Henry Kissinger just turned 100 years old.

He looks like a bent over shriveled up troll.

Evil takes forever to die.

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Thank you Dr Nass. If nothing else, the C19 debacle has exposed decades, if not centuries, of rot. Time to excise it.

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Now you’re over the target!

Did you hear VP Harris the other day on camera stating if we reduce POPULATION our children will have clean water, etc.

WTH! What!

They’re now just saying it out loud. No more hiding! But are enough people awake to push back

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Aug 6, 2023·edited Aug 6, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

Summary of Everything and Quick Links


Smashing the Overton window


Organizational Chart, Bank for International Settlements Kill Box


The Dossier acquires confidential Davos attendees list


Laundering With Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1


The 150 Bilderbergers Who Influenced And Controlled The Response To COVID-19


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Pianka -" I am convinced that the world, including all humanity, WOULD clearly be much better off without so many of us.” I agree - we can start with the 30 "population advisors" cited in the article above.

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What is the difference between "depopulation" and pre meditated mass murder? Trick question, there is no difference!

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I have been telling people for many years, who say they don't want to have kids because the world is a mess: if you know that, and you want kids, have as many kids as you want and can afford, and bring them up in the way that they will go. They will probably make the world a better place.

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Aug 6, 2023·edited Aug 6, 2023

Thank you for a great compelling collection of what is in their hearts, their minds, and their plans. I am confident that this is the beginning of the dialogue that the ever-so-wise Malone-mentor Mattias Desmet was guiding us towards (not!)

Two of my favorite videos that nicely convey the attitude of the globalist ruling elite toward the rest of us are Kristina Borjesson’s interview with former British intelligence agent Alex Thompson HERDING HUMAN “LIVESTOCK” UNDER ELITE RULE: DEEP COVID CRISIS HISTORY

https://www.bitchute.com/video/GzZC5nnRGmZ8/ . Alex Thompson’s history of the current globalist takeover is the same as mine but he takes it back a few decades before Cecil Rhodes’ determination to rule the world by and for the British Empire, the plan that morphed into today’s current efforts, and he has the benefit of having observed some of the machinations from a front row seat. He provides a priceless account of the English Parliament as political theater to engage and distract the masses that summons the final image of the intelligence officer at the end of Allan Francovich’s Operation Gladio displaying a machine engaging in a three-card-Monte deception of the public. The matter-of-fact entitlement of the elites is quite stunning. Borjesson made her bones as a CBS journalist with integrity who was fired for trying to expose the truth about the shooting down of TWA 800 (by the US Navy). She went on to edit “Into the Buzzsaw: The Myth of a Free Press” and was forced to become an independent journalist and remained a very good one.

For those who love David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries, the below lets you see another side of his concern for the planet. Addressing an audience of European royalty and wealth, Attenborough is troubled that while the human population has doubled in the past few decades, the population of “the charismatic animals” (giraffes, white rhinos, elephants, hippos, highland gorillas, etc.) has suffered horribly and many species are threatened. It is quite obvious that this loss is of great concern to both David and the ruling elites because their enjoyment and entertainment is compromised, whereas the addition of another 3-4 billion human souls is of absolutely no interest or concern to them except for how it has compromised their enjoyment and entertainment. Neither the observation nor the contemplation of those masses provides them with any pleasure or benefit. This is an argument against appeals to their better nature—collectively they have none. Your Dear David quotes are even stronger.

People and Planet: Speech only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK0rXRmC4DQ&t=221s&ab_channel=RSA

The WHO came closer to pulling off its depopulation in 2009 than most people know. In January 2009 Baxter Pharmaceuticals had sent a large shipment of vaccine to Bio Test of the Czech Republic (and 15 other European labs) that was supposed to contain a mix of attenuated avian flu and regular influenza virus. A lab technician who was qualified but not required to do so decided to err on the side of caution by administering them to ferrets all of which died because neither virus had been attenuated. Had the “vaccine” been administered there would have been a likely combination of the lethality of the avian flu with the transmissibility of regular influenza. Following that contretemps Margaret Chan quietly had the W.H.O. definition of “pandemic” changed to require only prevalence but not pathogenicity. Teresa Forcades Benedictine Nun, M.D., Ph.D. Public Helath September 23 2009 Fake Swine Flu Pandemic


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Many Thanks for your work. 🙏

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It is Satan's goal to separate God's creation from the Creator and he's doing an excellent job.

Trust Christ for everlasting life. The alternative is described as a lake of sulfer fire where there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

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Dr. Nass, anyway you look at Covid, you have to come to the same conclusion: They want us dead.

Who They are is debatable...but not the aim.

And since this is not working fast enough for them...and with all the Peak Oil doomsayers...

Something else is in the works, planned for us useless eaters.

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Bill Gates talks about ‘vaccines to reduce population’ , by F. William Engdahl


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Malthusian cultists.

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Notice that none of the elite volunteer to go first and take their family with them. Oh no it’s always we the people who are told that we don’t belong on the earth.

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Arrest him now! ( and them ) This is Premeditated Murder First Degree.

If our Law Enforcement won't do it for some strange reason, we have to defend ourselves and do it ourselves. Obviously. It is legal, our forefathers imagined this scenario and provided for it as they did most. We all need to put our thinking caps on and come up with the simplest of solutions to neutralize these Murders.

It is fine to be organized but also good not to be organized, additionally. We all need to help and support each other in bringing the Evils down for the " town reconciliation ". We need them in whatever physiological state of being. Their actual persons. It is very likely that it is their back up plans' to stage their deaths. The Billionaires way out, if you pay off enough people. We can overcome that by word of mouth if all of us are on board. We have every profession and skill among us. We must prevail.


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I look forward to reading the obituary of at least one of these thought leaders reporting that they had taken the over-population issue so seriously, they had terminated their own life.

However, I get the impression that they take themselves so seriously, (and not the issue) they hang on to life like limpets onto a rock. lol.

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