I love the internet for keeping a record of predictions, even when they're dire and come to fruition. Maybe especially so. You are definitely who we need to listen to on the WHO, Meryl.

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Thank you for this, Meryl! And I also just got Sam's post, what great work you have done!

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For those who aren't buying the "gain of functiion" narrative I recommend what Rabbi Smith has to say about it and checking out his Substack.

"But our minds and hearts are not only being played with to buy the “mainstream narrative.” They are also being played with to buy a series of “alternative” viewpoints. Whichever side you choose, the enemies of liberty score because you have opted to leave common sense and instead choose a worldview that will lead you into surrendering your own liberty.

In this case, the counter to the wet market theory is the gain-of-function, biological warfare theory. Whichever side you choose, you opt to believe that something harmful, nay deadly, is in the air.

But of the two viewpoints, getting you to believe that a virus is a man-made bioweapon is an even greater score for the enemies of liberty. In opting for such a belief, you ascribe great powers to scientists, weapons labs, and to the Chinese Communists. And, even more, you can be manipulated to becoming the greatest proponent of lockdowns and masking to save civilization from the mythological ‘man-manipulated’ and ‘man-made viruses.’"


As Jon Rappoport said yesterday in his podcast, gain of function is a dead end if there were to be a Nursemburg-like trial. If there is a bio-weapon, it's the vaccine!

Also recommended: "Gain of Fiction." https://viroliegy.com/2022/04/07/gain-of-fiction/https://viroliegy.com/2022/04/07/gain-of-fiction/ Yes I can cite "experts" too!

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What a treasure trove of historical info, Dr. Nass!

In the book, 1984, Orwell writes about the "memory hole" (an incinerator with several input tubes) where historical news is deliberately destroyed, so that tyrannical leaders can go on fooling the public.

People, armed with the history of what was REALLY done, and what was REALLY said, are a threat to tyranny. Thankfully we have an alternative way of preserving the true history (e.g., Substack), at least for now.

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Meryl, you all were right (Francis Doyle/Boyle was spot on). But I think there is a hidden Italian hand behind all of this (figure of speech only). We need to discover who was really behind our DOD etc. cause I dont think it is patriotic Americans.

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Often the pieces of the puzzle are readily found when there are clues on the ground. Your story reminds me of scientific discoveries being made simultaneously in far flung areas of the world: the awareness is "in the field," and the struggle to kill/suppress a story or theory should always alert us: if it's worth suppressing, there may be a kernel of truth there.

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CORRECTION of my previous posting.


I observed very suspicious use of the term "COVID" from January of 2019


I observed very suspicious use of the term "COVID" from January of 2020.

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I am hoping to read all of this article tomorrow.

I would mention another important article on this same seminal issue - the "virus" that caused the "COVID-19" "infection" and "cases" was created and originated in one or more laboratories.

A pandemic of Lies: MHRA confirms COVID is Man-Made & the Vaccines are not based on the “Virus” but instead on Computer Generated DNA

By The Exposé on January 23, 2023 • ( 10 Comments )


An audio reading of this comprehensive article is available free at TheExpose-news.com with the article.

I observed very suspicious use of the term "COVID" from January of 2019. The more I looked into "SARS-COV-2" and the evolution of the terms "COVID" and "COVID positive", the more I realized something IS NOT RIGHT HERE. Also the terms "emergency" and "infection" and "virus" and "outbreak" and all of the major words were chosen to spread fear and panic.

This crime against humanity was man-caused and is in no way "from nature." Science studies nature, not clever diabolical schemes and scams of man to lie, kill, steal and destroy.

I know the Wuhan lab and the Communist Chinese government was a key player in this but so were the intelligence agencies of the USA and several other countries. Two of the USA national laboratories were involved for many many years in planning this as well as some "national laboratories" of other countries were involved.

I think the USA Central Intelligence agency planted the "Wuhan lab LEAK" idea for a reason. It certainly reinforces the idea that the "virus" was big and bad and impossible-to-control by man.

So I am very careful when reading about what is purported to be China's role in the PLANdemic.

When the people hear the word "leak" they automatically think it was an accident that could not have been controlled because nature is cold and hard and brutal and the best plans of humans are helpless and futile are just no match.

THAT kind of manipulation of the public mind is the stock and trade of the "intelligence" agencies and totalitarian regimes. (I made the same kind of observations about the uses of the words "crash" and "collapse" and "conspiracy" could be set off in desired controllable directions 23 years ago.)

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There is no virus.

You are misleading people.

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Dr. Boyle was the VERY first person that brought sense to my mind about my disbelief in what the government and the MSM were saying about the scamdemic. I first heard Dr. Boyle in late Dec. 2019 and again in January 2020 on the Alex Jones Info Wars. Dr. Boyle said Jones was the only person that would interview him except for a station out of India. I was so blown away by his interviews and for once I knew I wasn't crazy having my doubts about what we were being told. I KNOW that Fauci formed a partnership with Bill Gates for the DECADE OF THE VACCINET from 2010-2020 AND that Fauci had also promised his big pharma pimps that he would get a mandated global flu vaccine before he left NIAID. I have always believed COVID was the flu that they politicized in order to instill fear and compliance. They used a fake test that gave mostly fraudulent results and they knew the PCR was a fraud. Fauci has been a murdering fraud since his days of AIDS. I read a book written in 1990 called GOOD INTENTIONS. It is about the AIDS epidemic in CA and everything Fauci is doing today he did back then too. Fake disease, fake tests, refused to allow any treatment but vaccine and then administered a vaccine that was killing people. HIV DOES NOT cause AIDS. There were people who they said tested positive for HIV but had absolutely no signs. They were totally healthy but were given AZT and died from the shots. Those people that were sick were sick because of their life style. Poppers, alcohol, unbridled sex, drugs, poor diet. Same with the poor in Africa. They were dying from filthy living conditions. Many of these people they said had AIDS tested negative for HIV that is how I know HIV did not cause AIDS. AIDS was and is a money laundering scam just like COVID. But will Fauci and his buddies ever be prosecuted? NO!!! Because way too many in our government are bought by big pharma/Gates money. Too many colleges and research labs are bought by NIH grant money. They all put money before human life. DO NOT TAKE ANY INJECTIONS. NONE. No vaccines and no flu shots. If you do you only have yourself to blame for the outcome.

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"Cranking up the fear level, then unleashing untested vaccines on the population is a recipe for disaster. Particularly when the makers of pandemic vaccines have been given total freedom from liability." Nass Jan 24, 2020

Speaking on behalf of all those profiting from these shenanigans; This is not a disaster, our money and power have grown exponentially, don't be jealous. Begone useless eaters!

Yeah ignore Dr. Nass, brilliant strategy for continued mayhem.

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Thank you Meryl. How does this information square with the evidence for the presence of virus in autumn of 2019. See this article by Will Jones.https://brownstone.org/articles/the-evidence-covid-19-was-spreading-around-the-world-in-late-2019/

We - PANDA - plans to have a Twitter Space on this subject to bring the different evidence together including role of DoD.

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i agree - both Meryl Nass snd Francis Boyle made wonderful contributions to our understanding.

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I don't know what "prognoticate" means. Am I dumb? 🥲

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