I can't imagine anyone at WHO would be fired for incompetence. That's their most prominent identifying characteristic, after all.

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They really have nothing to do with health just like the WTO has nothing to do with trade.

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May 8, 2023·edited May 8, 2023

God IS real - I was once a cynic - until I personally experienced His Presence. And for that I am eternally grateful.

You may not believe in Him but he knows your name and your soul is dear to Him.

We all get free will “for a season”. I hope you will choose to know Him.

My life would be hopeless and this worlds present state terrifying - without knowing He’s there and His prophetic warnings and final outcome will come to be.

Including judgement of the wicked being done against innocence. He is the Lord of Justice.

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“ In 2004, he and his Vietnamese colleague Tran Tinh Hien identified the re-emergence of the deadly bird flu, or H5N1, in humans.”

A highly ambiguous statement. It never crossed the species barrier despite the fact that we were all threatened with it for the next 5 years - then they abandoned it for swine flu (in order to fulfil the orders?). Here we are 14 years on and suddenly we are all supposed to be scared again.

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Planners gonna plan!

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So One Health and the WHO are safe now that the one bad apple has been removed! (Not!.)

Isn't "being a tool" a job requirement for these overarching organizations?

Quit the WHO (and WEF and UN).

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WHO is run by bill gates of hell. He's the 2nd largest donor. Nuff said.,

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I was hearing loud chomping noises in my head as I read about Peter Ben Embarek.

Nom nom nom 😋

Which one of their own will they eat next?!

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fauci is my bet ... give him a few months.

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Dr. Nass, do you know if the US is driving policy in the UK, complying with policy in the UK or a strategic partner on equal footing?

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Dunno who the real drivers are.

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May 8, 2023·edited May 8, 2023

Read the UN 2030 docs for insights on who is driving policy. It is a collective of groups (WEF,WHO, Davos) - they all meet to discuss world monetary systems (digital plan for total control) and their NGO think tanks help conspire (the real conspiracy planners) on the steps needed to achieve same.

They are using various countries like China as the role model. Inhumane China who breaks environmental laws a thousand fold, and oppresses their people and jails dissidents and harvests body parts without consent of prisoners…

All the above mentioned groups, going back even to Rockefeller’s and Kissinger influence, seem to be propping up 2030 framework which will include ID2020 , tracking right down to what you eat and purchase (USE CASH for privacy. Not cards!)

They are aggregating all your movements with your phone apps and what you buy with credit card - it’s all being stored and people aren’t even aware.

Blackrock is heavily invested in China using USA retirement funds! It’s diabolical .

Many billionaires including musk are deeply connected to China.


China’s cruel totalitarian social credit score system is a successful test site and is being rolled out in Australia now and other countries.

It’s will be our future if we don’t resist now and speak up to our local reps to enact laws to avoid digital currency . https://id2020.org/

There really is a class of people (1%) who believe the majority are useless eaters (their words), and who believe they have the right to RULE over us . They believe there are too many of us and have the right to reduce the worlds population and limit our opportunities to rise up in any way. If we allow oppression to occur drip by drip - eventually you will be totally enslaved and permanently on MUTE. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

The Covid plandemic health “safety “ element is a nice way to make a profit but also mandate laws to enforce vax passports which come in digital form which lead to ID2020 (as expected Bills gates is involved) in time. Mark my words.

NEW TESTAMENT prophesy is going to happen -

Revelation 13:16-17

King James Version

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor,

free and bond,

to receive a mark in their right hand,

or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell,

save he that had the mark,

or the name of the beast,

or the number of his name.

PS the ID2020 Microsoft submitted which automatically generates a number for USA Trademark and patent office - the number ends with 060606


Isn’t it such a coincidence that not only did Gates organize Event 201 to simulate a “future” pandemic in October 2019, but MIcrosoft also CREATED this patent in June 2019….

AND submitted another update just in 2020 as we were being locked down in our homes… Timing is no coincidence of an innocent Covid event.

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May 8, 2023·edited May 8, 2023

Rumor is Satans nephew wanted the job so there is some baby eating and goat sacrifices going on until its all settled.

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he will hire francis collins, dr. fauci ... yeah well ... there is God after all .... nothing they can will ever succeed.

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Not another wacko nutjob telling me how to live...go to the devil all you Who creeps.

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Meryl, good title: Poisoner in Chief

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I still don't find anything about the poisonous Sir Jeremy having officially accepted and drank from the poisoned chalice of the WHO Chief "Scientinst" position today...

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It is now May 9 in Geneva and still nothing in the news.

However his name remains on the WHO website: https://www.who.int/director-general/who-headquarters-leadership-team

The WHO website has another gentleman I don't know listed as its "acting" Chief Scientist on Jan 1, 2023. I thought they all had to be actors to get those jobs!


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Some worthwhile listening or reading from journalist Whitney Webb- on untrustworthy “Wellcome Trust”. And Jeremy Farrar



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Thanks for this and for Meryl's always-excellent contributions. Bigger picture, if we're going to ultimately win this battle, we are going to need a few more members of the "Silent Minority" to do what they are doing to support important (and "off-limits") journalism and research.

IMO The real unsung heroes are those who are doing what they can to support Substack and its growing army of citizen journalists. You can write-off the "official" watchdog journalists.


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Dr. Nass, is Gates a powerful free agent globalist… or a grossly remunerated asset of the IC/USG?

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