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Dear, Meryl, this is stunning! You (and your team) have done a brilliant job at bringing everything together. This is a site to which we can point both people who want to learn more and doubters and skeptics who need to learn the truth. Especially for the excellent assessment of the IHR /WHO Treaty information - being of prime urgency right now.

As an Env Scientist/Geologist by education, I am so impressed by the section on the CO2 scam; it is a wonderful compendium of what one needs to know about the REAL science of our climate; that it is constantly changing for starters, and the nefarious role played by the Fossil Fuel Industry in distorting facts to serve their (and WEF etc) agenda.

Thankyou SO MUCH! This is just what We The People Of The World need. Keep up the great work!(https://doortofreedom.org/2023/10/28/how-the-fossil-fuel-industry-came-to-love-climate-change/)

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What an amazing feat! What an amazing life and journey you have had and take us through daily. Thank you for the reminder of Door to Freedom. We can get so busy that we forget those resources are available to us.

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Mazal tov, keep up the good work, and thank you!

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Reading your list of actionables ….No, seriously , what have you done lately Dr Nass😆

Do you sleep?🤗

You truly are a CHAMPION for the people.

I see a good heart in the window of your soul

(“the EYES tell no Lies” - unless they’re a psychopath).👀

Keep up the good work.👏🏻

An umbrella ALLIANCE consolidating the efforts of all the various groups needs to occur, not merely working in isolated silos, in order to develop a set of MEANINGFUL actionable OBJECTIVES,

To SUCCEED cooperatively.

That’s how the WEF organizes its multiple NGO’s etc, to enslave the masses.

Therefore the masses need to get strategic and play a BETTER game of chess.

Even ACTIVIST groups like BLM have social organizers and carefully constructed blueprints when “seemingly organically protesting”.

Many of their “protestors” are paid by George Soro’s various groups like Open Borders. There is footage of them chanting “where’s our money Soros” Guess he was late on that payment… so RENT A CROWD occurs more often than we, the public realize.

It’s all about the PERCEPTION DECEPTION. And social engineering - behavioral influences…

That’s also why they rope in the people you idolize (DISAStars, athletes, etc to sell the poison apple to you.) Just read about the MANY propagandist campaigns of Edward Bernay (relative of Freud)

In fact there are companies who will PROVIDE a “crowd” when needed….amazing stuff you learn when researching.

WEF and U.N. are well funded, with multiple think tanks and strategies.

Therefore We have to be good defenders of sovereignty and autonomy too by devising various strategies. If this - then that. And so on.

Lawfare is also an important tool, along with educating, even corrupted politicians to change their conduct - reminding them that once a dominating CENTRAL WORLD dictatorship of ELITES is established , even they will not live the good and sweet life, they currently do now.

History shows that these dictators frequently murder those who helped them rise to the top, because they fear been overthrown later on.

Anytime these aristoRATS promote a campaign with warm fuzzy names, watch out.

Remember Mao’s famous “The GREAT Leap Forward”. Ask the millions of his OWN citizens he starved and murdered if the GREAT Leap forward worked out for them…


PS: Dr Nass, do you have a Mailbox to mail Post office MONEY ORDERS to?

If yes, please reply with link to same. Thanks. Keep up the terrific work!

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I have been waiting for the 501c3 to post a give send go but I promise to do that very soon. Thanks from all of us!!!!! Still waiting.

