One thing we all need to do is stop using the phrase "lab leak," which implies accidental. Given the preparation for counter-measures, years in the making, and the billions in dollars generated therefrom , certainly this was no accident. We need to encourage all to use the term "lab release."

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I might go with that, but I'm willing to go with just "released " ,doesn't have to be from a lab!

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I blame the raccoon-dogs, those shady bastards may also be responsible for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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I have never trusted raccoon dogs, they are shady bastards! And they shit everywhere!

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Good luck with that. I still can’t get anyone to stop using the word ‘vaccine’ for the mRNA injections.

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Well I certainly use the word "injections" myself. Btu I got LOTS of "likes" to my comments, so I expect that those who did so will follow suit..

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Mar 28, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

Hmmm . . . lemme do a search on #rd_blueprint . . .

Oh! Look at this creepy retweet from this creepy Twitter account! (https://twitter.com/rd_blueprint)

WHO R&D Blueprint Retweeted



Jan 30, 2019

In June 2018 there were—for the first time ever—outbreaks of 6 of the 8 categories of disease in the b@rd_blueprint. If any had spread widely, it would have caused major global disruption.

How ready is the world for a future pandemic?



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Like pigpen in the peanuts cartoons ... just follow the dirt trail ...

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Where are those lawyers from the Covid Litigation Conference?

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Thick as thieves, keep the exposé’s coming

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MERYL - you are the best MEDICAL DETECTIVE we have at the moment - as almost everyone from the establishment seems to be bought by CORRUPTION, that runs really deep in American institutions, like the CIA & the FBI.

The so called "medical science" has become a MEDICAL CRIME SCENE - hard for "We the people" to understand - so keep on truckin' . . .

Good luck!

Kalle from Germany

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More on Farrar's sticky fingers:


On the 04th February 2020 there was a teleconference held that was initiated by Jeremy Farrar (Wellcome trust) that discussed “desired outcomes”.

I requested information from the UK’s Government Office of Science, the department that Chief Science Officer Vallance is head of, on what these “desired outcomes” were.

The questions asked:

1 - About or on the 01st February 2020 the Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance was involved in an e-mail discussion with Jeremy Farrar and Marion Koopmans amongst others (full list of names available) with the subject “Teleconference”.

Please supply the e-mails in the e-mail chain and conversation with the subject line “Teleconference” or “Re:Teleconference".

2 - About or on the 01st February 2020 the Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance was involved in a teleconference call with Jeremy Farrar and Anthony Fauci amongst others (full list of names available).

Please supply the written minutes of this telephone call, any written notes that were taken during this telephone call and any audio recordings that were taken during this telephone call.

3 - About or on the 01st February 2020 the Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance was involved in an e-mail discussion and a teleconference call with Jeremy Farrar and Marion Koopmans amongst others (full list of names available). In one of these e-mails Jeremy Farrar stated:


• Introduction, focus and desired outcomes - JF

What were the “desired outcomes” he was referring to as discussed in the teleconference call?”


There answer was:

1 - the call did take place on the date stated

2 - there were no records taken of what was discussed

3 - They could not supply all the e-mails due to Section 41 of the Official Secrets Act due to personal information being included.

The quote:

“I confirm we do not hold the information you request in Question 2. No additional notes or minutes were recorded outside of the email correspondence provided in answer to Question 1. Nor do we hold any audio recordings of the conference call. “

This call was also admitted to in a FOI release of Fauci’s e-mails with no further information included. The file is 386 MB but can be downloaded here:

https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20793561-leopold-nih-foia-anthony-fauci-emails - page 3200 area.

This is the call that initiated the use of PCR tests using a paper written by Drosten and that was accepted without challenge by Government’s worldwide and that then led on to restrictions on individuals and businesses based on that paper plus over £400 BILLION of Government spending in this country alone.

I have made the Public Accounts Committee aware of this call and they replied they were interested in it but whether they did anything further I don’t know.

Why was this call not thought important enough for notes to be taken?

Something to hide by Vallance?

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That makes me nauseous 🤮

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Interesting that in 2018 the bizarre corporation EcoHealth is promoting the joy of pandemics at the Smithsonian. Almost like they knew something we did not know two years before the operation was commenced.

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"makin a list, checkin it twice, gonna find out whose naughty and corrupt, legal justice is on its way"

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I like your thinking, Meryl.

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Know the criminals by the company they keep..

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It's a big fat club and we ain't in it.

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They are all in the evil/corrupt bed together - there is a special place in hell for those that continue to participate in the global genocide. BUT there is a place in Heaven for all the TRUTH Warriors, Dr. Nass there is a special chair with your name on it ...

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Meryl, I have screenshots for days. Problem is, no one wants to see them. No one wants to arrest these people. I'm at a terrible loss. I document excess deaths and my country falling apart and grieve.

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