It's bad for one's mental health/stability to read the NY Times.

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All-cause mortality is through the roof since 2020, as are permanent disabilities. Edward Dowd has ALL the receipts, and he's been very familiar with all the numbers from his long and successful history in underwriting life insurance policies. That industry lives or does by the numbers.

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It was all a psy-op...climate psy-op next

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Thanks Meryl, the CDC has been upfront about mortality the whole time—

On the overall question of C-19 mortality. I go to the CDC site: https:// www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/

index.htm There vou find this statement: " For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death." So using their approximately 1,100,000 # of deaths WITH C-19 & their 5% FROM C-19, we get 55,000 TOTAL U.S. deaths FROM C-19, WHY is this is pointed out so seldom? The CDC data blows the DEADLY PANDEMIC meme out of the water! I ask people-

If you were told that CANCER was a deadly disease, but to die from CANCER you must have at least 4 ADDITIONAL diseases- how deadly would

CANCER seem? And the NY Times is now backing off on it’s death claims

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In Meryl We Trust! ❤️

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I can’t stand the Times. I can’t even bring myself to read it. It’s all lies.

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The writing of history is largely a process of diversion. Most historical accounts divert attention from the secret influences around the recorded events.

The few histories that escape this restrictive process vanish into obscurity through obvious processes: Destruction of as many copies as possible, burying the too revealing accounts in ridicule, ignoring them in the centers of education, insuring that they are not quoted elsewhere and, in some cases, elimination of the authors.

Not to mention the scapegoat process that brought death to more than one messenger bearing unwelcome news. - Frank Herbert

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The exaggeration of deaths and tests has happened here in the U.K. too

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"Now the claim is there are no excess deaths."

What? do they mean this year or since the pandemic started? The graphs clearly show excess deaths. Interesting how excess deaths and interest in the bivalent booster both approach zero.

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Jul 19, 2023·edited Jul 19, 2023

NY Times admits what I have said for 3 years: COVID deaths were over-counted. >>

The over count was essential to the PSY-OP, and deliberately orchestrated. The National Vital Statistics System issued COVID-19 Alerts 1 & 2 respectively on March 4 and 24, 2020. The gravamen of these bulletins was to teach MDs to abandon the procedures used to fill out death certificates since 2003 by making COVID the underlying cause of death so long as it was present, and assuring the physicians that if they didn’t know but opined “probably” or “likely” or “may be,” “It Is not likely that NCHS will follow up on these cases.” Dr. “Debbie” Birx provided the patois, “Dying with COVID is dying from COVID” as though it were e=mc². There were two papers by academic economists published late 2020 demonstrating that the dramatic drop in cancer and cardiac deaths was due to those deaths being pushed in the COVID column. They were forced to recant—and though the authors did not deny their data, they each publicly humbled themselves by declaring that they were not epidemiologists. I recall tracking deaths on the CDC website during 2020 with three brightly colored lines from flu, pneumonia and COVID-19 when all-of-a-sudden circa August 2020 everything but COVID disappeared and all the diseases became one. Perhaps that is the true meaning of One Health.

Henry Ealy wrote an excellent account of the operation: “COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective” https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344753727_COVID-19_Data_Collection_Comorbidity_Federal_Law_A_Historical_Retrospective

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Everything was pushed to push the jabs.

Alternatives were suppressed

Citizens forced and duressed

Overcounting cases

Fake expectations

No alternatives

Just masks and jabs

A one sized fits all solution

To inject you with pollution

Whether you had 0.02% chance of death or even less.

Just jab, jab, jab.

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Have you listened to The End of COVID? It brings many more details into what we are experiencing at the hands of the WEF and the ones who do their dirty work to control us. It would be awesome if you would watch this and give us your feedback. I am not connected to the website but am certainly onboard with fighting back and not complying.

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Don’t hold your breath on her proving she’s a real doctor because she didn’t act like one before she got the CDC gig....

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We need a well known novelist who is capable of writing the last 3 yrs as a novel- complete with “ Conspiacy Theories” that all come to pass eventually. One of the most often comments with their comments is “ you can’t write this stuff up” well,

, let’s all get together and write it up as though it was a fantastical fictional novel!

Only let’s have the evidence also included in this novel. As though this nightmarish story would seem like it could happen in real life!

Then at the novel’s end ( not the end of the story for sure!!!) is the timeline. Very very verified accurate TIMELINE. And this timeline would put visually all that we know about what has happened these last 3 plus years.

The Timeline would have really great links to all the Real data and disclosures etc!

Not just written, but included would be what was actually told to us ( lies) in real time.

With accompanying data/stats that verified or more importantly wasn’t verifiable.

It would make a great unbelievable novel. Who knows, maybe even so great that it could pan out to become a true story.

Any suggestions for what that title might be?

Let’s do this . Get the chapter headings started.❤️🙏

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A crafty skilled old family of fraudsters.

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The NYT only prints news that fits DNC approved narrative. This is no truth in any of its reporting. In one or two generations from now it will no longer exist. There is the new media like substack where the content creator gets all of the spoils if they are good and can provide information that people want to know. This is where all good writers will end up going too. Why toil under strict rules so the Murdochs can get even richer????

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