I love the internet for keeping a record of predictions, even when they're dire and come to fruition. Maybe especially so. You are definitely who we need to listen to on the WHO, Meryl.

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Sadly, the "Ministry of Truth" is "memory-holing" so much that we can no longer trust the Internet. (Orwellian references)

For heaven's sake, Dr. Jordan Walker of Pfizer had his LinkedIn profile and Wikipedia page expunged overnight after he was caught out by an undercover journalist. YouTube also deleted that record, but not until after it had 800k views. Saving local copies of screenshots is the only way to protect our sanity in this upside down world.

That type of local documentation is EXACTLY wha the targets of narcissistic abuse have to do. The flurry of book writing by players in this drama is the same thing - a psychological defense against gaslighting tactics.

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Thank you for this, Meryl! And I also just got Sam's post, what great work you have done!

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For those who aren't buying the "gain of functiion" narrative I recommend what Rabbi Smith has to say about it and checking out his Substack.

"But our minds and hearts are not only being played with to buy the “mainstream narrative.” They are also being played with to buy a series of “alternative” viewpoints. Whichever side you choose, the enemies of liberty score because you have opted to leave common sense and instead choose a worldview that will lead you into surrendering your own liberty.

In this case, the counter to the wet market theory is the gain-of-function, biological warfare theory. Whichever side you choose, you opt to believe that something harmful, nay deadly, is in the air.

But of the two viewpoints, getting you to believe that a virus is a man-made bioweapon is an even greater score for the enemies of liberty. In opting for such a belief, you ascribe great powers to scientists, weapons labs, and to the Chinese Communists. And, even more, you can be manipulated to becoming the greatest proponent of lockdowns and masking to save civilization from the mythological ‘man-manipulated’ and ‘man-made viruses.’"


As Jon Rappoport said yesterday in his podcast, gain of function is a dead end if there were to be a Nursemburg-like trial. If there is a bio-weapon, it's the vaccine!

Also recommended: "Gain of Fiction." https://viroliegy.com/2022/04/07/gain-of-fiction/https://viroliegy.com/2022/04/07/gain-of-fiction/ Yes I can cite "experts" too!

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You imply that these are mutually exclusive, Turfseer: the virus as a man-made bioweapon and injecting a more deadly, longer acting bioweapon as its objective. The first question to ask yourself is whether so-called gain-of-function--capturing viruses and making them more deadly, more transmissible, transmissible to humans, or ethnically specific--does that exist? Does that exist with the knowledge and backing of the US, despite the international ban? If your answer is no, anyone on this list can give you some reading recommendations. If your answer is yes, then we've already admitted that the US engages in terrorism since these are indiscriminate acts of violence (except for discriminating racially).

Mark me down as an enemy of liberty on the liberty of creating weapons of indiscriminate violence, whether biological, chemical or nuclear.

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How can you possibly know what they are doing in their inner sanctum? We are not allowed to examine what they are doing as they have already declared their work as sacrosanct. Therefore to believe they are creating a "bioweapon" is based on what? Your specious speculation? The real bioweapon is the vaccine. There's plenty of evidence of that. You give these people too much credit. They are not rocket scientists. They are religious fanatics who worship the IDEA of a deadly pathogen. I am not convinced "viruses" exist or let alone can be created in a lab and made into a weapon. They have already implemented their program of mass destruction--one shot or booster at a time!

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We agree completely that the 'vaccine' is a bioweapon. In order to be deployed, it needed a trigger. I think the place to start, if you don't think gain-of-function virus manufacturing exists, is RFK's The Real Anthony Fauci. I have this video on it that gives some proof points: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/infodemic-rfk-and-the-real-anthony.

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Where do the "proof points" appear in the video?

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Read the book. Fauci has been up to all these tricks for decades. None of this is new. I find those sowing division in this stream just part of the noise. Just another manifestation of the ancient divide and conquer. Get the slaves busy killing each other. Point, set, match. Hell they got bots to post this crap now.

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There is no "divide or conquer" going on. You simply believe in the core tenets of mainstream virology.

