I knew BigPharma has always been corrupt.

I knew the FDA was a captured regulator.

I didn’t know BigTech, BigMedia, BigGov, BigEDU, BigBiz, all would collude to deceive the planet, and seek to rob humanity of informed consent and individual sovereignty.

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The jab has aleady been authorized here in Australia for 0 to 4 year olds!. The new government budget here has included compensation for 0 to 4 year old vaccine injuries. I am so disgusted with our government.

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YES, yes it should!! I am still shocked, saddened and heartbroken that people are not rising up even after all this info is in plain sight..... :( I always hope and think, that the latest info, article, data dump, whistleblower, vaccine injured person that comes out will be the nail in the coffin but NOPE.....nothing touches this and they keep hammering mandates, and approving more vaccines, like there is nothing to see here.....

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We know these hacksxxxines the Harmaceuticals put out are

killing folks twenty ways till tomorrow

But here in killafornia we deny it and mandate vaxxports and boosters like we are little Children

We know these hacksxxxines kill musicians and pilots, cops and nurses, and maim as well

We lie cheat and steal the well being of our future away

Although Killafornia is the left coast, I no longer will accept any association otherwise with any false left wing

Bird needs two wings to fly. Perspective defines which is left and right

Yours or mine....

Bird also wants to sing

Why they don't want music in this world no more?

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When any general Attorney will say:"there are proofs that support CRIMINAL ACTS from FDA & CDC? Can we apply NORIMBERGA CODE?

I hope as soon as possible! Better from yesterday before!

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Apr 3, 2022·edited Apr 3, 2022

FIOA access to data?

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What?! You expect them to show actual DATA to justify a recommendation!?!? You are so old school Meryl. You should watch Treasure of Sierra Madre: "Data!?!?! We don't need no stinkin' data? We are from the CDC"

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Are we so fluoridagted, sedated by our creatrue comforts, that we canot rise up and tell our government WE OWN YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. GIVE IT TO US NOW. And that includes our POLITICIANS DOING WHAT WE WANT - NO MORE ILLEGALS.

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We have to crack open the legacy media.

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