Yes, they're working at this in enough ways to make one's head spin. I have two suggestions for stemming the tide of these tyrants before it's too late to stop their advance.

The first is that we stop calling these scoundrels "The Elite." Because there is nothing elite about control freeks and murderers. Wigington calls them Controllers, but even that's too generous.

The second suggestion is for us to do everything possible to stop the digital dollar, that is being prepared to replace our present currency, from being forced on us. The banks already have far too much power without the ability to work with government to restrict our lives. Look what happened to the Canadian truckers strike in the freezing of their bank accounts when they refused to play ball! This digital dollar could be the final nail in our collective coffin to censor and further control us.

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After the recent s*show many people in the UK wouldn't trust the MHRA to dispense an aspirin.

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I also heard this morning on Newsmax that the EU will soon require “visas” that are filled out online/electronically to visit EU countries. WTF - why isn’t a physical PASSPORT sufficient??? We all know why.

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Jul 27, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

Japan's PMDA (the equivalent of the FDA in the United States) has a man with the surname Sakamoto who was a former Pfizer executive. This man was the driving force behind this pseudo-mRNA Shot. The MHRA's approval of approved drugs in the US, Japan, and other countries means that MHRA will become a subsidiary of pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna.

In 2009, Sunak co-founded a large hedge fund, Theleme Partners.Sunak's Theleme has made a very large investment in Moderna. Hedge fund Theleme Partners, with which he is involved, owns a 20% stake in Moderna. Purchased in 2016, currently worth $38 billion.

Sunak himself is also a member of the WEF.

I suspect Sunak's intent.

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A traffic system in which the traffic light are only ever green. What could go wrong?

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Outsourcing "liability" to trusted sovereign countries makes no human being liable for whatever harms may result ...


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They know that anybody smart and current doesn't want their NWO crud!

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We’d feel a lot safer if they used 10 mice instead of 8.

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Evil Doers are everywhere, the UK is one of the absolute worst offenders. People must NOT comply!

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We need to stage a What Are You F*ck*ng Kidding Me rally. Holy Sh*t. Everyone in the streets saying STOP the INSANITY!!! Geez. Thank you, Meryl.

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Schwab has it ALL save for the uniform part. I look at him and hear him and

think of Germany in the '30s.

His arrogance and insufferable presence is an insult to humanity

Earlier, he defined himself perfectly when he uttered: "You will own nothing but be happy"

I have a newsflash for him, while he may think he owns whatever and the rest of his entourage

are of the same mindset, and the peons of the world own nothing, it

ALL belongs to God. We are merely His stewards.

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Stay out of these warzones, hospitals and pharmacies

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Yepp, our Yellow Card database is now with an American AI company, our NHS gutted by stealth. Here's a fun parlour game, can anyone name a regulator that isn't captured? Gates has the UKs MHRA by the balls with 85% of their budget.

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Wow! I guess the US has really earned their trust in the last couple years!

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Jul 27, 2023·edited Jul 27, 2023

Meryl, have you heard of Norman Dodd and the Reece Committee?

See below.




Also, have you heard of Alison McDowell and her research - she's amazing. There are so many everyday heroes. Her lighthearted groundedness reminds me of another amazing soul, Rosa Koire and her work (Agendas 2021, 2030).

Alison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf4QC1tFPCQ

This piece will be challenging for you.


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