Meryl, once you get it finalized, I would be honored to create a nicely typeset version of this if you would like—just email me the final version when you're ready if so. I did that for the Biderman's Chart of Coercion in this piece if you'd like an example:

• “Letter to a Tyrant” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-tyrant)

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One word: masks!

They ruined the dollar and our economy…They shut down the planet for something that has a 99.98% survival rate. What does that round up to? 100%….oh!, people are dying!!! The planet is fine. Great reset is the devil.

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I really do love that chart - it lays all their lies & evil out clearly, we need this to be spread far & wide - great job 👍

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Here are the variations of this graphic that I've tracked so far:

> https://workflowy.com/s/beyond-covid-19/SoQPdY75WJteLUYx#/594d75f5c8ca

If you'd like to add your variation of the graphic to this collection, just let me know!

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Hi Meryl,

If I had the technical wherewithal, I'd number these dangers to prioritise the urgency and danger.

But in the meantime, because we now know the entire medical fraternity is either corruptly participating or totally complicit in the 'Covid vax depopulation CULL'.

Those of us with common sense must now regard all Injections as potentially dangerous and therefore obsolete. Even the 'harmless' Flu Jab could be discretely mRNA modified to genetically Modify us all.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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This will create more hate for gov't. and disorder: Tell anybody who will listen: Nebraska's awful birth to grave health care surveillance! It's a pilot program for other states to set up digital IDs, Vaxx passports, social scores, etc. I read about it at childrenshealthdefense dot org. Nebraska's unicameral makes it easier to sneak something like this in. It needs to get dismantled as soon as possible. There is an opt-out but one has to dig to find that!!! Nebraskans I hope they throw a hissy fit and all OPT OUT!!!

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The chart needs to include some boxes:

Own nothing, be happy.

Eradicate farms, especially livestock farms.

Lab grown meats and bugs are the new protein.

Government appropriation of public land, the 30 by 30 initiative.

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By, you're batting 1000 on all your projects, but I'll continue to bang the drum about the many years of destruction to our environment and our health. Even if you don't feel cDronfident in addressing this issue for lack of sufficient, evidence, I draw your attention to the fact that our congress passed a law in 2022 calling for a five year study of geoengineering to combat global warming. Even if you don't believeve in the importance of anthropogenic climate change, please believe in the tradedy of spraying dangerous metals and other poisions into the skys around the world. This act of congress is a sham like many of their enactment, but it proves that chemtrails are definitely not a myth.

Please consider adding geoengineering under the heading of weather warfare on your chart. It is certainty a significant tenicle of the New Word Dis-order.

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interfering with our sewerage.

Today Bill Gates was in Brussels checking out our sewerage.

It gives me a very uncomfortable and unsettling feeling...


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Excellent, brilliant messaging. I would add induced helplessness (more than Marty Seligman's theory of "Learned Helplessness" which causes elevated cortisol and immune suppression - PNI research) and induced passivity and dependence. I think you had an earlier revision that organized by categories which communicates well. Thanks for doing this, I hope your travels are going well and safe.

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This is fantastic. I have really needed something like this. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone who is working on it too!!!

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This is a great chart. I've cross-posted it as an excellent reference tool. My memory often fails me when I attempt to enumerate the many weapons employed against us. I am simply parsing too much data and cannot always access what I need when speaking with people about these matters.

I think EMF, especially cell phone radiation and military-grade microwave tech such as 5G, has a place on this chart. It's one of the many ways "they" are undermining the health of entire populations and even inducing outright illness. My personal physician has shared with me that he's observing an increased rate of various disorders in his patients since the roll-out of 5G. Of course that's purely anecdotal, and without systematic evaluation cannot even be truly called correlation, much less causation, but it is an observation supported by EMF research.

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This chart very much shares basic concepts with two great articles regarding Marxism by a Minnesota Child Protection League group that I have supported for decades though I have no children and have very limited experience with public schools. These article focus on what has happened in the USA through the public education of children in the state public school system. (The globablists and the Marxists took over private schools in the early 1960s and now they are no longer truly private in any sense of the term.)

I look at things from a Christian perspective. I see there are secular philosophies and psychological operations that are very sophisticated and operated over many decades. The goal is to lie, kill, steal and destroy in order to create what I call a One World Death and Slavery System for All. I always thought New World Order sounded too nice when the reality is. we are dealing with EVIL of the dark spiritual realms, not human entities.

"For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places."

Ephesians 6:12




Marxism 101

"Facing Cultural Marxism in Our Schools and Understanding the Language

More than 70 years ago, Cultural Marxists set out to destroy Western Civilization. They did not believe in God, truth, equality, personal responsibility, or the traditional family. Every single institution or principle which provided stability, peace and hope was targeted for destruction." SNIP



Marxism 102

"Last week we provided a brief history of how Cultural Marxists targeted the destruction of America through cultural revolution. Marxists understand that the center of any revolution is the culture and if they can change how children speak and think, they will achieve cultural revolution. Marxists have captured education and have been indoctrinating American children for the past 70 years. Marxism 101 is an easy-to-understand primer you will find useful. Please share it with others.

One of the primary educational and cultural capture tactics Marxists use is the deconstruction of language. Marxists have created a whole vocabulary of innocuous sounding words which mask radical and racist agendas. The terms and pedagogies are filtered through the Marxist lens of equity which is not the same as equality. Equity is the attainment of equal outcomes by taking from perceived “oppressor” groups and transferring whatever is needed to the perceived “oppressed” groups. It is a perversion of justice and reverse discrimination...." SNIP

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Well done! Thank you! I agree with every item. Unfortunately most are difficult to stop, but we must fight against each one while prioritizing the most important and the most winnable. The fate of the incredibly productive and successful Dutch farmers show us his real this is.

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Please add ‘Election Integroty’

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Oh, my. The day began just fine. Fresh coffee, nice music, gentle breeze.

Then I saw this. I understood why I feel happy - I live in the world where none of the above exists.

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