WHO has the right to choose: who can live, who must die, who is allowed to reproduce, what size family they can have, who can love, what food someone can grow, what medication they must take, what shots they must take, the length of someone's life?

I would hope that the readers that were unfamiliar with the Kissinger Report and the organizations involved in its global implementation would find the actions of our government and others very disturbing. Instead many of these comments are attacking the author. It really doesn't matter who is presenting this info - it has been documented. So if you believe that these programs don't affect you - they do and they continue today and rest assure they are planning for our future, which could be very short. If more folks had been aware of this evil, and those that were aware stood up - perhaps we would not be in the mess we are today. I guess it is easy to be in favor of population reduction - so long as its happening far away, you don't know the victims, your ignorant of the methods, you don't have to watch, and it doesn't involve you or your loved ones.

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I totally believe these mRNA shots for fake diseases are in order to depopulate the world.

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Malone is part of it. Malone is part of the problem and being promoted as a patriot. He's a wolf!

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Dr. Malone will go down as one of the great heroic figures of our time. That someone of his immense calibre is willing to bring this most important and taboo issue to light is of profound significance and an act of immense courage & integrity. I am sure Bobby will eventually be talking about this as well and the collective fallout may be just the lightning rod we need to really start waking people up en masse. May God protect Dr. Malone and all those who have taken up the banner of truth at their own cost and peril for the sake of the rest of us.

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We got the numbers but do nothing...

Lord, give us the strength to stand and make the hard decisions that need to be made.

If we continue to wait, all will be lost.

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Yes, and it is worse than described by the Kissinger report.

Although perhaps not as bad as the Georgia Guidestones either.

Apex predators, on this planet that is us, typically grow in numbers and density until the environment can no longer support them.

There are countless bacterial models showing this trend.

Growth phase, stagnation, die off.

In order to maintain control of the planet and ensure the continued survival of our species for generations to come. A system must be engineered in order to reduce the population, whilst concurrently, better controlling the systems and resources that allows the population to survive. Food, energy, shelter, clothing, water and all the components that go into renewing those resources indefinitely.

Because our current systems are incredibly inefficient, monopolies exist, artificial supply and demand, middle men for middle men and these systems are wasteful.

The whole Great Reset (literally in the name) is aimed towards making more efficient systems whilst reducing the consumption by eliminating those "useless eaters"

You see, eugenics hasn't entirely gone away.

It has just changed forms.

The social credit systems being introduced will encourage and reward those who behave. Whilst condemning those who do not.

The cull is not going to happen quickly, but over the remainder of the century.

There will be both an increase of "natural deaths" and a decrease in births.

Complicated further by famines and war.

Those famines and war are in essence, not just to destroy human life, but to destroy industry whilst concurrently using the laws of the jungle... Survival of the fittest... Survival of the most adaptable... Survival of those with the highest social credit scores.

Leaving us and our world with less mouths to feed, asses to wipe, more efficient systems and a more adept/skilled population.

And they see this as the greater good.

Because, if 5 billion are to suffer now, that is better than the cumulative effect of many more billions suffering for many generations to come until our eventual natural collapse where nobody, even the super rich, will be immune and capable of survival.

I am not suggesting I agree with their logic. But there it is.

They are doing this now because it is in their eyes, less evil than the consequences of not.

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When US average population reverses from 79.5 years to 76.2 based Ed Dowd’s analysis speaks volumes!

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Aug 2, 2023·edited Aug 2, 2023

Even though it was not difficult to arrive at the conclusion more than 2 years ago that depopulation was on the agenda, it is still chilling to see documented evidence of that intent dating back many years. And the confusing, contradictory and divisive assertions of polarized reality we've lived with since 2020 - a "narrative" world vs a critical thinker world - only make sense when viewed in the context of a depopulation agenda. THAT explains the continual and relentless pushing of a dangerous pathological gene therapy despite obvious and appalling harms, and it explains the denial and indifference to those harms on the part of the powers that be. They are playing God and committing crimes against humanity in doing so.

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The Bankster Overlords are Parasites and like most entitled parasites they embrace Malthusianism because it gives them an opportunity to virtue signal and convince themselves they have some worth in this world. They don't.

