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Fantastic article. One small typo

"Delta's wave looked those old graphs"

Here in Australia, government is spending $13 million dollars on new ad campaign to get the sheople boosted and kids vaxxed.

Kiddos have 2 weeks off for Easter school holidays and Govt is planning a school holiday vaccination blitz - get jabbed when you go to the zoo or the movies.


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Thanks for all the amazing info. I wonder how many doctors were told to send infants to the ER so CDC could beef up the numbers. I totally respect you for standing up and speaking the truth knowing this would put your own job on the line. I am livid that they are poisoning babies with this non-vaccine, for no apparent reason other than perhaps the $billions of dollars lining a few pockets. It is absolutely disgusting and a complete collapse of the integrity of our medical system.

I would argue one thing a bit differently the CDC did not "support the current administration's public health policies" when Trump was in office they actively fought against Trump's comments about HCQ. So, the CDC works for someone else, not the elected administration. Just so happens the current administration works for the same powers (big pharma and the CCP).

I suspect the entire pandemic farse was designed to "test" how much control they could exert over the medical system and route out people like yourself, so next time around they can silence every dissenting voice before it even starts.

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An argument three months old, and the business went ahead. Just ask where the history goes, and consider that the propagators of this techno-solutionism didn't come to celebrate, and are unlikely to be celebrated down the road, so what was the point to their activity? Or what is the logic by which society affords them space, or supports them in the manner of the medieval hierarchy of those who labor, those who pray, and those who go to war?

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Thank you for your extraordinary research Dr. Ness!

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So sorry, off point, but have you heard that, years ago, there is purportedly a photo of the junior senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, viewing an anthrax vial in a biolab in Kiev? Any validity to this? .On the @therealgeorgewebb twitter page, there is a very short video .....

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Dr. Nass, have you seen this new cooked CDC study they’re using to push pregnant women into getting injected?


Oregon Health Authority just published a post (https://covidblog.oregon.gov/covid-19-vaccination-during-pregnancy-reduces-hospitalizations-in-infants/) about it claiming that “Infants are 61% less likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 during their first six months of life when their mother had been vaccinated with an mRNA primary vaccine series during pregnancy, according to a study conducted in pediatric hospitals across the country.* [*The study included data on 379 infants at 20 pediatric hospitals in 17 states between July and January, including 176 who had COVID-19.]”

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have time to review it.

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