Jon Rappoport recently came out and declared the idea of “gain of function” (or “gain of fiction” as some critics have called it) is a dead end in terms of holding Fauci and the rest of the mainstream Covid narrative criminals accountable for their crimes.

I agree. The problem with the idea of “gain of function” which some have defined as “capturing viruses and making them more deadly, more transmissible, transmissible to humans” is that viruses are a ruse.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe viruses are pathogenic in nature or capable of being created in a laboratory by nefarious actors to harm others because the IDEA of the “virus” is the ruse that has conned the general public into believing they need “protection” from an invisible monster “certified” by public health authorities.

Once you accept the idea that viruses are pathogenic in nature, you naturally will become beholden to the mainstream medical authorities who claim they have found the “cure” in the form of the mRNA vaccine.

By believing in “gain of function,” you are playing by the rules set down by the mainstream medical and scientific community. You ACCEPT the idea that these “viruses” are the cause of widespread illness which the powers that be have labeled (a laughable) “pandemic.”

Gain of Function implies that bad actors such as Fauci have a lot more smarts than they should be given credit for. They are not rocket scientists.

At the root, the belief in viruses as pathogenic agents is simply modern day idolatry. Fauci and his ilk are religious fanatics who have come to believe they are on a crusade to save humanity—not develop a weapon to kill people.

Hence, I would argue they are more DANGEROUS than a small number of Machiavellian actors who are quite aware that the jabs are deadly and are causing widespread injury and death (most likely some of the heads and players at pharmaceutical companies).

The propaganda campaign to convince people that they must be “protected” by subjecting themselves to vaccination goes way back to the 1950’s when the “scientists” conned everyone into believing that polio was caused by a deadly “virus.”

When FDR came down with polio back in 1921, all serious cases of “polio” were labeled on the basis of the observation of the most serious symptom: paralysis.

In 1960, the WHO reclassified polio as being a specific disease caused by a specific virus. You needed to have two stool samples with “poliovirus” in them.

Even though the symptoms of paralysis were virtually the same, those without poliovirus in their system were now reclassified with acute flaccid paralysis.

The same game is being played with Covid. The symptoms are basically identical with any other respiratory illness depending on the severity. But the “experts” insist the “symptoms” are different just as paralytic polio was speciously distinguished from the myriad of other similar-looking paralytic cases.

The idea that there is a single virus causing a specific disease ascribes anthropomorphic qualities to sub-microscopic particles. People need to believe in a simplistic “one trick pony” explanation for their illness instead of accepting the idea there can be many factors contributing to infirmity.

Once you are driven by fear you will have no choice but to follow those who claim they will save you. Hence, taking the “cure” may be the beginning of the collapse of your immune system.

Watch ONE TRICK PONY. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/one-trick-pony

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All of the proof-points are presented as views of graphic data here in the first 20 minutes: https://rumble.com/v24iqpo-d4ce-5th-symposium-intent-to-harm.html

You can scroll to view them and pause the screen.

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The first 20 minutes cover the deception surrounding vaccines--nothing to do with "gain of function." I agree with everything being said in the first 20 minutes of the video.

If you want to get Fauci, endless speculation about viruses as a man-made terrorist tool is a dead end. Where is the specific evidence?

Now if you want to talk about vaccines, that's where the evidence is. It's massive and hopefully more and more people are becoming aware about just how much damage has been done.

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Here is the proof you seek. It is outside of the inner sanctum. It is a coordinated attack upon living humans. Look. See. https://doctors4covidethics.org/session-iii-getting-away-from-the-control-grid-2/

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This has to do with digital currency, etc. It is horrific.

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We are able to manipulate nature - both the GOF research and the vaccines involved messing about with genetics. GOF premise has been create "something" in the lab so we can be prepared with a vaccine should nature arrive at that "something". We presuppose that we can predict what nature might create; our lab creation might never have been possible in nature. The GOF premise might (probably) be a flawed idea.