What is notable about these WEF/Bankster paid propagandists is it's very hard to impossible to get them to debate their wacky plans with an opponent. I would love to see these dimwits sit down to a debate with Shellenberger, Lomborg, Koonin, Moore or Tupy & Pooley below. They would get beat up bad. At the very least these WEF birdbrains should watch this video:

Degrowth is just another effort by the Malthusian Psychopath Tyrants to impose their Scarcity Agenda down our throats. "You will own nothing" = "We will own everything and you will rent everything you want off of us for the price we dictate and only if we deem you a good citizen".

Curious fact. Why are DeGrowthers so vehemently opposed to Nuclear power? Energy is the one and only essential resource. If you have plentiful energy there is always workarounds for every other resource. And even with nuclear fission, just the uranium & thorium on the Earth's accessible land mass is enough to power our civilization for a 100Myrs. And that is with negligible pollution and negligible resource usage. And include deuterium supply and we can power a much, much larger civilization until the Sun eats the Earth. You would think DeGrowthers would be all onboard with Nuclear Power. But the opposite is true, they are big on "Renewables" by which they mean wind & solar.

Supporting wind & solar and in the same breath expounding "Efficiency". What hypocrisy. Do these idiots realize that Wind & Solar are the pinnacles of Inefficiency? 20X the material inputs. Terrible EROI (Energy Return On Invested), even below unity in many instances. Even far more materials when you include the need for long distance transmission and battery storage, more like 60X the material inputs. 300X the land area destroyed - that's inefficiency. That same land destroyed could produce large amounts of food. The need to have an entire parallel fossil/nuclear/hydro grid for when the wind & solar craps out. Overbuild and Curtailment waste - that's inefficiency. Hydrogen production for storage & fuel with efficiencies as low as 15%. These DeGrowthers are lunatics. Or do they have an alternative agenda = Malthusianism, Misanthropy and a Techno-Feudal Totalitarian World Government. See how badly they get beaten up here:

Superabundance: The Age of Plenty | Marian Tupy and Gale Pooley | #284


"...Marian Tupy and Gale Pooley are co-authors of the new book, “Super Abundance”. They sit down with Dr Jordan B Peterson to discuss their studies into overpopulation, the myths surrounding the subject, and how academia has created a new philosophy that demonizes modern man simply for existing.

Marian Tupy is the co-author of “Super Abundance”, as well as “10 Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know” and “The Simon Abundance Index”. He is the current editor of humanprogress.org, and is a senior fellow at the center for global liberty and prosperity.

Gale Pooley is the co-author of “Super Abundance,” and is also an Associate Professor of business management at Brigham Young University in Hawaii. He has taught economics all over the world, and earned his PHD from the University of Idaho. He is also well known for his role in the development of the Simon Abundance Index...'

Superabundance: The Story of Population Growth, Innovation, and Human Flourishing on an Infinitely Bountiful Planet Hardcover – Aug. 31 2022

by Marian L. Tupy (Author), Gale L. Pooley (Author), & 1 more


"...After analyzing the prices of hundreds of commodities, goods, and services spanning two centuries, Marian Tupy and Gale Pooley found that resources became more abundant as the population grew. That was especially true when they looked at “time prices,” which represent the length of time that people must work to buy something.

To their surprise, the authors also found that resource abundance increased faster than the population―a relationship that they call “superabundance.” On average, every additional human being created more value than he or she consumed. This relationship between population growth and abundance is deeply counterintuitive, yet it is true.

Why? More people produce more ideas, which lead to more inventions. People then test those inventions in the marketplace to separate the useful from the useless. At the end of that process of discovery, people are left with innovations that overcome shortages, spur economic growth, and raise standards of living.

But large populations are not enough to sustain superabundance―just think of the poverty in China and India before their respective economic reforms. To innovate, people must be allowed to think, speak, publish, associate, and disagree. They must be allowed to save, invest, trade, and profit. In a word, they must be free...."

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There is contradiction. If Kissinger et al pushed global depopulation so that the United States would benefit (not having to support undeveloped countries whilst plundering their resources), why is the United States government trying to depopulate the United States? Why are the globalists transferring 3rd world populations (unvaccinated) to the US and other western nations where they will reproduce and flourish vs living in mud huts?

