Now I remember why I said I would not write about this again.

Because if people cannot agree on some basic facts as a starting point (like come on, of course people have been given colds, as have animals, in labs) then the conversation goes nowhere.

And those who believe there are no contagious microorganisms (or only none we cannot see with light microscopes) or some other iteration of this belief system--well, we start out with a different set of facts.

Anyway, this is a distraction if it is not a psyop, so why waste more time on it.

Yes, Sin Hang Lee and I did a zoom with andrew and tom in 2020 or 2021 and it lasted an hour and it was ugly. I don't know if it is online. Not sure it helps anyone understand anything if your position is carved in stone. I won't be doing another.

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Give me a break. There are biological, toxin, chemical, nuclear, electromagnetic, weather weapons, to name a few non-traditionals.

Are you implying that covid is instead a bacterium or fungus?

Or an EMF weapon? Love all the kibbitzers who proffer no alternate evidence. Like I said, offer some facts, then maybe if we agree on the facts we can argue about their interpretation.

The facts, ma'am. Just the facts.

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There are some really big viruses, they say, that you can see under a kid's microscope. Don't trust me. Do the experiment.


Ever see black spots on the leaves of plants. Sometimes fungus. often virus. MY maidenhair fern has them.

The J and J vaccine is made from an adenovirus with some of its genome replaced. Did it work to immunize against covid for a short time? Seems to have. If there are no viruses, how did the DNA get into the cell's nucleus?

Colds are due to viruses. What else might they be from?

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Absolutely correct, Dr. Nass.

Hundreds of papers describe SARS-2 isolation within cells, just not outside of cells as the no-virus crowd insists is required. But researchers have had no reason to do this.

Worse than the virus not existing, it’s a bioweapon.

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Thank you for this, Meryl. While I know a few reasonable people in this camp, the majority are religious fundamentalists bent on attacking the most effective voices in the medical freedom movement, which led me to suspect the original idea was planted to divide our community and cause normies to conflate those with questions about vaxx safety/efficacy with those they perceive as flat-earthers who question not only the existence of SARS-CoV2 but also viruses, germs, contagion, and even the immune system and autoimmune disorders. When OffGuardian publishes my articles, they often come out in droves to attack me, as do several virulent trolls on Substack, even though I have never once written about their beliefs. The mere acknowledgment that people get a unique collection of symptoms that respond successfully to early treatment protocols is enough to put me in their cross-hairs.

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Meryl, Please understand the following: You (among many others) and Dr Tom Cowan (among many others) are both being hoodwinked by the forces that want to keep us divided. Whether viruses exist or not is irrelevant! HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE: it doesn't matter whether the bio weapon that came out of Wuhan was a gain of function bat virus or was created from a computer program. Injecting poison into the hypnotized masses for profit regardless of the damage done -- in other words, evil -- would be happening exactly the same in either case. That is what we're dealing with! While we squabble about this non-issue, powerful forces are intent on destroying life itself. If we don't watch it, our children and grandchildren will be transhuman. We need all hands on deck.

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Meryl, why do monkey kidney cells need to be used to isolate a virus?

"Inoculation of Vero/hSLAM cells with material from the nasopharyngeal swab led to the isolation of SARS‐CoV‐2 virus in culture."

Can you please explain what makes Dr. Andrew Kaufman ignorant? I would love to see you have an actual conversation with him, Dr. Cowan, and/or Dr. Bailey.

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Thanks for the clearly presented argument, Meryl. I, too, suspect these “non est” characters are some form of limited hangout, corralling skeptics into a dead end theory. The crazier theories get promoted to capture these people, and discredit legitimate theories through guilt by association. It’s another facet of the information firehose and the sense-making crisis we all battle with.

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Aug 25, 2022·edited Aug 25, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

Meryl, I agree with you. As I worked through my own questions early on--and my own cognitive dissonance as I sorted out who and what to believe--I listed esp. to Kaufman. While I didn't know enough to discard the no virus ideas right away, it never felt quite right to me. The questions asked by the "no virus" crowd in the beginning were well meant. They got stuck, however, and did not move forward as more data became available. They ironically became cherry pickers and then science deniers, looking askance at new discoveries.

Still, it was important then that they did challenge the mainstream "wisdom." The unholy alignment of the specious modeling of Neil Ferguson, the clear faults of the PCR test and high levels of false results, tainted all the data gathered. It grossly overstated infection and death rates, and the resulting fear allowed the notion of test and trace, lockdowns and quarantine, masking etc. to take hold. Those of us digging for truth were trying to figure out whether the public health response had any value--and trying to articulate why the public health measures felt so off base. Some got stuck at the level of thinking the virus wasn't real.