On to the vaccine, particularly the mRNA based vaccines. We think we understand the notion of messenger RNA -> DNA and we think we understand how to create a modified bit of RNA to resemble messenger RNA. We think we understand how some lipids can defeat a human, very robust, immune system. We think we understand what happens to those lipids. We are now in a great experiment to verify what we think and we are not at all sure the experiment is going well. We have failed to monitor much of anything and instead have ignored a lot of warning signs.

In this process of experiment, the public along with we SubStack readers are baffled and confused about who we might trust. As I see it we can only examine the evidence the writers and news present - interpreting it all as best we can. But I can say with great certainty, I have no trust in the government people who we pay to be honest. I don't believe them honest and my hope is Congress can exercise suitable oversight.

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Yes, the "vaccines" are "military countermeasures to bioweapons", which are not required to have proof of efficacy, merely possibility thereof. There is "Intent To Harm" proven here:


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Yes. No proof of efficacy!

However, "bioweapon" implies that those implementing the program consciously are aware that their product is dangerous, Maybe some in the pharmaceutical industry but I believe the vast majority really believe they are saving the world. They are religious fanatics which make them more dangerous than those Machiavellian actors who know they are doing wrong. That includes that lazy, good-for-nothing "scientist," good old Dr. Pfauci.

The VIRUS IS MY GOD was the first song I wrote at the beginning of the plandemic.

The “virus” is claimed to have invaded a town in the old west and soon worshiped as a new idol among the populace: Watch the music video here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-virus-is-my-god.

BONUS: Free Download. THE ALTERNATIVE COVID-19 NARRATIVE HANDBOOK. A Collection of useful links. Get it here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-alternative-covid-narrative-handbook

Subscribe to Turfseer's Newsletter. Songs, music videos and much more.

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What a treasure trove of historical info, Dr. Nass!

In the book, 1984, Orwell writes about the "memory hole" (an incinerator with several input tubes) where historical news is deliberately destroyed, so that tyrannical leaders can go on fooling the public.

People, armed with the history of what was REALLY done, and what was REALLY said, are a threat to tyranny. Thankfully we have an alternative way of preserving the true history (e.g., Substack), at least for now.

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Meryl, you all were right (Francis Doyle/Boyle was spot on). But I think there is a hidden Italian hand behind all of this (figure of speech only). We need to discover who was really behind our DOD etc. cause I dont think it is patriotic Americans.

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Often the pieces of the puzzle are readily found when there are clues on the ground. Your story reminds me of scientific discoveries being made simultaneously in far flung areas of the world: the awareness is "in the field," and the struggle to kill/suppress a story or theory should always alert us: if it's worth suppressing, there may be a kernel of truth there.

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CORRECTION of my previous posting.


I observed very suspicious use of the term "COVID" from January of 2019


I observed very suspicious use of the term "COVID" from January of 2020.

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I am hoping to read all of this article tomorrow.

I would mention another important article on this same seminal issue - the "virus" that caused the "COVID-19" "infection" and "cases" was created and originated in one or more laboratories.

A pandemic of Lies: MHRA confirms COVID is Man-Made & the Vaccines are not based on the “Virus” but instead on Computer Generated DNA

By The Exposé on January 23, 2023 • ( 10 Comments )


An audio reading of this comprehensive article is available free at TheExpose-news.com with the article.

I observed very suspicious use of the term "COVID" from January of 2019. The more I looked into "SARS-COV-2" and the evolution of the terms "COVID" and "COVID positive", the more I realized something IS NOT RIGHT HERE. Also the terms "emergency" and "infection" and "virus" and "outbreak" and all of the major words were chosen to spread fear and panic.

This crime against humanity was man-caused and is in no way "from nature." Science studies nature, not clever diabolical schemes and scams of man to lie, kill, steal and destroy.

I know the Wuhan lab and the Communist Chinese government was a key player in this but so were the intelligence agencies of the USA and several other countries. Two of the USA national laboratories were involved for many many years in planning this as well as some "national laboratories" of other countries were involved.

