Outstanding information. Thank you so much for posting this. The data also support the findings reported by Edward Dowd in his newly released book.

These types of reports are now spreading like wildfire, so hopefully the families of the deceased and seriously injured will finally connect the dots instead of parroting the ridiculous tripe about outcomes that would have been much worse without the inoculations.

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Apparently it's more complicated: https://www.eugyppius.com/p/the-mystery-of-the-surge-in-deaths

They now claim that data was wrong and there is no sudden jump. From the comments there led to this:


Where the latest release of mortality stats in fact show the KBV data for prior years is undercounted.

This reminds me of DMED... Why is it so hard to get a straight answer from the authorities?

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I remember Dr. Orient ( of AAPS) from almost twenty years ago when she was guest on Dr. Stan Monteith's Radio Liberty show. Very impressive physician and way ahead of her time.

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Thank you Dr. Nass; excellent and informative post. We are at war. https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/p/biomedical-security-state-and-state

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For those who have already received one or more of these injections,

please don't throw those dice again, Brothers and Sisters.

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9am GMT, Tues 20DEC22 (tomorrow) The Duran zoom "chat" with Jeffrey Sachs

Global economic crisis & the geopolitical reaction w/Jeffrey Sachs (Live)


[Alex and Alexander are usually such level-headed young men!]

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The Germans are stupid people ruled by and autocracy of fear porn that is 'in charge' of them by their OWN admission. They follow blindly to their doom. So nice to see a people conform to the Kalergi plan...

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The KBV is not an insurance company . It is the association of all German doctors , who are paid by different public insurance companies. Such a doctor is called " Kassenarzt".

The association is "Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung" who collects all the datas.

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Is the useless but sometimes DEADLY Covid injection destroying natural human health defences?

The most egregious WHO act of Power Grabbing of every nation's sovereignty - The World Health Organisation trying to dominate our freedom of choice regarding health, mandated invasive medical treatment. Ultimately = Dictated Slavery and induced addiction to unnecessary but profit-making invasive medicines.

Bill Gates now 'owns' the WHO because he's the biggest benefactor (= INFLUENCER) to the now corrupt organisation. The WHO must be terminated as it's dubious control activity goes beyond recognition and common sense!

Bill Gates wants to dictate the need for more injections (Vaccines). He states "Vaccines are the most lucrative investment I ever made". He's also conscious that the planet is vastly over-populated. So join the dots and be very scared!

Big Pharma Vax maker’s avoidance of ‘LIABILITY’ for ‘POST VAX DEATHS’ is simply plain stupid and dangerous, unless I’m missing something??? It's now being used without consequence as their 'LICENCE TO KILL'.

The ‘TEMPORARY concession’ for avoiding all LIABILITY was issued for a previous failed Vax disaster = Swine Flu, way back in 1976. 'Temporary' equates in Big Pharma parlance to forever = 46 years and counting.

After 50+ US citizens died Big Pharma Vax maker’s ‘LIABILITY’ for ‘POST VAX DEATHS’ is plain Common Sense! Unless I’m missing something???

So why is the POST Covid VAX DEATH TOLL running out of control with MILLIONs of POST VAX DEATHS World wide?


Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Interestingly, you’d never know from following the news. Very much unlike the news about COVID deaths in 2020. Death rates a bad flu season were made to be the end of the world, and now with troubling multiple in excess deaths, nothing! Maybe we can lock down, wear masks, boost in order to reduce these deaths?! Imagine if there were a PCR like test for myocarditis and then talked about it on "news" 24/7! The least we can do is to wake up!

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