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Fact; 386 more airline 'Mayday calls' between 2020 and 2023. I wonder why? Could it have anything to do with the MANDATED INJECTION of poison called covid Vax that determined the aviation authorities had to modify the health parameters of pilots to accommodate the sudden general deterioration in heart conditions that follow the Covid injections for pilots? Big Pharma's wealth has long-reaching consequences and we are expendable as part of the New World Order's (WEF) long-term intention to CIULL the world's population. And, to this day, EVERY deadly Covid injection comes with manufacturers' LEGAL IMMUNITY from LIABILITY for Pfizer, J&J, Moderna and other pharmaceutical murderers that distribute the deadly crap! Obviously, Astra-Zeneca Covid jab was discretely withdrawn from public use with stealth to avoid damaging Pfizer et all, who create the same poisons from being impacted by 'association'. AZ was probably less financially robust and resilient than the other well-established medicine (POISON) makers like J&J, Moderna and Pfizer. Subsequently, they were more vulnerable to the justifiable criticism and blame for Vax-related deaths & injuries and perhaps had not embedded as many formal AVOIDANCE Contract conditions to avoid LEGAL responsibility for such events as do the other murdering injection makers. The others deny all LIABILITY within every supply Contract! Suddenly, the sh*t is hitting the fan with several lawsuits opened against AZ for the DEATHS caused by their version of a SAFE & EFFECTIVE injection. Pfizer is realising this 'LEGAL armour' could be breached because of the volume of injuries and deaths that are occurring POST-VAX, and is pretending to be experiencing 'Financial problems'. This can only be an excuse to distance themselves from the inevitable BLAME and responsibility they will have to accept due to the sheer volume of vax-related disasters. If they declare BANKRUPTCY, they will simply reintroduce the organisation in a different unassociated guise with a different trading name. The US has, for decades, permitted bio-labs to function in US Universities - until recently, when it became suspected by the wider public. Congress decided that the US should not permit such dangerous 'DoD bio-warfare' experimentation to continue on US soil! The dangerous experimentation has moved to other countries like Ukraine and China and probably continues in the US where it can be hidden from the public. Big Pharma realised the massive financial opportunities of making people ill and pretending they have a 'CURE'. That is why COVID-19 was designed and released to justify a profitable 'cure they pretend is a VACCINE. it doesn't work, can injure and kill recipients and is marketed with absolutely NO LIABILITY for the millions that suffer the consequences of believing the narrative! 'Vax HESITANCY' is borne out of the realisation that these, once-trusted interventions really used to be safe and effective. Now, even those that still keep accepting the dangerous and ineffective Covid shot realise the crap is useless - but some keep accepting these poisonous 'boosters'. I was told by a friend who still lines up to be poisoned, that the only reason she continues with the insane suicidal activity is "because I believe the medics and it's FREE". Hopefully, others are realising that the WHO has been infiltrated by those (WEF members of the New World Order) who have different sinister agendas to those portrayed by the WHO's bandit-in-chief (Tedros). Their aim is to assume total universal dominance of ALL human health matters - with the hidden intent of enforcing all medicines that control, pacify, dumb down and enslave the entire planet's population - driven by the unscrupulous Elite (the WEF's New World Order). This sinister intention has been planned for decades and Bill Gates (the world's richest man) now finances the entire WHO's Policies and Plans. Gates states; The most lucrative investment I ever made is VACCINES"! Many of us now realise that every jab was/is EXPERIMENTAL and comes with total Immunity from LIABILITY for the makers. How can this continue when so many vax injuries and deaths continue to rise? Join the dots - get off the fence and refuse to be dictated to by those who intend to harm or enslave you! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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It seems to be the case that we as humans have the inherent capacity of dictatorial rule (control). We individually make observations that seem to explain the world, and we then have the urge to impress that view on others.

Without REAL critical thinking, humility, curiosity, openness to other views and FACTS, and open dialogue, we as humans flirt with our own individual and societal collapse!

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We're now nearly 4 years beyond the point of no return with Gene Editing injections, they pretended to be VACCINES! Those believing Big Pharma, the media, the medical industry and governments have all now been Genetically Modified.

There are so many serious side effects (Adverse Reactions) and DEATHS that follow the non-vax injections, it's embarrassing that there are still some that keep getting jabs - ANY JABS!

Injection recipients are LUCKY if they got a 'bad batch' and dodged the bullet! These survivors will probably find a dramatically shortened Life Expectancy was all they got from the Covid jab!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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Anytime ZERO accountability (liability protections) is ENFORCED from the get go

for medical “Solutions” -

your RED FLAG should shoot sky high!

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Wonderful work Doctor Nass. Thank you!

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Dr. Nass,

Exceptional, thank you.

Checked both the email and the substack version but the hyperlinks don't work. Any solution?

Some links are spelled out so can simply be typed in.

But others are linking to another piece of information identified by name only.

Best regards.

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Hi Meryl,

I knew I had posted this before but the whole conversation got lost somewhere. This is from KrisAnne Hall, JD, a Constitutional attorney, educator, veteran, wife and mother. She says this:

"Panic propaganda is a political tool designed to elicit an emotional response rather than a reasoned and factual one. Panic propaganda doesn’t have to be completely false, as a matter of fact the best propaganda contains a very serious element of truth that is dressed in the most fantastic deceptions causing the people to react in fear rather than analyze in facts. Biden’s Panic Propaganda du jour is the notion that he is about to sign an agreement with the World Health Organization that will “end American sovereignty.” It is true that the countries of the WHO are going to meet on May 22 to sign a health agreement. It is true that the Biden Administration has proposed certain amendments. That is where the element of truth ends, and the rest is panic propaganda and here is why:

Biden does not legally possess the authority to force the WHO agreement upon America.

The President of the United States has certain authority in foreign negotiations established by Article 2 of the Constitution. The President does have the authority to negotiate Treaties according to Article 2 section 2 clause 2 of the Constitution. However, those treaties are not finalized and binding upon the States and the people of America without a two-thirds majority of the Senate:

[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…”

Without the Senate, there is legally no Treaty.

The President is not authorized to make unilateral “deals.” As a matter of fact the office of the President was intentionally denied that authority because it was an authority that resembled too closely that of a king. The creators of our Constitution were particularly concerned about the power of Kings, for good reason.

The [President] would have a concurrent power with a branch of the legislature in the formation of treaties; the [King] is the sole possessor of the power of making treaties. Federalist #69

If there is no Senate, then there is no Treaty. If there is no Treaty, then the “agreement” is not binding upon the people or the States. Even IF the Senate would sign on to a “treaty” that would allegedly “end American sovereignty” that treaty would not be binding on the people or the States because the Constitution does not authorize the federal government to control any aspect of America’s Sovereignty. This fact is codified in Article 6 clause 2 of the Constitution:

…all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby… (emphasis added)

Only Treaties (not agreements) that are made “under the Authority of the United States” (according to the terms of the Constitution) “bind” the States.

