I was sent the link to this meeting early this morning. It was worth every minute of the 3 hours it took to watch this. I hope people take the time to hear from this awesome group of heroes.

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110% agree

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I just saw the note above. So thank you for trying...

Youtube is interfering, stopping the video, blocking sound, etc. Can this be posted on a platform that is not managed by our sworn enemy Google? Three hours of skipping broadcasting is daunting.:)))

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When I listened, there was a skip in my talk, and several in Catherine Austin Fitts' talk, but the rest seemed okay. Have I missed something? There is a link at Epoch (which I provided earlier) that has a paywall for subscribers. There is a link at NTD as well. I think the skips are present in all of them though.

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Thank you. It was weird. I went back and listened to the first 3 minutes two more times and the skipping disappeared more each time and I was eventually able to hear everything. Bizarre.

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I didn't get that far and I've heard several audio skips (or removals) in the males talking at the front end. I'm only on YouTube.

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The epoch times, which filmed it, is checking to see what happened

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This is a spiritual matter. The assault is satanic. The answer is Christ as ministered by human hands and minds.

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Yes, it is a “spiritual matter”. ✝️✝️✝️

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Nov 11, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

Meryl, you certainly have made a great effort. Thank you for doing this.

I appreciate the YouTube video as many of us cannot afford Epoch Times which is behind a paywall unless you are new to its site or paid subscriber.

It does seem as if YouTube might be interfering with the smooth flow of the language to make it annoying, but there has been a whole rash of sound problems on other activist videos in the last week as if such discord is an intentional pattern. Victims have suggested that it seems to be coming from Microsoft or Google, or whomever has access at the Operating System or browser level or another level. All these upgrades occur, and the software isn't working the same way it used to work.

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Please tell me where you all are hearing skips, because people are telling me there are more than I can discern, and it will help to figure out where the problem is.

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The WHO AND IHR need to be destroyed....re hashed!

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Excellent Dr. Nass. Thank you.

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The FN G20 support the WHO's quest for total pandemic control!

Who are the politicians who support in all of the G20....because

anyone who supports this is a TRAITOR to their country! Treason is usually a hanging matter! Fn scum of the earth...Gates, Soros,

Rockfellers, Rothschilds, China CCP, thé club of Rome just to name a few!

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Like the traitors spraying us with toxic substances from US Airforce/MIIC planes every day of the week... we are nothing but cockroaches to the Big 8 Banking Families:

• Goldman Sachs Family

• The Rothschilds Families of Paris and London

• The Rockefeller Family

• The Warburg Family of Hamburg

• The Lehmans Family

• The Lazard Family of Paris

• Kuhn Loebs of New York Family

• The Israel Moses Seif Family of Rome

The plotline for two TV shows, "Citadel" and the Keifer Sutherland re-hash "Rabbit Hole," are structured around evil manipulation by these families. Normalization has begun to try to foment helplessness with regard to the question: Who is really doing this to us?

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Add he Mellon Foundation from Carnefie Mellon as well because they are funding the Marxist American Library Association.

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No kidding!! I had no idea. And I love librarians and libraries - or used too...

I always hook the Mellon Foundation to when they tag teamed with the Rockefeller Foundation to kick women and naturopathy out of medical schools, and convert medical training to (deadly back then too) vaccination, and the allopathic administration of drugs instead of resolving the actual source of the health problem.

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Yup, globalists NGOs ripping down the West. The US pops the most pills. Spends the most on healthcare and has some of the worst physical and mental health in the world.

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10-4 Kimosabe!! Check out the 2014 TV show "The Leftovers." It was normalization for The Death Wave we're in right now...

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Gates and his like need to be eradicated !

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…… like vermin.

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Prime Minister of OZ is BG friendly.

Not good.

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I believe MSM should be charged with treason as well......they are purposefully keeping this

from the PEOPLE! They are guilty as hell!

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Really they should all be brought to trial for treason!

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Thank you Dr. Nass! How many representatives showed up for this amazing presentation?

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I'm sorry if you hate me for this, but I cannot pretend. I just got to the part where Senator Johnson instructs taxpayers to contact their congressmembers directly. Wow. He really doesn't know how completely unrealistic that suggestion was. He even said, "Come here," as if the 80% of US taxpayers who can't make it through a $500 emergency, are going to drop everything and go to DC to become lobbyists on their own behalf.