When it came to treatment, the 'no virus' meme surely made some people hesitate to admit they might be sick, and to delay seeking medical care (if they could even find true early treatment). Belief in the "no virus" meme probably led to lost lives.

What strikes me most strongly here is how closely the negative effects of the spike protein from the virus track with the multiplied spike dangers from the shots. In those with COVID, the early effects are in the respiratory system, which can make it look different from the shots, which circulate throughout the body and produce billions of spike proteins, and target reproductive organs and other areas which the respiratory virus rarely reaches. There are clear similarities in the mechanism of injury (MOI) of spike, whether from the virus or the shots: blood clots.

While death rates are up 40% world wide after the big push for vaccination began, does it make sense to dither about whether viruses exist? The real problem is the shots which were justified by creating the illusion of a highly deadly pandemic. The death and damage resulting from these experimental vaccines are where our attention ought to be.

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Aug 25, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

Thank you Dr Nass. The issue I have is that whether we 'little' people believe virus or not is irrelevant.

Oligarchs, and their stooges and compradors(aka politicians) go on anyway pushing reset, what ends up happening is the 'opposition' looks foolish hung up on semantics instead of practice to undo the issues reset will bring and has already brought via lockdown policies.

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Once again Meryl pretends that the onus is on someone other than the people who insist that a virus exists. Wrong! Nothing is required of us, and we've already pointed out over and over and over again the blatantly anti-scientific nature of the methods used in "virus isolation" publications.

We've also pointed out that contagion of a disease has never been scientifically demonstrated (and all past attempts to do so have failed). Nevertheless Meryl demands that we explain the cause of an allegedly contagious disease, without demonstrating the alleged contagion lol... or the alleged "incubation period" (incubation of what exactly??)

Meryl demands an explanation of symptoms, then immediately makes all sorts of unproven claims that she expects to be incorporated into any offered explanation of symptoms.

When will Meryl catch onto the fact that "CORONAVIRUS DISEASE - 19" is just a meaningless label based on useless, fraudulent tests that only distract from real health problems and real causes, and that no further explanation is remotely required?? There is no unique "covid-19" disease, there is just a relabeling of other conditions and perfectly healthy people. This isn't rocket science.

And I'm sorry but pretending that labelling a drug "antiviral" is somehow evidence of a virus... really?

Pretending that it's necessary to isolate and grow something in order to make up meaningless in silico "virus genomes" on computers?? Just read the damn Methods, Meryl! They extract all the RNA from a clinical sample or a cell culture, detect and/or make up zillions of sequences (using PCR with too many cycles), and have a computer patch them together into a "genome" that has nothing to do with reality. It's the result of illogic/needing a paycheck/corruption... all sorts of factors... the same way all sorts of other harmful and dumb things go largely unchallenged in this world.

But hey, thank you Meryl for citing the Australia "isolation" study and thereby making your latest attempt to defend virology so very easy to debunk.

"Following several failures to recover virions with the characteristic fringe of surface spike proteins, it was found that adding trypsin to the cell culture medium immediately improved virion morphology." LOL.

This study was dissected long ago, it's the typical monkey cell nonsense and shame on you for pretending this is science. I have a webpage devoted to this ridiculous study, with commentary also from Dr. Tom Cowan and Canada's Saeed Qureshi, former Senior Scientist with 35 years experience at Health Canada:


The Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory performed the usual “monkey business” of mixing a patient's clinical sample with kidney cells from an African green monkey and fetal bovine serum (both are sources of genetic contamination), and antibiotics, etc, malnourishing and poisoning the cells, irrationally blaming “the virus” for cell breakdown. No "virus" was found in the clinical sample, as always. No scientific method was applied. No alleged virus was used as the independent variable in a controlled experiment. Just wild, idiotic, irresponsible, anti-scientific assumptions.

The Doherty Institute, home of VIDRL where “the virus” was alleged to have been isolated, admitted in response to an FOI request that they have no record of the fake “SARS-COV-2” being found in any diseased human on the planet and isolated/purified (as have literally hundreds of institutions around the world):


I challenged Meryl just a couple of weeks ago to cite science that demonstrates the existence of "monkeypox virus" or SARS-COV-2. Here is our email exchange:


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Thank you Meryl! There should not be a single cogent human on earth asserting that the spike protein was part of any naturally occurring pathogen. It is absolutely the Swiss Army knife of bioweapon payloads. The Achilles heel of this genocidal weapon remains early treatment.

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If you haven’t yet seen it, Sabine Hazan discusses discovering the entire SARS-CoV2 genome in stool samples in this Tess Talks episode:


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"I have challenged those who deny Covid is caused by a real virus to explain what, exactly, is causing these symptoms if it is not a virus. "

If you are asserting there is a real virus and that it is a pathogen which is causing a specific disease, the scientific method would deem that it's up to you to prove this hypothesis, not up to everyone else to provide an alternative. That's how hypothesis testing is done.

