Thanks, Meryl and all involved in the book for this, will promote and pass on.

I especially agree with David about AIDS and Duesberg who is one of the few true scientist heroes who was not afraid to stand alone in the 80s when it was exceedingly rare (RIP, Thomas Szasz).

INFORMED DISSENT “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” Henry David Thoreau

Get free, stay safe.

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Thank You for the announcement of this free and reliable resource, Warror-Sister.

I will share this news.

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This is the type of (hardcopy) book that could be left around casually and sneakily at strategic locations, to be perhaps picked up serendipitously by a curious stranger.

Just sayin'.

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Thanks, Doc. The free download can be imported into either Nook or Kindle.

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Aug 24, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

I am in awe of the true collaboration, the depth of knowledge shared so freely and the passion conveyed. It takes something special to keep going in this myre of the nonsense so an extra big 'well done everyone' and a huge thank you to all involved at every point. I applaud you all.

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Thank you so very much for sending this substack along with the ability to download their book.

Wish you could be my Doc !!!!

You are the Best !

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Bless you Dr Nass

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The Good News Is:

We Are Not Fighting To Save Anyone - Any More.

We Were Fighting To Save People From The Shots.

We Don't Have To Do That Any More.

We Saved More Than We Needed To. We Saved Plenty.

Now We Are All Fighting Against Those Dumb Enough

To Have Believed The Lie:

The Dead - The Dumb- And The Suffering -

Are Now The Enemies Of The Majority.

So - Keep Beating The Living Shit Out Of Them.

'Like Your Intuition Tells You To.

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Thank you so much for giving us this resource!!

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Thank you Dr. Nass, as always, for your contribution in these precarious times. I will share widely.

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Thank You ordered the hard copy

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Thank you, Meryl!

Much appreciated.

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excellent work- so much work!

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Great contribution.

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