For 30 years of activism, I have heard congress members make that 'step by step / building block' speech. It's a delaying tactic because they know their colleagues are not with them. There is NO TIME to wait for the general TV-infested public to suddenly arise from their Domino's induced slumber.

This is one of those times when the Congress has to actually lead the way and stop the madness. Congress gave the business community a 30 year wage holiday. It allowed our minimum wage to be destroyed, and with every other tax system, to gut us financially. These people are not going to start caring what we think now. Once they make it to DC, they do NOT care what we think.

The man who pointed out the 5G wi-fi angle was right. The Emergency Broadcast System test on 10/04/23 ran for 41 minutes, and synced the 5G network for pinpoint broadcast control (while killing a ton of birds and making us even more sick). By the end of 2021, the French had torn down 140 5G towers. By 2022, the Brits were starting to tear down their 5G towers. I can't watch the rest of this.

Thank you for trying so hard to reach them Dr. Nass!!! I fear we will have to re-call every congressional sell-out before we can get them to acknowledge what is happening and take action to stop it.

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Telephones work!

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Oh yes, they do:)))))) I just posted some of what I've been doing with contacting congressional offices "on the phone" for Susan.:))

TacticalCivics.com and LocalActivist.org are great. LA has written off the US Congress and firmly believes that an individual has very limited chances being a catalyst for change anywhere in government. They train taxpayers from the ground up to form groups of trainers to go form more groups. I have less experience with Tactical Civics, but what I've listened too makes total sense. There are too many taxpayers for each member of the House of Representatives to handle.

I don't know what it's like now, but there were restrictions on how many people a congressional office could hire for staff in it's DC offices. The local offices used to be really important for taxpayers wanting to voice their opinion more directly or bring hard copy information... until all of those staffers agreed to become "just caseworkers" who do NOT provide position papers or press releases, develop legislation, participate in regnegs, take taxpayer comments/info, or respond on any issues.

My NC Genl Assy Senator's office told me that they get around 500 e-mails a DAY. I have extensive admin background. Just to transcribe (or upload) the gist of each e-mail into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a 3-4 person job depending on their typing speed, accuracy, etc. All my NC State Senator has for a helper is his wife. I think it's called nepotism, but it's a very common practice in the NC state legislature to hire relatives. Local officials do it too. Here's a weird one: The Hendersonville, NC GOP actually still splits off the women from the men. Now that's a shock to the system... But anyway, the tools and personnel required to really process taxpayers opinions and demands and turn them into the legislation that the taxpayers are asking for - at the federal level - don't exist any more.

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They hire people they believe they can trust. Some people are claiming that some federal reps have CIA working in their offices?

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DOD provides many free staffers to Hill offices

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YES!! I have heard about this re: The White House... not so much congressional offices - but I would NOT be surprised. I can't get link lists to send on congressional e-forms....

But we ARE getting our freedom meeting "training of trainers" going... and we've found a candidate for Mayor for our town! :)))

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Nov 11, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

Sen Johnson is correct that people need to contact their Senators, as the problem seems to be in the Senate. If you can't go in person, then you need to call them and keep calling them once or twice a week and email them and ask if they received your emails and put down all the dates without an answer. They need to be flooded with contacts from everybody you know.

We need to start putting these unresponsive senators on notice that for them to not pull us out of WHO with the evidence that WHO wants to be the global dictator as shown here and also by James Roguski's substack is a violation of their oath of office to protect the Constitution above all else and that is their primary job after which they can be creative. Start noticing them and cite the areas in the Constitution that they are violating, and notice them again 14 days later. Put a huge price tag on the value of what they are not doing their due diligence. We seem to see then that many of them start not running for re-election.

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The #1 hardest thing to do with a Congressional staffer in ANY office: Get an e-mail.

I can't imagine what the actual staffers threaten the interns on the phone with, to keep them completely unable to give you to a staff person directly, or provide even a bucket e-mail for you to send attachments too. Several HR members have created plain old bucket e-mails using domains like @hotmail.com (Rep Chip Roy I think).

