RFK jr is looking better every day. Hopefully this will get him some exposure that is positive

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Prayers for the courageous!

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I got my RFK jr for President 2024 sign from Amazon (I know), but it looks quite fine in the bee garden clover and weeds where there are, sadly, few bees. I thank every bee that comes, which has made it past the mites and the pesticides, and beseech it to bring its brothers and sisters. We need to be the bees of RFK jr, like Rilke's "bees of the invisible". !

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RFK Jr. has a very clear and well documented case of being overtly censored for presenting verifiable facts. I think he will mostly keep to this very strong case and not be drawn into more speculative matters.

Bobby Jr. has stood resolutely and spoken thoughtfully against the "weird kid" slurs designed to keep people from hearing what he has to say, for fear of being called "weird kids" themselves.

This social-shunning works until a critical mass of critical thinkers rejects it, and people no longer have an automatic-rejection reaction, but see that there are opposing views, both with advocates and followings, which must be considered.

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This promises to be an amazing bit of theatre! Will the Democrats on the committee walk out when RFK is called to testify? Will they engage him? If they do wouldn't this be the first filmed engagement between RFK and the Democratic establishment. The playbook, to date, has been to shun and never debate.

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We will overcome the lies and manipulation of the DC clowns! Don’t send them in! send them out!

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Apologies for the somewhat OFF-TOPIC post, but Biden is using the age old tactic of amping up war to cover for corruption:


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Vaccines Are For Poor People.

- As In

"Those Poor People."


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Will the hearing be on CSPAN, Rumble, other?

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Legalize freedom and free speech

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Twitter Company Blog

Stepping up our work to protect the public conversation around Covid-19

March 4, 2020

“With a critical mass of expert organizations, official government accounts, health professionals, and epidemiologists on our service, our goal is to elevate and amplify authoritative health information as far as possible.”

Global expansion of the Covid-19 search prompt

“Launched six days before the official designation of the virus in January, we continue to expand our dedicated search prompt feature to ensure that when you come to the service for information about Covid-19, you are met with credible, authoritative content at the top of your search experience. We have been consistently monitoring the conversation on the service to make sure keywords — including common misspellings — also generate the search prompt.”

“In each country where we have launched the initiative, we have partnered with the national public health agency or the World Health Organization (@WHO) directly. The proactive search prompt is in place with official local partnerships in over 70 countries around the world.”

“They include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam, and Yemen.”


An update on our continuity strategy during COVID-19

March 16, 2020


YouTube Pledges to Block all Anti-Vaccine Content

Sept. 29, 2021

“YouTube has announced it will block all anti-vaccine content on its platform, expanding beyond COVID-19”


Managing harmful vaccine content on YouTube

The YouTube Team

Sept. 29, 2021

“We're expanding our medical misinformation policies on YouTube with new guidelines on vaccines”

“Since last year, we’ve removed over 130,000 videos for violating our COVID-19 vaccine policies.”


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It’s important to consider the following:

Let me lay it out:

1. If you wanted to create a One World Government, an important part of your plan would be to destroy the most powerful country in the world.

2. To do that, you’d have to undermine their institutions, like schools; their bodies, like Congress; their culture, like brands and the corporations that own them; their strengths, like families; their coveted roles, like the office of the president; and the list continues.

3. In the pursuit of destroying the above-mentioned, there would have to a daily effort to initiate controlled chaos. You’d constantly advertise and showcase corruption in government bodies so the people would say, “My country is so corrupt.” You’d purposely get them to stop identifying with iconic American brands like Bud Lite, Target and Ben and Jerry’s. You’d install a crazy president in the White House so people would no longer identify with that important American office, and the list continues.

4. You’d ensure, that over time, people would begin to see their country as fallen, corrupt, destroyed and irreparable. This constitutes the old Deep State plan of “problem, reaction, solution.”

5. Problem: My country is in tatters. Reaction: We need someone to fix it. Solution: The Great Reset.

6. This is a tried and true cabal process, as we all know. Most of the daily upheaval we experience is purposely perpetrated. The goal is to have an America wiped clean of all of the things that make it America: Beer, barbecues, home ownership, iconic movies, legendary music, patriotic presidents, home grown flag-waving politicians, hard workers that employ the Puritan Ethic in their mindsets, ice cream, shopping brands, upward mobility, and the list continues. There isn’t one of the above-mentioned that they haven’t purposely destroyed.

7. Government-owned corporations give themselves up for the slaughter, whether willingly or unwillingly. They take turns showcasing a woke agenda, wait for the boycott and the fallout. Presto! Americans no longer identify with Bud Lite. One less American institution in the way! We’re on our way to the clean slate here, a country wiped of the symbols of its past.

8. They want you to boycott Bud Lite. They want you to hate Target. And Biden. And ice cream. At some point, they hope, we will disassociate with America, and embrace just One World, and multi-national corporations, and globalism. They will save us from the ravaged America! They will instill confidence in our new system! They will put things back together again! Only now, they will do it better! A cleaner, organized society! They are the solution!

9. People’s failure to see this problem-reaction-solution plot are unintentionally helping them along. The cabal revels in our boycotts, our disdain for government, our shock at cocaine in the White House, even our abhorrence at pedophilia. They want us to believe this country is done for! Full of sick-os! Full of corruption. Full of evil. They themselves help push this narrative—-all day, everyday.

10. It’s all just part of the plan.

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Let Freedom Ring.

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Would like to see Kennedy debate Trump. Any debate for that matter. Seems Doc Nass would make a great moderator. People would say, Oh yeah debate, hey they are talking about things that concern me. Not using fear to promote the latest earth-dominating power grab.

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Perhaps RJKjr will include the weaponization of the EPA and its global warming silliness. No?

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"Kennedy’s personal Instagram account was reinstated in June after the platform permanently removed him in 2021 following repeated posts of COVID-19 misinformation."

Was it really misinformation, or was it ALLEGED misinformation?

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