When I was a little boy (only last week!) my dear late parents had me vaccinated against smallpox, polio and cholera. (Despite my being so young and so long ago ... last week! ... I recall that cholera shot really made me unwell.)

Anyway, the whole concept of a "booster" for a vaccine never existed until a year or so ago. A proper "vaccine" does not need any "booster". You have immunity and that is that. It is the whole point of vaccination. No one ever suggested I needed a "booster" for polio/smallpox/cholera. (Which, by the way, can actually be quite nasty if you get them.)

How did we go from a totally novel and bizarre innovation of "booster", to its repeat several times over?

And all this for a virus largely harmless to the vast majority of healthy people?

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safety first!!


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It’s disgusting we’re still advocating this they tried to get my wife to take it again while she’s pregnant I’m so thankful she never got it. I was conned into it in school. frustrated with myself I didn’t drop out or try to get out of it but I still had faith in medicine at the time (I was a pre Med biomedical engineer but knew something was wrong) wish I’d found this and other substacks then) Pray with supplementation and healthier choithis choice want come back to haunt me.

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Boosters for six-month-olds. I can’t … I just cannot fathom. Anyone who wishes to voice their rage can send my satirical piece to the FDA, et al:

• “50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/50-reasons-to-give-your-child-the)

Karl Lauterbach can try to whitewash history all he’d like, but I have the receipts for his vile and discriminatory behavior:

• “Letter to the German Bundestag” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-german-bundestag)

Apologies in advance for the bombardment of links, but the two above seemed valuable in the context of your article, and the piece I just published this morning I want to share because it includes an incredibly important letter by Jews around the world condemning the weaponization of “anti-semite” to demolish dissidents. My essay shares the tragic story of Austrian biologist Clemens Arvay, who was driven to suicide after three years of relentless harassment by the media, including baseless accusations of antisemitism:

• “Requiem for a Smear Victim: Clemens Arvay” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/requiem-for-a-smear-victim-clemens)

I would be grateful to all who can help us share Clemens’s story to both clear his name and help defend other dissidents who are currently being bludgeoned with this cudgel—including Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Neil Oliver, and (astonishingly) Vera Sharav.

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This is why we need to get rid of the term 'public health'. It's a misnomer. You can't possibly have the public be healthy if we lose focus on the individual. Public health is a mother's milk term that makes people feel good but actually achieves the opposite. When more than 50% of our population over the age of 12 is currently being treated for at least one chronic condition and upwards of 1 in 20 children is now suffering from vaccine and antibiotic induced brain damage (what some call Autism - another name we need to lose in favour of its real name), the health of the public has never been worse! It's time to start lobbying for individual health. Only then will the health of the general public start to improve.

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UN - F**KIN - Believable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One spike, two spike, three spike, four.

Give 'em lots of spike, and then give 'em even more.

Don't worry about the studies

Don't stress about the harm

Just keep injecting babies

Dumb dumb dumb

Mutating the babies

Mom mom mom

Make it stop.

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Per the Dr Jenson video: (paraphrased) perhaps the CDC and FDA are caught in a time warp which explains why they are not up to date on the vaccine data.

I love dry humor like this.

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Somehow this Virtual Tour of St. Jude Hospital for childhood cancer and other childhood aggressive illnesses seems appropriate here.


Loads slow but worth the short wait.

Press Red Button - Take the Virtual Tour -- to begin.

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They (the lying media, Big Pharma, and the government) hope parents don't read or listen to anything. That may have been the case when the debacle began, but not so much anymore. More and more people are researching and finding that these shots are bioweapons that maim and kill these innocent children. The NWO's game is up and now let the arrests commence.

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I think it would be a good idea if some doctors and lawyers could get together and ask people who have had their kids jabbed and who regret it to contact them and then if something happens to those kids then a team could come out and see that a proper autopsy is done and everything is documented and a court case is ready to go.

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What...one child in 100,000 might be hospitalized? No vaccine will ever help any child. Vaccination is a built up 70 year mystique never proven to be of any benefit or even safe.

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Dr Nass, Thank you for posting the clip by Dr Jansen. He is such an honorable man, and I remember they went after him rather early. he articulated very clearly the absurdity of the letter from the monkeys at the CDC & FDA. I some how think that that letter is going to come back and bite them on the arse!

May both Dr.Jansen and yourself prevail in you “tribunals”.

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Since the US lags in charging health officials with crimes outside their legal authority, it would be helpful to humanity if other countries initiated these proceedings in their own countries.

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This is horrible!! How in Gods name do these BUFFOONS get away with this crap!!! They must be stopped!! Immediately!!

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