You claim hundreds of thousands of sequences have been uploaded. How were these sequences obtained? They were in fact assembled from material found in cell cultures in which un-purified extracts from those deemed sick with "Covid" (on the basis of the inaccurate PCR test) were grown in addition to nutrients and antibiotics. The numerous possible resulting genomes assembled were then looked at and compared to a supposed known SARS genome, itself the product of computer software assembly, because it was pre-supposed that something like it was in the mix. This is not at all a scientific procedure.

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I get asked this, also. People argue that viruses are not real. Indeed, it is seldom possible to demonstrate one item of such a small thing, because it is destroyed by any process of singling it out, and is too small to see by light microscopy, and is destroyed by electron-microscopy. What is left is it's

Hiroshima-shadow, like that cast by those vaporized by the bomb.

Still, viruses respond to treatment like infectious agents, like strep-throat, when there are effective antivirals, which there are for COVID, as well as for flu. What I discovered in the 1990s is that if you treat flu on the first day of symptoms (cheap generic amantadine in those days) it's like magic. On the second day it helps. After 48 hours, antivirals against influenza don't seem to help.

COVID has a longer viral incubation time, so pre-symptomatic treatments do well.

Antiviral treatments, like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and zinc help better when given earlier.

Ivermectin is a special case, because it has anti-inflammatory characteristics that help in the second week of COVID. We don't see second-week-crisis much now, like we did with Delta and the previous strains, that attacked the blood vessel linings so badly, and caused crisis wherever there were arterioles (yeah, every organ).

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Dr. Nass, perhaps you should talk with Poornima Wagh PhD virology and PhD immunology. The lab she worked in was given a $1.5 million grant from NIH to isolate the SARS COV2 virus. After doing the analysis using the gold standard of isolation, purification and proving causation using Koch’s Postulates they could not find any virus. They did the analysis 3 times and had 6 Universities (5 in CA, 1 on the east coast) duplicating Wagh’s process (she had a control group too) they also could not find any virus. She had a 30 min. meeting with CDC and a small group to share the findings. They then had a 2.5 zoom meeting with Robert Redfield and slew of people. She was told by ROBERT REDFIELD that he did not care what they found they would write up their report stating the virus was isolated. Poornima refused to lie. She was told her lab would then be shut down and they would not be able to publish their results. Her lab was raided and shut down by the FBI and the FBI actually came to her house. She said if you read the methodology used by published papers they use a soup and do not use gold standard processes with a pure sample. You should talk with her. She just did 2 extremely good interviews with Dr. Lee Merritt. She is going to do a conference on Sunday with a group out of Asia and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. She will be talking about the process used by those that are published and the proper procedure that should be used. She also has a team of 18 people around the world that have analyzed the ingredients in the vaccines. Her findings are quite shocking. She just did an interview on their findings.

Now about this virus being contagious. There is no explanation as to how I got COVID. I was in my home from July to December 2020. I went out in the public 1 day in October to vote. I went on a 1 hour walk each day to get exercise and sun(saw no one....my neighborhood was a ghost town). During this time (except for the one day in October when I went to vote) I was not near another living person. I went into no stores, no one came in my home, I went into no one’s home. In November of 2020 I got severe COVID. I was treated with HCQ & Ivermectin, D3, Vit. C, Zinc, Prednisone, NAC, Z-Pack. I was in bed for 3 weeks but survived. It was always a mystery to me as to how I got COVID. I personally believe that the body goes through a natural cycle of shedding toxins from the body and I also believe this cycle takes place during the winter months. I believe there is no such thing as flu or virus. It is a fabricated science in order to sell pills and injections. Why is it so hard to believe this after all we now know about how we have been lied to for decades. Vaccines are not safe and they are not effective. None of them. If they were good then the US would have the lowest infant mortality rate and the healthiest population in the world because we vaccinate more than any other country. Our infant mortality rate is very high and we are the sickest country in all industrialized nations. When Japan stopped using MMR in the 1990’s their SIDS rate plummeted and they have one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. It doesn’t take a PhD to figure out the correlation between vaccines and poor health.

So we all need to keep an open mind and realize it is possible what we have been told for many decades is not true. Remember at one time people were crucified for practicing hand washing before delivering a baby or doing a surgery. And again COVID being contagious......You surely cannot prove that by me. It is possible that other things caused so many to get sick. Polio was not caused by a virus but is environmental. When they stopped spraying DDT all over the place during the summer Polio disappeared. The vaccine did not end Polio. Most cases of Polio today are caused by the vaccine. The definition of Polio was also changed in order to make it seem like the vaccine cured it. The vaccine came out when Polio was almost non-existent.

I really think you will find Poornima Wagh worth your time.

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