Every time I hear of somebody's friend or relative dying suddenly of a heart attack, stroke or cancer, I immediately wonder, "was he/she vaxxed?"

I'm not the only one who keeps getting that reaction, but I hold my tongue in consideration for people's feelings.

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Jul 18, 2022·edited Jul 18, 2022

Quoted from the article "The infection is known to increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks" Yeah right! Covid is a flu. Its the VACCINE causing the strokes and heart attacks. And come on are you serious, a "government" inquiry? Are you expecting them to report on their own medical FRAUDULENT practice's?

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Jul 18, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

Dr Nass,

You have an uncanny ability to sleuth out questions that are not apparent to most, yet these questions, when grappled with, have the potential for bringing real clarification and rectification. You are a real gift of sanity and discernment.

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I am shocked at these questions



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OMG - that article was scream-worthy.

They're baffled! What could be causing it.

It's a good sign (keep repeating). Why?

Formerly, they were saying the Injections were 'Safe and Effective' (the Mantra of 2021 and early 2022).

Now - they are ignoring the obvious. Because if they even raised the question, it would be so clear and obvious - no bafflement, no mystery - the game would be over instantly.

Step by step...





Now the game is ours to lose, and that would be hard to do.

They will hold the lid on, if they can, until the fall, when OAS strikes with a vengeance, and possibly a WIV 'assist'. Then the next level of this war will unfold.

Be ready.

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Here in Spain the journos are terrorizing the people with a fake heat wave. All the "deaths by Pfizer" are labeled "deaths by Global Warming".

We don't have more heat than other years. Just 105 ºF of max temp in the worst places. Not good, but we are used to it. It is a far cry from the 115 of the heat wave of 2005.

We do have more deaths than other years. And more deaths under 50. And in nice places with a max temp of 90-95. It is not the heat, at all.

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"Should we be investigating the roots of the ICD-10 coding system to identify some of the Great Reset perpetrators?"

YES and EVERYTHING needs to be investigated.

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Jul 21, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

Dr Meryl,

There is some good news coming from Italy! May be you have heard of it already, but here's the link: https://brightlightnews.com/daily-round-up-july-20-2022/

Historic Italian Court Decision On Mandatory Vaccination

The judge said if pharma won't disclose 100% of the contents, then informed consent is impossible, which makes the mandate illegal... Could we use this arguement here in our courts?

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Great work, and good luck with your legal issues. Your post topic added to something I was working on, and I included an excerpt. I hope that is okay. https://denutrients.substack.com/p/another-oversite-21-psych-med-use

It is about a complex research need that could also help as VAIDS rates worsen. Starting with surveys like the LongCovid patients did on their own might be a way to start. Refining survey questions takes people answering or trying to. It helps to have a small n=# Pilot phase before going larger.

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'The reality is going to be quite complex' - oh, yes, let's bury ourselves in a quagmire of contrived complexity. That way the SIMPLE TRUTH can be REPRESSED forever. Toxic injections, political lock-downs and orchestrated oppressive totalitarian tyranny ... is not conducive to life. EVER.

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The corruption that’s been exposed is so profound that little surprises me anymore. Thank you for continuing to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.

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wow - 70,000 different diagnosis codes! that definitely sounds like a systematic obfuscation plan. maybe map them all to a smaller, more generalized set of 'death codes' so that database analysis can be done more easily - assuming one can actually get at all the consolidated death records in digital form somehow. All the wacky stuff like this: "burns sustained on water skis, bitten by pig, sucked into jet engine" could be mapped to a single group, call the "Darwin Award" code :)

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Excess deaths at home is very spooky and concerning. We read more and more about famous people dying in their sleep but, that’s probably the tip of the iceberg.

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"1,540 excess deaths in the week"

roughly equivalent to 9,000 deaths in a week in the US

Bear in mind that there were approximately 137,500 excess US working age deaths in 2021, the majority of which were most probably heart disease, cancer, and stroke, which I suspect were secondary to covid vaccinations.

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The devil is in the details. A resurrection of old fashioned journalism is what we need. We will never hear the truth if we wait for our government to look into it. All I know is one day when I'm good and dead I hope I they just leave me alone and leave me dead.

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I think we all know exactly what is causing most of the excess deaths.

A tiny foreign body called a "Spike protein" whether from a disease called Covid 19 or more likely from a criminally created. rush job. cobbled up. faux vaccine.

Those that acquired the spike from infection and fought it off without the faux vax seem to have eliminated it with the natural immune system that God gave them.

The ones who fell for BIG governments siren song whispered by a senile old fool who thinks he's in charge..............well........all we can do is pray for them.

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