I think the USA Central Intelligence agency planted the "Wuhan lab LEAK" idea for a reason. It certainly reinforces the idea that the "virus" was big and bad and impossible-to-control by man.

So I am very careful when reading about what is purported to be China's role in the PLANdemic.

When the people hear the word "leak" they automatically think it was an accident that could not have been controlled because nature is cold and hard and brutal and the best plans of humans are helpless and futile are just no match.

THAT kind of manipulation of the public mind is the stock and trade of the "intelligence" agencies and totalitarian regimes. (I made the same kind of observations about the uses of the words "crash" and "collapse" and "conspiracy" could be set off in desired controllable directions 23 years ago.)

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I am the writer who engaged MHRA in December 2020 in the email exchange quoted in the Expose article you linked above.

I have done a lot of work since then and you may access it here:


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Thank you. I will go there and join if I can. I found that article very good in helping me to understand how all this works, but not much has focused on the early stages of the "virus" coming into existence and exactly how that could have happened versus the official narrative of a "novel zoonotic coronavirus" making unusual species jump to naturally evolve into the completely natural pandemic virus.

It is hard for me to understand how "Computer Generated DNA" can be labeled and sold as a "virus" .

'If it walks like a virus and it talks like a virus, it doesn't mean it's a virus.'

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My original article went a lot further than the Expose dared to copy. I realised that the genetic sequence being used to create vaccines was computer generated and was, therefore, covering up for another far more sinister root cause of Covid19.

I set about proving that electro-magnetic radiation was overloading all living things since 5G was rolled out for the first time in Wuhan.

There is no virus but there is a lot of 5G and soon there will be nowhere to go to escape it!

This is my latest article written today:

EMF Radiation & Electricity Pollution Summit - Dr Magda Havas


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There is no virus.

You are misleading people.

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Why would you read someone’s sub stack when one of their primary beliefs is something you feel is untrue? I suggest a change of venue

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I read a lot of Substacks. Most of their 'primary beliefs' are misleading. I try to help. https://francesleader.substack.com/p/today-i-wrote-to-dr-sam-bailey

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Meryl is too much of a lady to tell you to go spread your leadership in a dryer pasture. The key to the bio lab in Wuhan is not that commies built it. It was funded by trusted venerable US institutions that are ostensibly taxpayer funded to protect us from such things.

Well ok, soon to be full up commies funded it. Also it's interesting that the original virus is patented. When a world crushing pandemic is going full bore its fun to be able to charge royalties to even be allowed to look at it never mind cure it. This Covidian Cult is similar to 9/11, the more you try to defend the official narrative, the sillier you look. The USAF took that day off, righhhht!

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I am far too much of a lady to tell you, frankly, to drop the tired old narratives and save them for someone who has done no research.

Of course the recombinant IN SILICO fake 'virus' is patented! It has never existed in vivo or in vitro!

5G is pulsed electro-magnetic radiation and is documented to produce all the symptoms we know as 'covid19'.....

You would KNOW this if you had opened the link I kindly provided above.

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Ok I'll bite. Went and read. Your introduction to me was to confront Dr. Nass.

Will try to come up to speed with your link. A quick glance informs that we share beliefs around EMI. You may be right but your blindness to the possibility that Dr. Nass is too certainly would make you unwelcome.

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I am happy to debate. That is why I am here making bold unequivocal statements. However, I did not get anything like a debate, did I? Both Dr Nass and yourself replied rudely.

Any good computer can write a mRNA sequence, patent it and claim it exists. However, nobody has ever isolated the SARSCov2 genetic sequence. We have proven this and continue to do so.

See the FOIA request responses from all over the world, collated by Christine Massey on her website and reported here:




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Always a sign you've got their attention. The trolling bots and their human wannabees show up. When the flak gets heaviest you know you are near the target. Bombs away Meryl!

