This is actually hysterically funny. Will keep me chuckling during the hurricane. Thanks for reminding us.

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Died with


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So sad to see such grandiose ideation with a smidge of narcissism to actually continually use “I” over and over again along with calling yourself a leader - manager at best, poor political operative and a PR nightmare - the truth sets you sweet cheeks! You are a criminal!

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"I admire him, I frankly confess it; and when his time comes I shall buy a piece of the rope for a keepsake."

-Mark Twain on Cecil Rhodes

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Lol oh thank you Meryl it feels so good feeling that whole body laugh again.I havent laugh this much since ...before the pandemic

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"making sure that the public trusts the agency’s guidance"

They have waaays of making you trust them...

If only those ways were: "evidence-based and free of politics."

I think we could have all lived with that baseline.

We saw the antithesis of anything that was good and wholesome, evidence-based or apolitical. The Rodent from Day 1, along with his Flying Monkey troupe, actively sabotaging the conduct under Trump.

Then the utter disgrace under OBiden.

Has there ever been a more partisan time in your nation's history? The self-destructive policies seem to have no end. Capped off in the past days by the sudden coincidences under the calm Baltic.

Only 2 major powers will benefit from it, and Russia is not one of them. Nor China. Nor France...

CDC can't be reformed. It and the FDA have failed utterly. Giving either corrupted institution more power, bigger nudge units, or a bigger budget would be reinforcing negative trends. That much is obvious from their insincere and shallow quasi-contrition, where Rochelle wanted to message quickerer in the future. And Science betterer.

The world would be in a better state right now if neither of those two servants to Big (P)harma existed.

We could crowdsource better outcomes/guidance.

Side Question: "ensure that all existing guidance related to Covid-19 is evidence-based and free of politics... Restoring the public’s trust." Did that comprehensive review from the apolitical lifer in CDC see daylight?

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Hey Rochelle! What part of "never again" don't you understand? The CDC is over. OVER! You were entrusted with the public's health and blew it in exchange for blood money. You are delusional and insane.



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"Restore public trust". That's a knee-slapper. Followed immediately by a claim that trust was lost because the White House didn't do everything the CDC deigned to command.

Rochelle, you work for the government.

Your job is to lie, to distort, to prevaricate, to terrorize the populace. And there is no enumerated power in the US Constitution authorizing a 'CDC".

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The fox in the henhouse outlines plans to ensure the safety of the hens…. :D

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"Feels supported"... Yes, right; we hear that all the time.

Actually taking responsibility and doing things is less important that nourishing certain feelings and perceptions.

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Oh the tragedy--when your credibility is undermined...by your own actions.

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Thank goodness we have people like you, Paul, Pierre, Robert, Ryan & countless others who have had enough integrity & courage to stand up to the cheap skate hustlers. I have a deep belief that light can get into a cracks of shadow & illuminate all that reside within there. And it is. Thank you Mary. Prayers & well wishes for all you need to keep the ‘buggers at bay’. X

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"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help." Rochelle neglected to throw THAT into the mix.

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Sep 28, 2022·edited Sep 28, 2022

If we had ANY media remaining interested in holding truth to power, she would have been asked, with a straight face, whether she feels she has achieved that vision? More lies and BS would follow but it would have been entertaining to watch her face as she stuttered her way through the untruthful response?

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Sorceries ■ the wisdom involved in discernment directs me to [f]lee this evil of scientism; no turning back

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Notwithstanding your well-informed readers, yes, commentary is needed. Preferably video of this Pharma-whore blatantly lying about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy. Walensky and Fauci need to be made immortal and radioactive with their own words. They are mass murderers and deserve to be treated accordingly.

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