Thank You for the update on Dr. Bhakdi’s court hearing... I’ve been praying for his protection during the 23rd court hearing. Will continue praying for all your protection 🙏

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May 26, 2023·edited May 26, 2023

Prosecutors are appealing Bhakdi's acquittal? So no double jeopardy protections in Germany? Wow!

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Anyone who’s ever observed and listened to Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s presentations, can feel his palpable meekness and decency. Attributing to this honorable man charges of “incitement to hatred” is akin to accusing Mahatma Gandhi of leading a vicious, armed revolt.

Every moral person clearly sees the insidious nature of this all-fronts attack on scientific dissent!

Kudos and genuine love to Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi for his immovable scruples and unswerving oath to “First do no harm.”

Light wins!

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They loathe Gandhi.

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That was my first thought.

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How much do you think Janet and Dora socked away. The sinister sisters had there way with Medical ( Persons,Thems Trinary?) The Democrats are responsible for killing and disabling innocent citizens by the hundreds across Me .Of course the lying prick from the killing fields of Chicago got a real juicy promotion to continue to murder on a nationwide level. We know it and they know it Mass Murder for hire

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Indeed. Obama's legacy of spiritual darkness liveS in infamy well beyond his known "terms" in office, and far exceeding United States borders.

When it comes to spawning lawless evil, no place has done it quite like historied Chicago...

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"And we remembered two towering figures who have died recently: Graeme McQueen, author of The Anthrax Deception: the case for a domestic conspiracy and Alexis’ longtime boss and founder of the Organic Consumers Association, author of The Truth about COVID-19 with Dr. Joe Mercola and a speaker at the Attack on Food and Agriculture symposium."

And who is the 2nd towering figure?

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May 27, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

*looks up Patient Access Network Foundation and Patient Advocate Foundation*

"Geez, let's donate to organizations that can give our million$ right back to us!"

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Covid 19:

19 Standard Deviations From Reality.

Where ...

Dying Suddenly Is Just Another Name For:

Peer Reviewing The Data.


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And yet no parts of that data have prompted a "retraction".

Numbers are dropping like flies...

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Sad commentary on how we scam the public to push injections that cause great harm that is not being told to the public!

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If I yesterday want to look in the Cancer Statistics from Germany I wondered why the data ends in 2019/2020 so I looked in greater therms and see that the Database since then was given to the WHO powered by Globocan..? My Spidy-sense ringing


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Understated in this case.


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Clearly it is the prosecutor that should and must face charges for vexatious litigation. When convicted the next step is to dis bar this mean spirited fool.

Prosecutor should also face economic consequences, and they ought be severe. That would send a clear message to his colleagues.

Dr. Bhakdi is a courageous hero. He is a lion in a world filled with sheep.

Please keep us posted as this is a hallmark case. Thank you.

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More topics to investigate:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet

Politics got us in, politics is the way out ... after prayers!


Gates-WHO: vaccines can’t reduce population, except by murdering

Proof: they were never for reducing mortality, only for murdering!


The threat of the WHO sovereignty-grab by the 2023 IHR and 2024 International PLANdemc Treaty: we’ve got until November 2023 for Congress to repeal IHR modifications!


FREE “wake-up” MOVIES !

15 million watched the first one in 3 days!

Watch as if your lives depended on it: literally!


Will Tedros EVER go to JAIL?


30 Spike Protein Treatments (COVID+Vx)


The SUPER drug

Treats 25 viruses, cancer, multiple sclerosis, SPS....


The REAL COVID timeline:

It’s Bio-BOMB, like the vx, not what you were drilled


Bio-BOMB, not “vaccine”, not “gene-therapy”

This 5th gen war, includes a war on semantics.


What do bioweapons have to do with the Department of Energy?

Anybody answering these questions PLEASE ? !!!


Amnesty or JUSTICE:


Doc says: oops! I'm a complete IDIOT


Making the taxpayer pay for his poison at Warp Speed


How to turn the AI into a COVIDIOT:


The 2020 and 2022 rigged and stolen elections (it’s the machines!):



J6: what THEY don't want YOU to know

The fake riot was mason-planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!!


Dominion over US

You can’t make this stuff up. Do they laugh in our faces? Was the name Dominion chosen to prove their dominion?


A Republic or a Democracy? Are we crazy to accept demo-crazy?


It sucks! We need to improve democracy… how about REAL democracy?


Green communism sucked 200 trillion from taxpayers:





Open season for human culling:










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Here's an odds and ends contribution of one of the several great videos I've watched lately.

The Myth of the 'COVID-19 Pandemic' & Other Lies - Interview with Dr Denis Rancourt


1:09:56 video runtime

Dr. Michael Yeadon often recommends Dr. Rancourt's work.

(To me it supports my opinion that this thing called "COVID-19" is not a thing at all.)



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The only way big pharma can survive is to pay everyone off. That's because their drugs are virtually worthless to humanity.

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Yet HIGHLY useful to morbidity.


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When the left not only espouses antisemitism in no uncertain terms, but encourages it… celebrates the Holocaust and expresses dismay that it wasn’t a total success or denies there was a Holocaust, Jewish Democrats remain silent.

However, if a Conservative , Independent or disenfranchised Dem minority dares criticize Soros, Kissinger, Zelenskyy, Harari, Reinart and others who were born to Jewish parents but hate Jews, blame the woes of the world for their misfortune of bearing the burden of their ancestry on Jews… the Democrats or whatever the hell they’ve devolved into immediately scream “ antisemitism”. Without a scintilla of truth. These are the same people who told Lee Zeldin and his supporters “ We don’t want your kind here (NY). It’s absolutely hideous. They’ve laid this crap on RFK Jr., who’s most vocal supporter is a very Jewish Holocaust survivor. Anybody who threatens their chokehold is racist, xenophobic, misogynist, anti-immigrant, Neo-Nazi , fascist, White Supremacist, homophobic, transphobic, Putin’s puppet, Islamophobic, far-right conspiracy theorist…

Among the fringe “ haters”, Asra Nomani, Bet-David, Saagar Enjet, Larry Elder, Harvey Risch, Ayaan Hirsi Al, Joseph Ladapo, Max Alvarez, Jordan Schactel, Walter Block, Naomi Wolff, Brett Wenstein, Reza Pahlavi, Maajid Nawaz, Kash Patel,Zudhi Jassar, Dave Rubin, Zubi, Drew Pincus, Steve Kirsch, Winsome Sears, Lawrence Jones, Sonnie Johnson, Brandon Straka, Scott Pressler,Chadwick Moore, Caitlyn Jenner, Martina Navratilova, Rob Smith, Dave Rubin, Dave Webb, Young Kim, Dov Hikind, Jay Battacharaya, Makary, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Paris Denard, Nigel Innis, Greg Gutfeld, Glenn Greenwald, Hotep Jesus, Chloe Valdary, Leo Terrell,Modi, Bjorn Lumberg, Lee Smith, Robert Epstein,

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"When the left not only espouses antisemitism in no uncertain terms, but encourages it… celebrates the Holocaust and expresses dismay that it wasn’t a total success or denies there was a Holocaust, Jewish Democrats remain silent."

That’s an accusation that needs to be backed up with evidence. If you can’t then it’s pure grade D BS.

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Real evidence that millions of Jews were melted down?

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Violation of public health laws or orders unlawful. (p.32)

It shall be unlawful for any person, association, or corporation, and the officers thereof:

(1) to willfully violate, disobey, or disregard the provisions of the public health laws or

the terms of any lawful notice, order, standard, rule, or regulation issued thereunder;


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curious how our friend Malone feels about this case.

as well as the next person he plans to sue for nothing.


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