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If I had to pull the cherry tomato from the JPOA word salad, it would be “driving change…at global, regional and country level.” Anything that gets them to the Monad is a ‘sound initiative’. The rest is parsley garnishment and blah-blah.

We tend to regard silos in a pejorative sense. However freedom lives in the gaps. Collectivism builds the Panopticon. I’ve become a redoubled advocate for ‘decentralized inefficiencies’. Anyone remember the great old William Holden movie Stalag 17? The POWs timed their escape to the sweeping arcs of the Nazi search lights, employing the intervals of darkness to progress their bids. Imagine a seamless Nazi One Light. Bill Holden would probably never have won an Oscar. That’s One Health in a dystopic nutshell.

Yes, we live in a Kayfabe-Driven Tripartite Structure. The last great illusion is the discrete nation-state, which must be retained in order to prosecute WW3 with any vigour: My country do or die.

When Fauci licked a stamp in North Carolina and affixed it to a dubious package bound for Wuhan, he was ‘breaking kayfabe’ and never expected those American sailors soon to die ‘protecting Taiwan’s national sovereignty’ ever to find out. The BSL-4 labs are clearly transnational assets. Heck, why wouldn't they be? Everything else is.

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with the obscene centralization of everything brought by digitization and electromagnetic technology, I am not excited about anything called one health. I understand its meaning and it’s a reference… but still, it’s playing into the sick civilizational dialogue we have been fed..

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Great interview, Dr. Nass.

I misheard a phrase you uttered and it really made me laugh. After presenting all of the 'cock-ah-may-mee' instructional points of focus to build "One Health thinking" and a skill set for 21st century students of One Health, during minute 18, I thought you said this:

The 21st Century skill is to be able to spell b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t, basically.

I did a playback of it and discovered you said "spout" not "spell" -- but either way it's a damning indictment of this GCCO (global cabal of "community organizers").

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I put all my money on Gates, he said the second will be much worse than the first, they are very busy working on it to escape or ....set free.

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There is no doubt another FAKE pandemic will be orchestrated by gates, the WEF and WHO. That's the entire purpose of a one world dictatorship. There will be only two possible outcomes...they murder you with forced mRNA injections or they murder you for resisting. Wake up.

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Or someone murders the one causing all this.

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Very interesting, thanks.

Pfizer is funding Gain of Function in Baric's lab just now.


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The Department of Global Coordination and Partnership on Antimicrobial Resistance leads and coordinates the global One Health multisectoral response to antimicrobial resistance and contributes towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


WHO today published its first ever list of antibiotic-resistant "priority pathogens" – a catalogue of 12 families of bacteria that pose the greatest threat to human health.

Feb 27, 2017


SARS-CoV-2, bacterial co-infections, and AMR: the deadly trio in COVID-19?

June 15, 2020


World Health Organization: Update on AMR Developing a fit for purpose response

Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (PACCARB)

Virtual Public Meeting,

Nov 30, 2021


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It has already been wargamed just as COVID was in Event 201 in the Fall of 2019.

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One Health = One Controller = BILL GATES.

He is a major player in most health agencies... particularly the WHO... megalomaniac on steroids.

Once in control ... only one entity makes ALL the decisions... this means no open debate... should one decision prove disastrous... such as a toxic vaccine being mandated worldwide... who ever drives the mandate .. seems to be the only one who can stop it... the rest of humanity become enslaved to that ... no ifs ... no buts... no freedom.. no autonomy.

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Ethiopian warlord wannabe Gibberish is at it again


Thank you Dr. Nass. Ernest Hemingway said we all have a built-in BS detector, we just have to figure out how that gets disabled in us. Luckily, a lot of people get disgusted with the incessant drum beat of fear.

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Outstanding interview and presentation with Dr. Nass. This is the clearest, most concise information pertaining to the deeply worrying terms of the One Health/One World framework you'll find anywhere. PLEASE copy and paste this link and post it everywhere. Make this interview go viral!