When congressional staffers are willing to do this super simple action of creating a bucket e-mail for the office... then we the people can send them attachments, photos, video files, reports, and a host of other information like link lists. We can call them and tell them that we have sent it and to please look out for it. I do this all the time with the NC Genl Assy. Right now, none of this kind of information can be sent via the congressional e-forms that the staff never get to anyway... This is by design.

I have asked newly minted Senator Ted Budd's office for a bucket e-mail, as a polite suggestion, over 5 times in person and several times via voice mail. No response. I have asked his caseworker Sarah Blackburn once - but received no follow up.

I actually tried the same thing with Senator Thom Tillis first. I asked his schedulers to set me up for a meeting in his Hendersonville, NC office four times using their scheduling e-mail as instructed: Scheduling_Tillis@tillis.senate.gov. Crickets for a year and counting. I'm glad I don't need these people for something related to an agency...

US Rep Patrick McHenry - Rinse and repeat on Bail Ins, CBDC, FEDNOW, and stopping the "break away society" that has indemnified itself in the world judicial systems and is murdering us directly now. Crickets. Most of these people really do not respect us. His local office staff are apologetically "just caseworkers."

RINO HR Rep Virginia Foxx's office staffer of 12 years, Patricia Bandy, was great to talk to for TWO hours and get her e-mail which I did not use much. It's the only time in my life that's ever happened. I sent that office $200+ of Solari Reports, books by Corey Lynn, etc., and no one in the office ever called to thank me or acknowledge that they had received them.

When I asked for Zoom Town Hall meetings and suggested a format - Ms. Bandy stopped talking to me. I asked several times via e-mail. No one ever responded. Rep Virginia Foxx hasn't done a town hall meeting for ten years now. She hates them because members of the public try to divert the discussion into agency failure casework topics. That's a really lame excuse because anyone doing that can be referred to a staffer on the spot to take the details, and the meeting organizer can ask the audience to bring case work to the staff's attention afterwards, and stick to the questions that the citizens have requested answers for...

The next year I got redistricted AGAIN by the NC Genl Assy, and I got stuck with Rep Patrick McHenry who probably couldn't believe his ill fortune in getting part of Rutherford County again...

The last time phone calls really made a difference, it cost polymath Aaron Schwartz his life (Documentary: "Internet's Boy"). It was the SOPA fight where big telecomm tried to get control of the internet. Mr. Schwartz designed an auto-dialler that you could visit on-line, plug in your address, and automatically dial your congressional representation opposing SOPA. The charts in the documentary show where congressional opinion was initially, and how it changed dramatically as the calls poured in...

I know that we repeated that process on the TARP fight in 2008-09. That's when my Mom and I came off the couch for good. I called congress 100 times a week - easy. Non-stop. t red lights while driving, at home before and after meals, on my lunch half hour, etc. After we lost the TARP fight, polls showed that 80% of American taxpayers opposed the TARP. And look what the banksters did with it - shored up their multi-million dollar bonuses, and came back for "a TARP a WEEK" twenty two years later.

*Congress's Website: Among the many issues with Congress.gov, there is a little "constitutional compliance" box on the legislative screen in the upper right hand corner. It declares all submitted bills are in compliance with whatever Article and Section of the US Constitution the submitter thinks will fit. The ones I looked at bore no relation to the US Constitutional Article and Section referenced.

For six months I tried to get to the Congressional Research Service person who manages the public interface for Congress.gov. (I used to work on End User Interface development for a GE division; CRS is located in the Library of Congress). The first time I called, the CSRs had no idea what I was talking about. The on-line support option was the "law librarians." They refused to provide a contact or even admit that the LOC-CRS had any responsibility for Congress.gov. I have a threads totaling 30+ e-mails documenting that. I haven't gotten a formal case going with a congressional office. I mentioned it to Sarah Blackburn (Ted Budd), but she's part of the problem too... her ability to get agencies to respond using the "broken to the point of dysfunction" Congressional Liaison system is less than optimal. All of the staffers I've worked with on agency issues over the years are afraid to lose their agency contacts by really challenging the lies and stonewalling.

