Great interview Meryl.

If biological warfare interests you maybe you would find inspirational examples if you look closely at Easter European countries. Most have been exposed to regular bio attacks from USA run labs in Ukraine, for decades All sorts of weird "viruses" were released pretty much every year. The target was always the same : Slavs accelerated aging, cancers etc.

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Awesome discussion Meryl!! Even though your hostess kept minimizing and deflecting for YouTube, I believe you still got some truth out there. I really appreciate your understanding and courage to speak!!! Thank you so much.

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Covid Vax is Bio-warfare! It's all part of the New World Order Plan to contaminate the entire population with injected non-medicinal materials and Poisons that renders the human body susceptible to disruptive radio frequency waves. This will replace Water cannon, Tear Gas and Rubber bullets and the need for 'man-power' with batons. That's only those that survive the actual injection - AND THE UNJABBED!

Fauci - 'Retribution' = long, fierce and 'til the day you die!

Time to ramp up our intentions to return to NORMALITY instead of the New World Order (= SLAVERY) they had in mind! We don't accept tyranny and let them know they're in a war!

We, the people, do not support Bill Gates's World Health Organisation's intention to take over the Sovereignty of each independent Country in order to declare the next FALSE PANDEMIC and again enforce ridiculous reactions that will no doubt, mirror the Covid 19 farce!!

The WHO is financed by Bill Gates (being the highest financial 'contributor' = 'INFLUENCER'). Bill Gates states "The most lucrative investment I ever made = VACCINES".

Bill Gates believes the Planet is vastly over-populated! Join the dots! The WHO will be 'influenced' by Gates to invent the next pretend SCAMDEMIC in order to reintroduce LOCKDOWNS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, (aka 'House Arrest'), MANDATORY (Profitable) Injections, Mask wearing, further unreasonable destruction of Nation's finances through stupid money printing. This will further impact 'the ARTIFICIAL INFLATION" that was required by the WEF to speed up Poverty and reach Adolf Schwab's insane theory that "THEY WILL OWN NOTHING, but THEY WILL BE HAPPY" and "LET THEM EAT BUGS".

The WEF is out of control and trying to create a depopulated planet whose remaining survivors (mainly the UNVAXXED) will become SLAVES to the (self-described) 'Elite'. Sorry, but time's up WEF! We don't need your insanity, so bow out gracefully or face the inevitable!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed - Bring it on!

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You really remind me of what I went thru, like you say I couldn't get a lawyer, and was assigned one with a speech impediment I specifically had not wanted to lose the case for me.

I was doing well representing myself which infuriated the judge.

Luckily you are way more credible than I was, and it seems like you have something that isn't quite a jury and the potential lawsuit may get them to back off.

But the sad truth of lawfare is, by the very act of these sort of baseless attacks, they win your energy and time taken from you.

Luckily I doubt you'll go to jail.

When I got assigned that lawyer I did Not want , I knew for certain. I was going to jail.

I got kicked off my own counsel for saying oh my God by Carol Yaggy who since is retired, but still will sell her own soul.

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Meryl thanks for the

information on Lyme. Is there any treatment for chronic Lyme as my wife has just been diagnosed after years of mysterious symptoms neuropathy, arthritis, back pain etc. Only on doxycycline right now. Can you point us to information somewhere if there is more options? Thank-you!!!! For being you, and don't stop!

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A Look Inside COVID Vaccines and the Blood of the Vaccinated''

Injected people have 100 percent consistently altered blood as seen with live cell dark field microscopy. This includes impeded blood flow with red blood cells sticking to each other, even to the extreme of “rouleaux formation,” and profoundly decreased red blood cell stability and survival.

May be the reason for Vaxx ''Blood Clots'', like my 'Wife and Weather Man Al Rooker', and Legions of others have had!

"Wife almost Died Twice"!

''Another feature of vaccinated blood samples was the degradation of the blood itself. The report provides images from live blood cell analysis of the cell membranes of erythrocytes (red blood cells that look like concave discs) that have become deformed and notes an “unusually rapid disintegration of the different types of cells in the vaccinated blood.” Such cell deformations are usually only seen in chronically ill people and people with severe degenerative diseases.

Researchers also observed frequent examples of blood clots and changes in blood viscosity, with vaccinated individuals demonstrating reduced blood flow capacity because of blood cells sticking to one another.


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Terrific interview! Thanks for all the valuable info and for your continued perseverance in speaking out about the truth!

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I think if there is going to be biological warfare (not during a real war), then created viruses and such are not the way to do it. If you unleash a deadly virus or some pathogen, you cannot control its spread or how it evolves into perhaps something beyond deadly. It could come back to haunt the very perpetrators who unleashed it to begin with. You need some form of control.

For creating a bioweapon of some sorts, introducing fear and panic to the population is a much better strategy. As we saw with SARS C0V-2 there was much generated fear and panic and not many real deaths directly related to covid. This invoked wave of fear enticed the public to scream for a "vaccine" and it allowed the medical terrorists to deliver it in the form of thoroughly untested mRNA spike proteins. Hardly anyone questioned this procedure.

As we have now experienced, these mRNA gene altering injections have done nothing to combat the spread of covid in any way. However, they allowed experimental foreign and unknown substances to be injected into billions of humans with varying consequences, at least thus far. This is where you would want to use bioweapons where they can be controlled and are not readily floating around throughout the world. We are still trying to assess the damages and whether or not these poisons really are bioweapons and to what extent they harm humans in the long run...say a decade or two.

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Thank you Dr. Nass. Godspeed on your battle with all these schmucks!

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Read Bitten (and Lab 257) regarding the reality about Plum Island and ticks. The latter in brackets is a harder read but very revealing. Burgdorfer worked on ticks at a research institute in Colorado.

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The audio is too low to hear for me, I’ll try again another time.

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