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WHO Treaty has NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH - just total control of humanity. The WHO will assume total irrevokable world domination of all (supposed) world Health Issues. The WHO is controlled by the New self appointed Ruling Class (the WEF Elite!) By allowing the WHO to declare new false Pandemics with all the restrictions that we saw during the last carefully planned Scamdemic we will theoretically become imprisoned SLAVES to the New World Order! If the WHO (NWO) achieve their sinister intentions, we will ALL have to accept poisons being injected into our bodies, submit to lockdowns, quarantines, masking up and the stupid 'Social Distancing'.

MickFromHooe(UK). Unjabbed since 2019 when I began to realise the devious and manipulative Big Pharma have no genuine interest in public health and wellbeing, but mercenarily creating useless, sometimes deadly, concoctions for financial gain.

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WHO Treaty has NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH - just total control of humanity. The WHO will assume total irrevokable world domination of all (supposed) world Health Issues. The WHO is controlled by the New self appointed Ruling Class (the WEF Elite!) By allowing the WHO to declare new false Pandemics with all the restrictions that we saw during the last carefully planned Scamdemic we will theoretically become imprisoned SLAVES to the New World Order! If the WHO (NWO) achieve their sinister intentions, we will ALL have to accept poisons being injected into our bodies, submit to lockdowns, quarantines, masking up and the stupid 'Social Distancing'.

MickFromHooe(UK). Unjabbed since 2019 when I began to realise the devious and manipulative Big Pharma have no genuine interest in public health and wellbeing, but mercenarily creating useless, sometimes deadly, concoctions for financial gain.

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Dr. Boyle was the VERY first person that brought sense to my mind about my disbelief in what the government and the MSM were saying about the scamdemic. I first heard Dr. Boyle in late Dec. 2019 and again in January 2020 on the Alex Jones Info Wars. Dr. Boyle said Jones was the only person that would interview him except for a station out of India. I was so blown away by his interviews and for once I knew I wasn't crazy having my doubts about what we were being told. I KNOW that Fauci formed a partnership with Bill Gates for the DECADE OF THE VACCINET from 2010-2020 AND that Fauci had also promised his big pharma pimps that he would get a mandated global flu vaccine before he left NIAID. I have always believed COVID was the flu that they politicized in order to instill fear and compliance. They used a fake test that gave mostly fraudulent results and they knew the PCR was a fraud. Fauci has been a murdering fraud since his days of AIDS. I read a book written in 1990 called GOOD INTENTIONS. It is about the AIDS epidemic in CA and everything Fauci is doing today he did back then too. Fake disease, fake tests, refused to allow any treatment but vaccine and then administered a vaccine that was killing people. HIV DOES NOT cause AIDS. There were people who they said tested positive for HIV but had absolutely no signs. They were totally healthy but were given AZT and died from the shots. Those people that were sick were sick because of their life style. Poppers, alcohol, unbridled sex, drugs, poor diet. Same with the poor in Africa. They were dying from filthy living conditions. Many of these people they said had AIDS tested negative for HIV that is how I know HIV did not cause AIDS. AIDS was and is a money laundering scam just like COVID. But will Fauci and his buddies ever be prosecuted? NO!!! Because way too many in our government are bought by big pharma/Gates money. Too many colleges and research labs are bought by NIH grant money. They all put money before human life. DO NOT TAKE ANY INJECTIONS. NONE. No vaccines and no flu shots. If you do you only have yourself to blame for the outcome.

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"Cranking up the fear level, then unleashing untested vaccines on the population is a recipe for disaster. Particularly when the makers of pandemic vaccines have been given total freedom from liability." Nass Jan 24, 2020

Speaking on behalf of all those profiting from these shenanigans; This is not a disaster, our money and power have grown exponentially, don't be jealous. Begone useless eaters!

Yeah ignore Dr. Nass, brilliant strategy for continued mayhem.

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Thank you Meryl. How does this information square with the evidence for the presence of virus in autumn of 2019. See this article by Will Jones.https://brownstone.org/articles/the-evidence-covid-19-was-spreading-around-the-world-in-late-2019/

We - PANDA - plans to have a Twitter Space on this subject to bring the different evidence together including role of DoD.

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i agree - both Meryl Nass snd Francis Boyle made wonderful contributions to our understanding.

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