I was tempted to say, "over my dead body." But that would be playing right into their hands!

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Over my dead body! Perhaps they already know that!

The WHO is now corrupt since their 'biggest benefactor' Bill Gates bought the influence to create their strategies, which includes dominating every Nation's 'health strategy; by removing Sovereignty.

Gates will profit enormously from injecting the entire planet!

The WHO will be able to UNILATTERALLY DECLARE the next (false) Scamdemic and Unilaterally IMPOSE Mandates including MASKS, LOCK-Downs, Forced INJECTIONS (called vaccines), and more control than we ever experienced during the last false Scamdemic, Covid, was launched!

Bill Gates is not satisfied with condemning Meat Eating, and is now the largest owner of US FARMLAND, but has massive financial interests in the WHO. Gates's WHO is now manoeuvring the organisation to steal total autonomy over all Nation's previous sovereignty regarding Health.

Beware! Gates is now buying into the drinking Water opportunities! You'll soon be cold, you'll starve and die of thirst if you resist any Gates's new World Health Organisation MANDATES!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I started joining the dots in March 2020.

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The INB of the WHO always meets in Geneva during Schwabby's Shindig in Davos...It's a 'Family Affair'. It's been reported on RFK Jr.'s 'Children's Health Defense' Newsletter Online and NOT reported anywhere else, to my knowledge until this piece here and now.

TERRIFYING...TIME TO TAKE THESE eugenicist Techno-Feudalist Fascists OUT...No more time to tolerate the ENEMIES AGAINST HUMANITY AND THE WORLD.

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"Build Infrastructure at ports of entry"? Sounds like quarantine prisons.

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Posted. Shared "their" secret meeting poster. Thanks Doc.

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Jan 14, 2023·edited Jan 14, 2023

This must be shared not only with all those we know, but with our local politicians and congressman. You will be surprised how many of them are clueless on things happening in Europe . Ask them if they want to be subjects and servants to WHO, WEF and the U.N. These are all dangerous groups if they gain the kind of power they are seeking to get.

Also send the well described dystopian terror campaign graphic, and with the financial evidence of corruption of WHO being funded primarily by Gates of Hell Jnr. And the urgency with which they need to reject this worldwide nation state coop.

Another good place to share this graphic would be to swarm it on Twitter, Banned.tv, StewPeters.com, Gab.com, Malone and others sub stacks on congressman like Rand Paul, Johnson , and others with supersize mega audiences following them.

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MAKE IT GO VIRAL!!!!! Excellent synopsis by Anne Can't Stand It. And the reason for all this: SOCIAL IMPACT MARKETS! We become the "goods" that the fin/tech elite BANK on managing to maintain their power, influence, control and hordes of money. But hey, by 2030 they say "YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY." See that message for what it is....not a promise, but a threat.

CAVEAT EMPTOR! The Trojan Horse is at the Gates of the masses right to self-actualize, self-direct, self-realize. And the fin/tech elite have every intention of steamrolling through to complete the coup that has been underway for the past three years.

The CBDC....that will be the solution proposed to offset the coming global recession the World Bank and others predict is on the horizon. It will be FOR US. Give me a break. It is for THEM.

The CBDC is the line in the sand we must not cross, that and blockchain/digital ID.

COVID is and always was a means to an end....ushering in the technocratic state that will be run on social impact markets and at least initially on public-private partnerships (and we all know who will hold the real power in those arrangements, the fascists).

And they are laughing....why? COVID served two purposes.....one to usher in the social impact markets....and TWO....to break us first, socially, economically, mentally, behaviorally, etc. In doing so, they can "BUILD BACK BETTER" for their own purposes. Are you getting this yet? And second, they intend to make BANK on buidling us back better. That is, they will soon roll out the partnerships and algorithms for behavior modification, betting on who has the machines and data to make the best bets on how to get us to comply with what THEIR desires, values, goals and needs are or are determined by them. We will be living in a world where they market everything on a global scale as "communitarianism." That means they will hide their dictates behind the idea that you need to take part and comply for your family, neighbor, community, etc. Remember...."Get the shot for Grandma." Yeah, like that. But it will not be limited to just one thing. It will be a full court press and if you do not play ball.....well, you will suffer a similar fate as those of us who refused to get the shot. You will be shunned, shut out, ostracized, and treated poorly by neighbors, friends and family (who have been broken over the past three years) who will be desperate for relief and a "normalization" of life---even if it is on the terms of the predatory philanthropist and overlords. But the overlords will have a new weapon in their arsenal with the CBDC. If you do not play ball on that front, how will you survive without the means to purchase goods and services you need to survive? See why some have said to be sure and brush up on self-reliance skills or start building communities of like-minded people? Remember the Canadian truckers? They were like minded and sought to band together, but notice how quickly they were made to surrender once Trudeau froze their access to cash. Do you get it now?

