"kicking ass in alberta"

thank you much Meryl, for navigating us through these dark choppy waters over the last year

but we have some good news today, which lately is hard to find

we continue to "kick ass" in alberta - home of canada's freedom convoy

big win in the provincial courthouse recently

attorneys Rath amd Leighton give you a blow by blow description of the unprecedented legal ruling in attached video

editor note: begin viewing attached at third minute -3:00

please let us know should you have difficulty opening the link

enjoy ,,,,,


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Thank you for keeping us all informed; this is very scary. I’ve contacted my Congressmen (state and federal) asking for their support to protect us from this nightmare of a plan.

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Oct 30, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

We are quite literally on the precipice of totalitarianism. This can't happen.

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Oct 30, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

Such important work putting this together for all of us. Thank you. Sharing as far and wide as I can.

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WHO do they think they are? they are creepy foreigners, who essentially want to kill us. I’m sure Joe Biden is with them

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• 24,400 deaths

• 27,800 life-threatening events

• 34,500 myocarditis/pericarditis cases

• 40,000 severe allergic reactions

• 44,500 people who are permanently disabled

• 120,00 urgent care visits

• 133,000 hospitalizations

• 176,000 doctor office visits

As of February 18, 2022 — and this is just a small sampling of the startling data we’ve uncovered.

Research shows that this number could actually be only 1% of what the real number is – meaning you can multiply the numbers above by 100 to get a more accurate figure.

Words mean things, I wish people would stop miss-identifying r-RNA as a "vaccine," it's a "therapy", stupid, as a Lib might say!

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Took a chance. Just sent this out to 24 neighborhoods in Florida & resent again to everyone on Nextdoor. They’ve been guilty of soft & hard censoring. Best way I could think of this am to gain more reach.

***** Last nights Grand Theft World (Odysee/Rumble at 59min has a VERY informative 30 min convo with residents in Mexico. Acapulco & other hurricanes there showing shades of Lahaina. Pls push out if u have reach--media blackout past since Wed & zero govt help

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The counties and police are the enforcers who act according to the States who act according to the Federal level who act on behalf of the WHO, UN WEF. The WHO are not the enforcers, just the managers transmitting the orders downward. It is a giant Masonic pyramid sitting on top of us little people.

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Thank you for your continual writing and research about the dangers of the WHO

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For "best friends" I once predicted a similar "adaptation" in progress for the US constitution, one that would be "in practice" only. About 16 years ago:


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Since the new treaty and IHR are binding, who would enforce noncompliance and what would be the penalty for telling them to go pound salt?

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Thank you Meryl for so succinctly reporting this unbelievable threat that we are faced with.

This is the decisive moment!

Everyone following this needs to bombard their Senators office to continue to fight this with Bill 79 and Representatives who need to join the fight.

The above amendments do not even need approval by our Congress.

Used to be that was needed to declare war however administration can work around that too.

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Doesn't this belong on doortofreedom.org as a PDF? If it's there apologies for not being able to find it.

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Germany’s Top COVID Adviser Helped Promote Fauci’s Fake Natural Origin Narrative–Now We Know Why | Truth Over News


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The entire pandemic treaty and associated rules and regulations are a charade. There is nothing right about any of it...period! That means the entire pile of BS is burnable.

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New Zealand - most vaxed country experiences HUGE spike in deaths.

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