This government needs to be re-called on every level. I would love to see a systematic way for the citizens of this country to go after every single person in a senior government position (E-level) and get rid of them with re-calls, ethics complaints, bond claim actions, and anything else that will get them to leave government forever.

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You've certainly been an super activist. I know what a pain it is that the US Congressional official communication system won't allow any attachments and it won't allow any links to be given. If you prepare the language on a word processor, it won't accept a copy and paste any more. So you have to describe the documents in another way, by referring to a website without giving the address.

I've seen things suddenly turn around an issue when an office is overwhelmed with phone calls. Often that means the elected officials phones are busy from calls--so busy you have to redial many times sometimes for hours.

The most dramatic situation overturn I've experienced when things were disastrous, for instance, involved ALEC State legislation to remove local control over environmental, health, and aesthetic concerns. I spent 14-16 hours on the phone calling people I knew in 2/3s of the State's counties, asking them to call their local leaders even at home due to the great importance of this at town, village, city, county levels throughout their county, as this was scheduled for vote on the next day. Somebody else did a similar thing without my awareness, and the entire state was covered county by county. The Assembly majority leader's office was overwhelmed with calls coming in non-stop flooding the phone lines and the lines were busy for hours. That's where the problem was at, and that was where the pressure was put to stop this erosion of grass-rights governance.

It is the duty of elected State officials to report back to local government officials about changes in law that pertain to local government power--that being accountable. It's hard to get that type of conversion onto one politician, but it is possible when they immediately realize this is too huge amount of voters and campaign donations to lose next round if they don't take different action. But I've rarely seen federal officials made accountable in the way State officials can be made accountable.

Most of US House delegation from WI was pro-globalist, but suddenly that changed as the GOP reps cancelled their flights to go to the annual WEF meeting. They put out news releases about not going after they were going. I was just one voice. It was sudden and literally overnight. Probably a big donor sent them a message, perhaps through the WI GOP or a county GOP in some way. Or it went underground? It's hard to know if they actually attended or not, and they canceled their flights, that does not mean that they didn't go privately in an untrackable way. A name on the WEF list just means that they signed up and were expected. It is not proof they attended.

It's de-centralized individual action but if you are an influencer of those around you, it helps.

Things were easier when groups got together in person and brainstormed processes because then the entire group bought into taking action of what they had a voice in deciding. The internet and zooms are not the same thing. Brainstorming is the most efficient way, once the plan is agreed, but nobody wants to do that anymore.

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!! Yes - no more cut and paste. I fought hard to get The White House to let me cut and paste into their e-form. No soap. I told them how ridiculous it was to stop taxpayers from communicating real information to them... The part-time and goes no where "White House Comment Line" should never have been activated. It's worthless and the poor souls who staff it are utterly clueless.

I've done what you're talking about when the calls go on for hours. And I totally agree about activating State reps vs Federal reps. I have achieved traction with my state leadership - and I've found members who are speed readers and sent them current books/reports on Transhumanism, the Going Direct Reset, Pharma Food, and much more. One of them wants more books:)). He's inspiring.

For the freedom meetings we're setting up, we have open discussion at the end and we will be brainstorming!!

One thing I am doing is finding legal case management software to log my fights and be able to pick them back up more easily. HoudiniEsq was free and looked great, but it only works if the internet access point is available. So, I continue with my sifting and sorting of Legal Case Mgmt software using Capterra aggregator... When I finally find one that is On Premise and I can just download it and keep my data local (no remote server farms with 3rd party privacy data sharing agreements erroneously nicknamed 'the cloud') - I will really be able to manage a lot of stuff:)))))))))))

I warn everyone that I am the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I work as hard as I can on an issue, but when I get stonewalled, or something jumps in it's place, I put the issue down for a bit.... but I always come back:))))))))))))) And they hate that.:))))))))))LOL!!

I will try all of your suggestions!!!

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If the French pulled down towers in 2021, the Brits in 2022, what now?

Did they stop? Rebuild? Are they onboard now?

Please provide information if possible. Thank you.

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Many people in London are removing the 5G cells

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YES! That is good news indeed. Just hope they can do this, without getting into too much hot water. If the momentum builds, perhaps the Brits can dismantle all the towers in the land, then we can all do the same. Ooops! Will we still be able to communicate? No internet? Small cost to pay for health, happiness and freedom!