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I do not read Malone very closely these days even though much of what he writes is very important. I downloaded NSSM 200 a couple decades ago and one can hear an excellent analsyis of it and related programs from many sources, e.g. Global Vax Campaigns Or GENOCIDE?! Dr. David Ayoub On NSSM 200 Govt Depopulation Policy (2005)


I want to point out briefly some of the oddities of the COVAX debacle and related issues that make sense of their role in facilitating the greater agenda of depopulation. Here are just a few of the top oddities off what’s left of the top of my head. Yes, of course, most of the players who implement the plan are motivated by nothing deeper than greed or careerism but they have been steered in the right direction.

1) I refer anyone worried about Global Warming to the YouTube Heartland Institute channel that has exposed the fiction of global warming. The purpose of the Global Warming now Global Boiling fiction is to justify transition to alternative energy sources incapable of sustaining most of the earth’s population. Mass deaths by starvation for a good cause. https://www.youtube.com/@HeartlandInstitute Global Warming is as big a fiction as “Safe & Effective.”

2) The introduction of CBDC with its metrics for measuring carbon footprints and controlling the use of the digital currency and the obligations it imposes upon the Central Bank [sic!!] is intended to monitor and control all economic (and derivative) activity. You will be controlled to death for a very good purpose.

3) Both the Craig Pardekooper data showing Big Pharma companies taking turns experimenting with toxicity levels, as well as the decision by Pfizer to replace the mRNA with placebos were designed to encourage trust in mass vaccination so that depopulation can occur as vaccine technology progresses. They they can pick between mass sterilization (Children of Men) or something quicker . “Pfizer Vaccine Batches in the EU Were Placebos, Say Scientists” https://www.globalresearch.ca/pfizer-vaccine-batches-eu-were-placebos-say-scientists/5824154

4) Bill Gates intractable emphasis on vaccines and nothing but vaccines for African health is not some psychological quirk or tic of his in the face of the obvious fact that what Africa needs most of clean water, better sanitation and nutrition. It is his public commitment to a health methodology that best lends itself to sterilization and eugenics.

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I couldn't find an actual link to the petition to demand the RFK Jr. be permitted to debate Biden. Please post a clickable link.

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Meryl, The answer to your ver poinient question as the title of your latest posting is yes, yes, yes.

Your previous posting of jokes was very much appreciated. I have been a jokester for most of my eightl decades on this earth.

While we all need a laugh now and then, however,, it is extremely unfortunate these days the real laugh is on us!

Sorry to be a stick I in the mud but whether we believe it or not, this year will be the hottest day on record and likely the coolest year of our lives.

It's time to rethink the so called "Conspiracy Theorists" and look around the world as we are being affronted from all angles.

We must wake up to these realities or just focus on the old song title, Enjoy Yourself It's Latter Than You Think." Because it really is!

If you want to know the truth of global warming and it's greatest contributer and what we can possible do about it, please go to geoengineeringwatch.org. believe me, I'm not paid for this endorsement. No one will attempt to pull your teeth if you do this, but I'm sure you will be surprised and motivated by the truth.

If you insist that geoengineering is a hoax, so be it and accept an other oldie, "AllI I Have To Do Is Dream." This would probable be more pleasant.



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In 1947, four German doctors were hanged for failure to provide informed consent. I believe this would be a good attention getter now. Actually, I have in mind a number one candidate in mind.

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so what took Malone so long to figure out and come out???? he should be wealthy by now and at retirement age so he has less to lose than if he came out 30 years ago. how is that I have been aware of kissingers nssm for at least 25 years????????????????? what took malone so long??? or another question, what is he really trying to do like maybe save his own ass, his reputation and his ability to make mo' $$$. I don't trust his motives one bit.

and can you tell me what this means:

Dr. Malone would appear to personify the very science we ought to be following.



just what science ought we to follow???

there are many thngs to read in a day, i got bogged down in this report because it lacks any new information.

Malone the Damage Controller is my take on this but what do i know???

i haven't got those kinda credentials and popularity, i aint no celebrity scientist!!!

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