As Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, so often states: “You cannot find that for which you do not look.” Corollary: “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

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May 26, 2022·edited May 26, 2022

If I understand this article, the DOD hires new recruits every year for hara-kiri rituals but tells them that they are serving their country!!!

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Compilation of *145* Case Reports of Vaccine Related Myo/Pericarditis & Other Cardiac Injuries


This one wasn't included (wasn't sure if there was crossover between their retrospective data collection and case reports), but found 140 cases/139 patients/26 hospitals // 49 confirmed/91 'probable' (one patient had 2 incidents of myo):

Clinically Suspected Myocarditis Temporally Related to COVID-19 Vaccination in Adolescents and Young Adults: Suspected Myocarditis After COVID-19 Vaccination


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“5 soldiers or 0.046% (about 1 in 216 vaccine recipients) developed a clinical case of myo or pericarditis. This is over 200 times the expected rate!”

Minor point (I frequently make this mistake): 5/1081 = .004625 = .46%

If my arithmetic skills are holding up today.

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I know a few who were able to get cleared from this particular one. Another told me he didn’t take a shot. It was a fluid and kept it in his mouth til he could spit it out.

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This is yet another good reason not to enlist in the military.

I grew up on USMC and navy bases during the Vietnam war and had made up my mind by the age of 13 to never be in the military.

Military machines have had thousands of years to hone their game of taking stron, intellectually and emotionally immature young males, appealing to their many wants and needs, including idealism, and then mutating them into part of a massive and cruel killing machine.

When they get home from war, people are trained to treat them as heroes, so they are not supposed to talk about how they got PTSD from killing the 10 year old boy who was running ammunition to his big brother in the sniper-nest in Iraq.

Never tell..

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Those in the military are perfect targets for the evil elite. Back in the late 60's to early 70's, when I was in the Marine Corps, we were reminded quite often that we were government property. A fellow Marine in my unit lit a fire cracker in the barracks and was running for the door to toss it outside. It exploded in his hand before he got to the door. It blew the tip off of one of his fingers. He was written up for destruction to government property! Pretty easy pickin' for those in search of lab rats!

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Many of us had smallpox vaccinations as children but never heard of the extent of this before. Would myocarditis be more likely in young male recruits than in children?

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1 in 216 is 0.46%, not 0.046%

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My mother died earlier this year. Only seventy two. She had many chronic illnesses, CHF was the one that ruined the last ten year of her life.

She had three bad scars from smallpox inoculation all her life.

She had stinging sensations in her arms all her life, after the inoculation against the smallpox, as a child. Did they put three inoculations in her? She did have two scars on one arm and one scar in the other. Why three doses?

She had a very bad case of measles *after* the same inoculation, she did tell me a few years ago.

She had a very bad case of myopia as a consequence of the "measles", or so said an ophthalmologist. She also had a few autoimmune disorders that limited her life. She thought that "pain" was normal. She commented once, watching a marathon on TV "I have never understood how people can do so much exercise, that must be very painful". She was always running a marathon.

At one point she had acute pancreatitis and hepatitis. Her gall bladder was surgically removed, and she got better.

She then went on to lose all the cartilage on her knees, I think due to heavy use of diclofenac. She used omeprazole for many years, was the Congestive Heart Failure caused by omeprazole?

I wonder if she would be alive and with better health had she not being subjected to smallpox inoculation.

She did not attribute her many ailments to the smallpox inoculation. I do not know what to think. I just relate the events.

I miss her a lot.

As a consolation, at least I could protect her from covid inoculations. That has cost me a lot emotionally, but protecting her from this crap has been the best thing I've done in my life. I'm sorry that other people could not help their parents to make the right decision. I am no better than them, I just got lucky that she was already very ill and no one pressured her too much. What a stupid idea to push vaccines on terminal patients. We have lost all respect, and we must recover respect whatever it takes.

My mother spent the last two years of her life without true medical attention. Emergency doctors were not the kind of care she needed. I pray that medical doctors stop their collaboration with evil.

Did my mom live with myocarditis for the six decades she lived after smallpox inoculation? I doubt it. But myocardiocytes are not the only type of cells that can be damaged, leaving lifelong sequela.

Sorry I dumped all that here.

I wish there earlier generations of Medical Doctors had had the time and knowledge to carefully record all the side effects of the smallpox campaign. Not having that historical data is hurting us. Ignorance kills! Stop the censorship!

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May 27, 2022·edited May 27, 2022

It might be prudent to ask why the military is still vaccinating for smallpox. Could it be that they are afraid someone else has smallpox stocks and might release them in a war?

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Thank you for the work you do, very much appreciated.

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IMHO, you should get on Gab to help get your messages out.

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Thank you for all you do!

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