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I'd love to know too!!! I will get back to 5G, but the best I can do right now is a windshield survey on the fangs of a viper, a vinshield viper...:))) Once the local Freedom Meetings are going, I'll be able to pick the 5G fight back up again - this time with legal assistance and bond claims - I've got two against the County Manager so far. I only need one more:)).

Here's the folks who might have details:


www.5GSpaceAppeal.com- Arthur Firstenberg's 2nd website to get people to dump their cell or smart phones.




www.cellphonetaskforce.org - Arthur Firstenberg's first website

www.childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/5g-emf... --> Underwhelming; you need a dying kid to get their attention.


--> 5gfree.org/anti-5g-organizations


www.defendershield.com --> expensive shielding products.

www.ehtrust.org - Leading legal fight back organization









www.LessEMF.com - Expensive shielding products.


www.MOCAlliance.org -Multimedia Over Co-Axial Alliance - Wired technology provides a far highertransmission quality and provides exponentially more value to communities over time while protecting allparticipants. 5G delivery speeds can be provided through WIRED technology.


www.norad4u.com - This is a massive portal of EMF links, information and resources.

www.northstarnutritionals.com/articles/how-to... --> Physicalassault

www.mdsafetech.org/advocacy/-- Well organized and appears tobe actuallyfighting back.



www.rfsafe.com - Article - "5G Network Uses Nearly Same Frequency as Weaponized Crowd Control Systems" [https://www.rfsafe.com/5g-network-uses-nearly-same-frequency-as-weaponized-crowd-control-systems/]

www.scientists4wiredtech.com – This group teaches people not only to change outtheir electronic devices to corded/wireline ones, but also how toavert the placement, construction, and operations of wireless infrastructures imposed upon states and localities.


www.spacenews.com/fcc-gets-five-new-applications-for-non-geostationary-satellite-constellations – DescriptionofSpace-X Satellite constellation radar band frequency applications to theFCC. Caleb Henry — 03/02/2017.


www.stopsmartgrid.org - White papers and research presented to theUS Congress.



www.wearenotsam.com/--> Starter website

www.westonaprice.org/fight-back-against-5g--> Possibly handled.

www.zero5G.com --> Susan Clarke

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Thank you for the reply.

I will try Arthur Firstenberg's website first.

However I suspect, realistically all things considered, France and the UK must be on board the 5G boat to OWG.

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I was thinking the same thing about a month ago, and then I heard that France was blowing up all across the country. So maybe the activists there are still tearing them down...

In the UK cities - London is the only one I've read about - the taxpayers are fighting this weird camera system too. It restricts where they can go in their vehicles, and sends out fines if their car is photographed in a no go zone. [Italy makes a ton of money doing this to tourists in Rome and other places...] I read that the taxpayers are tearing the cameras down too.

Another group in the UK is dissecting the LED streetlights. Mark Steele (he's in interviews on several platforms) is a military weapons specialist. He says the workers have found miniature cameras, and VERY sensitive microphones in the LED streetlights that can pick up conversations in passing vehicles - so I guess they're going to get them too.

I wonder if they have the retina damaging, defective purple LED highway lights by Duke Energy problem over there too? It's insane!!!

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Yes I read about the Brits tearing down traffic cameras! Go for it! New to the LED light issue.

In OZ, some cities suddenly manifested GREEN city lights. Something about white city lights being more bird friendly. Really? Hmmm...

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From my notes:

03/12/23 Added.

Mark Steele took one of them apart.

*Inside: Camera, powerful microphones,

*LED's - Bad for vision and have a gain of function element for surveillance.

*Possible tracking.

I need to get more Mark Steele on board in my brain...:))))))

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Only listened to the first two hours but VERY powerful and informative. Thank you for posting!

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I still believe the death penalty is required for many!

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Fantastic & vitally important event. Is it possible to access the individual presentations? My screen froze several times during Catherine Austin Fitts' presentation & I'd love to be able to read it. Thank you for being such an indefatigable shero!

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Thank You, Meryl. This is very good and works. I had a block at the Epoch Times paywall.

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