And as we watch the banks start conceding that a global recession is on the way....and the WHO operating in secret....and big pharma still pushing toxic jabs and building manufacturing plants in several nations.....and people who were essential in the effecting the narrative over the past three years ....do you start to wonder what this is all really about? Some think the tide is turning and we are going to bring those responsible for the COVID vaccine deaths and the COVID deaths to justice. Think again.

What I see....they are moving onto the next phase of the plan which involves moving Biden out of the WH. Not sure what they are looking to accomplish....civil war or a puppet? Next up, they are getting closer to collapsing the economy, but will wait until all their pieces are in place. And somehow China is involved.....hard to say exactly....but the sudden reversal of the COVID policies in China are not mere coincidence, IMO.

Oh yeah, and they have realeased the UFO files....probably just to have a little fun while they are taking over the world.

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Ultimate power corrupts ultimately. That’s why usa gov structure is so beautifully unique and must be broken for deep state power brokers to succeed.

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Our determined minds have unlimited possibilities, however our education system has been hijacked by the RotenChilds and I am not attempting to suggest that I have all the answers, rather that WE do , we who live Now, as the fruit of the Freedom Tree , cultivated from the blood sacrifices of our forefathers Must stand tall too honestly earn your sovereign sole freedom Or you will continue to be Obama's and all presidents since JFK, DOD, WHO , UN, CIA, B ill Gates, lab rats.

Please read my thoughts on Substack to consider my opine's . There is little time left, as most of the able body resistance is currently being exterminated from the world 🌎🌍.


It's Free! And you can comment!

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No place to run, no place to hide. It is getting very close to total take over of everything we are.

These entities that are behind this are not human. Maybe in looks but not in any way that counts.

There is one and one only way we can survive this incredible evil and that is to trust in your god.

Whatever form that may be for each of us. My God, your God, every ones God, loves you and wants

only the best for us in this life of ours. I feel our backs are now against the wall and we have that choice, to put all our trust that he/she will have your back. So Be It. So It Is.

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Thank you so much, Meryl! You have made my day!

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These are people who feel it is appropriate to control the natural forces of the world for profit. I am asking fate to intervene, asking all natural forces to intervene, in such a way as to trigger the demise of that groups plan, in any and all ways.

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There are only two possible outcomes when we let tyranny take over. The terrorists either will murder us or enslave those that survive. It might be time to break away from the leftist DC Swamp.

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I just wonder how long it will take the sheeple to ask WHY the W.H.O. is trying to alarm everyone with its claim of 10,000 people dying from Covid-19 per day, in contradiction to the Elite's publicly declared INTENTION of reducing world population.

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It started to become clear when Gates became the biggest benefactor (= INFLUENCER) for the World Health Organisation and referred to humanity as "Useless eaters" and Adolf Schwab revealed his WEF (NWO) Plan that renders us 'useless eaters' as "Owning nothing but being happy eating insects".

Gates is quoted saying; "Vaccines are the most lucrative investment I ever made"! Join the dots!

I've suspected a sinister plan is behind this 'suspicious, unrealistic inflation' and 'organised shortages'.

Clues appeared in early 2021 when fuel prices were rising at unbelievable rates - Strangely, petrol companies - BP, Shell, Exxon, etc, were doubling profits, which made no sense!

Then there were the many inexplicable 'disasters' (ARSON) that mainly hit ('torched') food storage and producing centres, along with the unnecessary killing of livestock to stop it reaching us 'USELESS EATERS'.

I suppose, even the Ukraine 'war' could be another INSANE part of the Plan to give more 'artificial' reason for fuel and energy shortages. Particularly when we have seen senior Leaders of both Ukraine & Russia involved with the (WEF = NWO) Davos set! But even imagining such sinister behaviour seems insane - let alone the possibility it could be reality!

I've become more cynical by the day since first suspecting something stinks about Covid, the useless vax and the other catastrophes and calamities we've experienced. Could the post Covid mayhem be leading blindly towards "OWNING NOTHING BUT EING HAPPY - EATING INSECTS"? I'm now a fully paid up total 'accurate' Conspiracy Theorist!

Mick from Hooe (UK) unjabbed because I smelled a pack of RATS - starting in March 2020!

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They can all pound sand. My health care and what I put in and do with my body is my decision, not some godless tyrants'.

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