 24/7 (we can’t receive replies to this email).

How we keep you safe | Our Privacy Policy | Support Centre

National Westminster Bank Plc. Registered in England and Wales No. 929027. Registered Office: 250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA. Financial Services Firm Reference Number 121878.

Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

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It's time we started to organize and take these people down one by one.

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If you are debanked in the US, or even if you're not, you might want to look into the Old Glory Bank. It is part owned by Larry Elder, Dr. Ben Carson & John Rich. It's in Oklahoma, but you can do business on line at https://oldglorybank.com/

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Thank you, Meryl, for this post. As I mentioned previouslyon your site, I believe that ours most immediate threat at the present time is the digital dollar that could be sprung on us at any moment. At all costs, we must not submit to it!

The Federal Reserve is not even a legitimate government establishment, but a private institution of greedy private bankers who control our monetary system for their own benefit and print money at will.

Is it fair and reasonable banks charge usurous double digett interest rates on the credit card purchases and loans of those who can least afford this form of extortion?

Is it fair and reasonable that banks get away with assessing up front interest charges on mortgages? Practically no one pays the stated interest rate on their mortgage unless it is held to maturity because each time a new mortgage is established on the next house purchased, the upfront interest payments are lost to the bank. Who regulates this extortion? Nobody because we have no vote, or no say in this robery; kinda like our government representatives giving themselves a raise. Good job if you can get it

Now, the digital dollar will, in my opinion, work like this: Government takes one dollar from you. Smoozes you with a buck-fifty of digital dollars. But actual value given you is seventy-five cents after their fuzzy math and inflationary considerations

However, the worst of the exchange is that the banks/government will control further control our lives through even more censorship through potential freezes of accounts for those who refuse to play ball like you and me.

Please, please, please refuse to play into their hand by making this ridiculous exchange.


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Barclays sent me an SMS a month or so back giving me until November to empty my account as they would be closing it based on me not having a UK address. I’ve lived in Australia for 23 years but operated this account for over 30 years. I use it to collect and transfer payments from a rental property in the UK.

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How does being debanked prevent anyone from using only cash?

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Dear Dr Meryl, I have attempted to get your interest in our work to design a peaceful method for the middle class to take charge of their economic future. Well, the lower classes as well. We are honing the approach to be more understandable. I am releasing a page at a time on my substack, truth rises. We call it building a Nation within a Nation, which has a money supply that we manage collectively for economic democracy. I am certain you have learned about PMA's. Essentially this is a grand PMA with localized chapters., We call it the Alliance for short. It is to span the private sector of the Great Awakening. Importantly there is a method of democratic involvement allowing the people of the alliance to generate decisions based on their collective will. It is called PEG, Proposal Enactment Governance. With it, we can accelerate the economic growth and financial protection of the people whom I like to think of as the Salt of the Earth, We the People with real healing, real farming, real learning , real truth. I hope that you and your readers will look at the substack and follow along as we release the plan page by page. Our plan is to establish an economic democracy, such that we have yet to experience in this country, although our founding fathers wanted it, and were close to it. These days we have a great advantage over the past, we have the internet. . https://substack.com/@emilypeytontruthrises Our first step will be to accumulate a data base of 5k people and businesses who are willing to step up as members of the Alliance and 1 k who are willing to vend something or some service on the marketplace. Please think about what you could offer the Alliance.

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Banks are all-in on the global reset, the fourth revolution final revolution.

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I am a professional housekeeper and about half my clients pay in cash. then I go out and spend the cash on stuff like groceries, gas (I make it a point to ONLY pay cash for fuel - I refuse to swipe a card at a gas station). I never try to deposit my cash; I only deposit checks. then write my checks for bills.

I have not heard of any businesses having trouble depositing cash, here in the U.S. I think they would have a very difficult time pulling that off.

banks have NO business asking where you got your cash from - if they suspect some kind of shady stuff, they can call the authorities, who's job it is to deal with that. (like money laundering, which of course is perfectly fine for billionaires and politicians to do, just not petty drug dealers or sex workers, with their filthy cash. sarcasm.)

this is some seriously crazy shit. I have had people ask me why I only spend cash when doing everyday, in-person shopping. I tell they that Mr Global doesn't need to know what I'm buying. I have never, not once, run into a situation where a business didn't want to take my cash. if/when that happens, I will make sure they know that I will no longer patronize them.

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Target any bank that does this and everyone who has an account should close it and withdraw their funds.

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Henry Schein Enhances Liquidity Position With New $750 Million Credit Facility


Business Wire

July 13, 2023 6:30 AM | 6 min read

Amends Existing $1 Billion Credit Facility, Bringing Total Liquidity to $1.8 Billion

Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ:HSIC), the world's largest provider of health care solutions to office-based dental and medical professionals, today announced that it has closed on a new $750 million credit facility with a maturity date of July 2026.

Henry Schein also amended its existing $1 billion revolving credit facility, including extending the maturity date to July 2028. Together these credit facilities provide the Company with $1.8 billion of available borrowing capacity.


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"The successful completion of this transaction, along with the amendment of our existing credit facility, bolsters our financial flexibility and provides us with ample liquidity to support our BOLD+1 Strategic Plan, including pursuing focused M&A and investing in attractive growth opportunities," said Ronald N. South, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Henry Schein. "We appreciate the support from our new and existing lending partners, who recognize the strength of our balance sheet as we look to further enhance shareholder value."

JP Morgan Securities LLC and U.S. Bank NA acted as Joint Lead Arrangers with respect to the new credit facility.






Henry Schein HSIC

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Should be accepting coin base soon.

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Central Bank Digital Currencies are coming to replace cash with digital wallets that can easily be throttled by Big Brother for those with poor ESG/ social credit scores.

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