Opportunistic manipulation of public perception.

Where was this when it mattered? They are trying to ingratiate themselves into the collective consciousness, planting the notion that they are actually interested in journalism, as opposed to the reality—purveying propaganda.

Don’t buy it.

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They have pretty much destroyed his mind, so he's no longer perceived as threat. Now they can virtue signal by releasing him. No doubt these CIA controlled presstitutes were told to run with this. It's as choreographed and transparently staged as professional wrestling.

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Interesting… perhaps a “dead man’s letter” was threatened to be released…

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I am asking myself the same questions. The Trusted News Initiative may be looking for some support from the masses that are catching on to the lies.

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This is HIGHLY suspect

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What people aren't seeing is the growing groundswell of support for Assange in the US and the world.

Most notably, a bunch of lawyers and journalists have filed suit against Mike Pompeo and the CIA for spying on them during meetings with Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2022/aug/16/julian-assange-lawyers-sue-cia-over-alleged-spying

There was the recent Roger Water's concert tour, "This is not a Drill", calling for Assange's freedom.

There has been a round of interviews by Stella Assange explaining her husband's case; in one of them she "slapped the mustache off John Bolton's war criminal face."


There was also Charlie Savage's piece in the NY Time about how AG Merrick Garland has had to walk back some of the DOJ's harsh anti-journalism policies by acknowledging that the dissemination of classified information from confidential sources is, in fact, protected journalistic activity.


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Nov 28, 2022·edited Nov 29, 2022

Tonight TLAV covered this - Ryan noted something strange is going on in the Wikileaks website. Whole sections are coming up "error - doesn't exist" (deleted?) - DNC email archive, Hilary Clinton email archive, Syria files - were 3 searches he did live; all came up missing. TheWaybackMachine hasn't been checked for backup.

I agree, Dr Nass. Something's going on...


EDIT (29/11/22) here's TLAV's short piece (5mins-ish)

@0:50:15 Assange/Wikileaks


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That's the real question: What is happening behind the scenes to drive this? News outlets couldn't care less about Assange, until now. Is it virtue signaling, or something else? What do they have to gain by doing this, and doing it now? Cui bono?

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Nov 28, 2022·edited Nov 28, 2022

Maybe they’re looking to frame their next psy op as mainstream media ‘obtaining and disclosing sensitive information’ for ‘ the good and protection’ of democracy.( Calling themselves’ journalists’ is a bit of a stretch.) Given their credibility is in the toilet, maybe they’re going to create ‘ whistleblowers’ who are blowing whistles that are another set up. I don’t trust anything these people do. The CIA is currently busy setting up an ET / UFO narrative, including ‘ex CIA’ ( are they ever ‘ex’. ) who’ve ‘come forward ‘ as UFO ‘ contactees’ and making the rounds on Joe Rogan, Fox News, etc. We have governments supposedly ‘reluctantly’ admitting that UFOs are real, and the US ‘Space Force’ has already started tentatively suggesting UFOs ‘could’ pose some ‘threat’. They’ve also already suggested that they need to eliminate ‘amateur UFO enthusiasts’ from confusing the public with their narratives. Hmmm. These people have psy ops up the Yin Yang. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘shocking disclosures’ of any kind. The western ‘elites’ are itching to trigger the US ‘Continuity of Government’ which in the case of ‘extraordinary threat’ suspends the constitution and an unelected shadow government steps in. It’s similar to the Emergency Act in Canada that Trudeau tried to pull, but even more severe as the entirety of the constitution is suspended and the executive political structure replaced. 😂 Maybe Orwell’s War of The Worlds was an early test. At this stage, I wouldn’t be surprised at them trying anything. Like Hollywood, mainstream media is CIA controlled. They must be getting a tad desperate as I don’t think this whole ‘ take over the world and enslave the masses’ thing has gone as smoothly as they’d hoped. Why on earth would anyone think they’d suddenly be ‘truthers’? 😂

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Now that Assange is almost dead and has no means to release any information or become a threat, they’re trying to get on the right side of history.

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That's great news, and an important question. Why now? Any ideas?

I have some hypotheses but really don't know. I wonder whether they want it to be safe for them and others to expose dangerous secrets. Based on the European Parliament's recent press conferences and outrage at Pfizer for lying to them, and the consequences to their people, I think they are ahead of us in the US in recognizing the painful truth, and of course have bolder leaders than we do. I have links to the EP meetings here https://coronawise.substack.com/p/betrayal-all-the-way-down-part-1

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Not that long ago, I was sent the supposed files of WikiLeaks and told that they were all being downloaded into the public domain. This was about a week before the election. I looked at some, but it would have taken hours to go through them the way they were filed.

Given that this is now coming forward...yeah, something is up....

We do know that the AG's of Louisiana and Missouri are pressing ahead with discovery relative to their lawsuit and specifically with regard to how the government colluded with big tech to censor.

We also know that the FTX crypto guy was busy funneling money to media....

Is this some supposed to be some sort of way for the press to make a weak ass assertion that they would never sell out their journalistic integrity? And that they supposedly are taking a stand that the government does not have the right to go after those who are really good at investigating truth and facts?

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Meryl, EXACTLY. Everything that you said in the opening statement. My same thoughts, yup. Why now indeed. ???

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Assange is just the canary in the coal mine for the new totalitarianism.

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Setting Assange free gives him the freedom to use the dirt he was given by Seth Rich to keep Hillary from running in 2024.

The Deep State wants both Biden and Hillary to quietly die so they can run another Manchurian candidate to continue the globalist perma-wars.

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With Republicans looking to take control of Congress, it's possible that the NYTimes wants to publish secrets without being targeted.

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