Meryl, This about German insurance rates was also mentioned yesterday by Reiner Fuellmich on Ilana Rachel Daniel's The Jerusalem Report on CHD.TV. The program is worth watching, they're setting up a new version of the Grand Jury in Israel

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Aug 17, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

Boldly calling it the Fourth Reich is absolutely right. The sheer scale of the injuries and deaths globally cannot yet be perceived by most of society. The truth is buried under layers of oppressive lies. The biggest orchestrated strata of lies EVER.

As for the Nuremburg Code, any global outcry of conscience is absent because of extreme media censorship and propaganda. The ethical infrastructure of the world has been blighted and MUTED.

The evil of this Globalist Political Plandemic is far worse than most people can possibly appreciate. I persistently struggle to articulate worded statements amidst the mind-numbing futility of it all.

The fact that these experimental injections are proven dangerous, causing mass injuries and deaths, yet have not been URGENTLY stopped, should be a GIANT RED FLAG and siren of Fourth Reich totalitarian treachery.

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Staggering statistics. Important to circulate widely!

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‘Infection following immunization’ was # 1. Which I’m assuming means the vax triggered an infection. I’ve been fighting this point for over a decade since it happened to me (obviously not from Covid vax) but I think it’s an area that needs much more attention.

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People like Fauci, Collins, and Walensky should have the same punishment that Mengele would have gotten if the allies and Jews had captured him. In my mind theses people make Mengele look like an amateur.

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I heard Dr. Peter McCullough say that 96% of the doctors in the US have taken this injection. If true, that’s a STUNNING number. I still can’t wrap my head around why folks thought it was a good idea?

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Aug 17, 2022·edited Aug 18, 2022

AND, critically, absolutely tragically for the UNAWARE of those who identify as either followers of the narrow path of Jesus or as "believers" or as "Christians" (my person is an AWARE follower of Jesus), these technologies are in actual fact changing the dna itself AND very rapidly, ie right after being administered - more and more scientific published, and peer reviewed, researchers are confirming this, also most recently the very rapid DNA modification.. Christian-based scientific researchers Anthony and Kathleen Patch have been at the very forefront of sounding, publically (before YouTube removed their account in 2020), the loud alarm bells about these DNA modifying technologies, chimera resultant "new species" - homo novus - "human 2.0."

AND just very recently, another of their very long ago expectations, a micro needle patch c19 "vaccine" delivery system, had been announced here in Australia, by the University of Queensland (an academic Institution that, coincidentally, is just 1 hrs drive from here).

Anthony Patch’s last night livestream (he and wife do 3/wk), he considers to be very important and rightly so; provided confirmational evidence, no less than 3 “smoking guns”, peer reviewed published papers, of 1/ the very rapid alteration of DNA by way of RNA specific to both the virus (sars cov2) and the ‘vaccine’ from Biotech-Pfizer. In addition to 2/ the ‘internet of things’/’internet of bodies’ ‘biosensors, bio-computing interfacing with the actual cells of the human body through supercomputers and then also with the neurons of the body through quantum computers (quantum entanglement); doing so directly by way of both 5G AND 6G technology. In zip file form

This second topic was first made publicly known by them at the end of 2021.

For any UNAWARE believer/Christian or even for any non believer, herein, In zip file form, is last nights 2hr.30 min audio livestream by Anthony Patch (‘smoking guns’ confirmational evidence of the above, very important for UNAWARE believers):


(requires a zip app to unzip the Google Drive large audio file)

Cheers 😊

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Check out Daniel Horowitz's podcast, it's one of the best and most informative out there

And there's never any fluff :)))


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Just a question: Are the under-reporting factors based on recent research, or are they based on older research? I'm just wondering if under-reporting factors may have changed since the onset of the covid mess.

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I knew the insurance carriers would be the ones to finally speak up. This bioweapon attack on destroys their profits and share value with excess losses to pay out. At least to me that stands to reason, but I’m not an insurance insider.

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Thank You again.

"5% adverse events bad enough to seem medical care in COVID-19 vaccinated."

That's not hard to remember.

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"Ottawa police detective faces charges of 'discreditable conduct' for investigating whether child deaths have been caused by 'vaccination'"


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Meryl, Thank You! I delight in sharing your articles. ;~} Cheers! PS The CDC is in reorganization! That misinformation organization. https://www.plenglish.com/news/2022/08/17/cdc-admits-it-failed-to-responseto-covid-19-crisis/

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