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"...yes, people in the world are able to create biological weapons, microorganisms that can harm..." @37:00

But I believe Sasha Latypova disputes this. I'm not a scientist and I may have misinterpreted what she said.

But as I understand it its a very difficult thing to make a bioweapon because these are very large molecules or groups of such that need a lot of help to stay intact and survive and be transmitted.

It makes more sense to me that this thing may have been created as something not very different from naturally occurring viruses, with the sole intention of making it appear deadly when it was no more so than the naturally occurring viruses. It was made to look deadly from the actually deadly hospital protocols of ventilators and remdesivir, along with large doses of corruption and lying. All this was done to pave the way for the actual bioweapons, the so-called vaccines.

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I believe what Latypova was saying is that viral virulence and lethality are incompatible with infectiousness. In other words, any virus that is extremely lethal is far less likely to become a pandemic pathogen than is one with far less severe health outcomes, simply because the host dies in visible agony before the virus can spread across an entire population. Think of the common, irritating cold: it rarely kills us, but is highly infectious.

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"Covid" was the fake bioweapon, intended to make people take the real one, the "vaccine".

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Like the common cold, the virus is not, repeat not, highly infectious. We have been repeatedly told 'Coughs and sneezes spread diseases' but they don't, they merely appear to.

What spreads diseases primarily is big pharma and its Nazi cocktails of poisons which it puts into the environment and into peoples bodies anyway it can. food, water, air, vaccines, neuro-toxic drugs etc. etc.

The problem with viruses and the 'flu is that people have been seriously mislead as to what they are.


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Sorry, but as someone who has repeatedly suffered from colds and flu multiple times per year, every year, I do beg to differ. I did not get ill from eating vanilla yogurt or staring at the planet Venus for too long.

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What pray has eating 'vanilla yogurt or staring at the planet Venus for too long' got to do with anything?? I suggest you examine your environment and what you eat and drink if you are falling ill all the time. I hope you don't use neuro-toxic big pharma drugs as these will do no good.

There is such a thing as 'sick building syndrome'. All the 'cold's and 'flu are contagious' are a complete nonsense. I used to think they were somewhat contagious but at 60 years old I worked it out. I was going to hospital at the time for cancer treatment and by June 2020 I had worked it all out.

It is not rocket science and there are plenty of other people who will tell you the same.

I have told you the truth. It is high time more people understood this.

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This should be fascinating. I spoke with Willem a few months ago, and he was rattling off his findings about the spiderweb of conniving nonprofits, governments, and agencies faster than I could take notes.

P.S. Meryl, I tried loading the video, and I get a "This site can’t be reached" error, perhaps due to my VPN?

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Willem Engel is my hero

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"If there was ever a banner around which to rally all Americans, it's stopping World War 3, ...the cause, the driving of it (the drive to war) is coming from the U.S. military intelligence and industrial complex, and banking sector because this whole doubling down on war is very much tied to the collapse of the banking system which has been run and centralized...in the City of London and their junior branch in America...Wall Street." @46:00 vv

from https://matthewehret.substack.com/p/mel-k-and-matt-ehret-understanding

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Great discussion!

The globalist see us as flies which they plan to easily catch in their world-wide One Health web - lets hope that enough will wake up in time and refuse to assist in further constructing the web and that the innocent will realize that if they want to live, if they value their freedom, if they truly love their fellow man and this beautiful earth, then they must act and not lie still in hope they will be ignored by the spiders - We must move with enough vigor to break this web once and for all and refuse to be the prey ever again.

Lets call these man-made BWs what they are LABNOTICs - a disease that is created in a laboratory by modifying existing biological organisms to create or enhance pathogenicity in humans, non-human animals and/or plants and which are released from the laboratory for evil purposes and which have traditionally been blamed on nature and/or man's interaction with nature.

In addition to the relabeling of drugs in 2019, the propaganda and hits on "anti-vaxers" and holistic health movements (censorship) started over a year before the plandemic. I wonder if the FOIA request may have missed some of the evidence of planning by limiting the material to dates after 11/2019 - planning takes a long time and there had to be communications between these groups.

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