Any Treaty not made according to the terms of the Constitution (and every agreement) SHALL NOT bind the States. Therefore, legally and Constitutionally is it irrelevant what this administration signs. Legally and Constitutionally it is irrelevant how Congress votes on the matter. The WHO agreement does not rest “under the Authority of the United States,” therefore the States are not legally or Constitutionally required to follow it. And in those FACTS rests the solution to this administration (or any presidential administration of the past, present, or future) signing the WHO agreement, or any other like it.

The solution offered to “call your US Congressman” to stop the “signing of the WHO agreement” is NOT the true solution.

As a matter of fact, this proffered “solution” is no solution at all. It is a distraction from the real and most powerful solution. In my opinion, herein lies the purpose of the “panic.” Remember, the purpose of panic propaganda is to sow fear in the heart of Americans and cause them to react as directed rather than to use fact and reason to actually solve the problem. Using facts and reason, since the WHO agreement is NOT ratified by 2/3 of the Senate and it is NOT “under the Authority of the United States” the “States are NOT bound” to it. Therefore, the solution to this WHO agreement problem doesn’t begin with the US Congress, it begins with your State and local governments.

It is not a reasonable and efficient use of our resources to “call our US Congressmen” to stop the Biden Administration from signing this agreement.

Misdirecting the people to a federal non-solution has its benefits for those in the federal government. It keeps false power in place, keeps the people falsely focused upon the federal government instead of their local government, and keeps the people discouraged and defeated, thinking they have no power at all because the offered solution (as the only solution) will not work!

It is a reasonable and successful use of our resources to call, email, and speak to our Governors, State Legislators, and Sheriffs to make sure that they will not allow anything from this WHO agreement, if signed, to be enforced in your State or county. By shear consideration of population and geography, the people of a State have more access and reasonable ability to influence their State and local governments than the US Congress.

It is highly unlikely that the US Congress is going to listen to the people at this point. It is highly unlikely that the US Congress is going to do anything at all, except create political talking points. The Governors, Legislators, and Sheriffs of each State must send a clear and palpable message to the Biden Administration that if this WHO “agreement” is signed the States will not abide by its terms. They must tell the Biden Administration publicly and in no uncertain terms that the federal government will not exercise any authority deriving from this WHO agreement in their State and neither will the WHO. THAT is the reasonable, powerful, and successful solution to this WHO agreement problem.

Why aren’t the American people being directed to the most factual and successful solution?

I will let you ponder that question."


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Unfortunately there has been a lot of case law since the Constitution was written. The Congressional Research Service was asked about this and wrote a 2 pager in 2022 and explain the legal basis.

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So in a nutshell you are completely incorrect.

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That was written in May of 2022 so it is spot on. I think you made a funny and don't realize it. You're fighting our corrupt government by using lawyers in our corrupt government, and telling we the people, that their corrupt government's legal assessment is the final word on our sovereignty, as opposed to the assessment by an independent Constitutional attorney. That's ironic all day long...lol. Please cite the source law for this.

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Thank you for your calming legal assessment! Your observation to separate critical thinking from emotional reaction is quite cogent!

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Thank you. I will pass that on to KrisAnne.

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Kudos for your perseverance and dedication to preserving freedom, Dr Nass!

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Chris! Such ridiculous abdication of responsibility is not just a red flag - but a warning that they mean no good. None of my 15 extended family took the poison and we're all healthy and fighting fit. Mick.

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I am somewhat in awe regarding your incredible conscientious and expert output. A people's hero.

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It is time to arrest and arraign and imprison the perpetrators of the COVID genocide without regard to their position or wealth. All of the top criminals must be judged and, in many cases, executed!

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And their wealth and positions should be taken away to provide for the many who are injured via the lethal so-called vaccines they promoted, the small business owners who lost their livelihood, people who lost their jobs because they refused to take the shots. All who have orchestrated the ongoing mass destruction of human life and the economy should be gathered and brought to justice for their crimes. And it should be so that these crimes will never rear their evil heads ever again. So Be IT!!!!

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The link to DoorToFreedom.org at the top of the page is actual a link to someone's email address, you might fix that.

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Fixed. Sorry!

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My first check now for any organization is are they acknowledging the nano technology that we now find in everyone's blood. If there is no mention of this massive modern threat to humanity then I move on. None of the sponsors here that I see acknowledge it, nor the fact that most treatments are now contaminated with it.

For those un jabbed who think they are fine, I suggest having a look at your blood or doing a simple skin check for the fibres that comprise a part of the system. The last mass screening we did of 200 people shows we are all contaminated now.

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The world revolutionary council has multiple projects in the works: 1) another "plandemic" with the WHO/WEF preparing to impose massive worldwide lockdowns and toxic vaccine mandates; 2) continued genocide by Israel in its ongoing project to create "Greater Israel"; 3) WWIII between the US and Russia/China with US/Israeli attacks on Iran as the trigger; 4) sucking all the world's money into the privately-owned central banking system via ever-increasing debt. Be informed and warned. Take precautions. Resist. https://www.claritypress.com/product/our-country-then-and-now/

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