Writing is on the wall. They are not stopping....just ramping up.

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Herded, yes ma'am.

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It's a damn shame that a physician has to perform important "watchdog" journalism.

Re: RFK, Jr's "leadership qualities," I've also made the point he had to create his own journalism division in his non profit, CHD, "The Defender" .... to actually get real important and taboo stories on public health and vaccines out to more people. (And he wrote the most important book on the topic and figured out how to get it published and make it the No. 1 non-fiction best-seller in the world despite rampant censorship).

On Substack, "citizen journalists" are becoming stars. These are people who aren't journalists by training, but they have taken on this job ... because the "official" journalists abdicated their "watchdog" duties.

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yet almost every 'normie' I mention Substack to, say they have never heard of it, have no idea what I'm talking about.

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Yep, That's a good and a bad thing.

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$60/year/person = one new surgical mask every day for all Americans...



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omg. your sense of humor must be the thing that keeps you sane, James!

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Imagine how much it must cost to change every CDC publication so that it no longer says "pregnant woman" and "breast feeding." I told my wife, "Shoot me if you ever hear me say "pregnant people!"

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Jul 10, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

Dear Dr. Nass and James, thank for your in-depth research updates for freedom and health sake.

Your recollection of factual detail is amazing.

World bankers, health agencies and corporate partners are determined to usher in a Brave New World for our safety.

Monitor these developments and inform others, please. We have until Sept 2024 til Digital ID day.

1. Global bankers are orchestrating and funding Digital ID - CBDC control scheme. The WHO and UN are just following their orders.

The international Financial Stabilization Board is leading all Global Digital ID efforts.

The FSB is comprised of the BIS, IMF and World Bank.

They have updated their Global Digital Identifer program roadmap to be completed by Sept 2024 which reflects a six month delay due to Covid-19 vaccine health pass hesitancy.

See pgs 14-15 item: Action 2 milestone date within document below:

G20 Roadmap for Enhancing Cross-border Payments: Consolidated progress report for 2022

"ID systems worldwide, (ii) legal and regulatory framework related to the adoption of Digital ID as well" <- FSB language



2. USA DoD-HHS has extended Covid-19 medical emergency "Countermeasures" EUA from May 11 2023 thru Dec 31 2024 now expanded to include influenza.

And you thought Covid was over...

Note: Federal employees, contractors, volunteers or National Guard service members can be authorized to administer applicable vaccines.

Eleventh Amendment to Declaration Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for Medical Countermeasures Against COVID-19

A Notice by the Health and Human Services Department on 05/12/2023


3. USA 2023 HHS budget now funds a new mandatory adult vaccine program modeled on the Childhood Vaccine Advisory. *search doc for: mandatory


4. All 50 US states public health officals ceaselessly lobby for a national vaccine registry system - see:

The American Immunization Registry Association


May 2023 National Conference multi-day Agenda

Note that this org is sponsored by Moderna, Pfizer, and National Registry software

Checkout the Conference Workshop topics relating to increasing vaccine uptake, reducing "misinformation", the importance of vaccination record databases, ensuring record authentication, data quality accuracy, etc.


5. Amazon Covid-19 Health Pass Contact Tracing App prototype has been tested and ready for use at a workplace, shopping mall or recreation facility for our safety come the next plandemic outbreak.


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Jul 10, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

I believe the right-most column shows the change the president’s budget proposal represents (in total, and for each budget line item) over the previous year. One unusual characteristic- is that the person who prepared this document (presumably to present to the committees in Congress which review and approve HHS agencies’ budgets) chose to compare the proposed FY 2024 budget to the 2023 enacted budget, which, in this case was considerably higher than the budget Congress allocated to the CDC for 2023 (due to receiving sizable supplemental allocations). My guess is they chose to do this to try to normalize the CDC’s budget at this much higher level.

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Yikes! Better buckle up. No one is stepping up to stop them.

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Jul 10, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

The President's budget is a proposal. Only Congress and pass a budget, and only the House can initiate spending proposals. So while Biden is asking for a massive increase, he won't get it. It's the start of negotiations.

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Boy you're a tropper Dr. Nass, and fortunately so. Thanks again and again for your tireless efforts in promoting truth, justice and morality. I hope that you are taking out a little time for pleasure, relaxation and your own good health.

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In the end it won’t be about money, power, or control. None are guaranteed another breath. Best to be right with God. Be in the Word.

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The Bank of International Settlements (head Bank of Central banks) has just launched a programmable Global Unified Ledger Tokenization system for recording ALL ASSETS worldwide, monetary as well as property.

"These assets could range from financial securities whose ownership is recorded in securities depositories to real assets, such as commodities or real estate."

Now we know why BIS and World Bank have funded the Covid plandemic and Global Digital ID rollout for Sept 2024.

WEF warned us in 2016: "Its 2030, You own nothing, Have no privacy, and have never been happier."

III. Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new



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Yeah they are adding it all up to see how much they will have after they steal everything we own.

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This makes me feel all warm inside when everyone’s assets are being itemized.

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Jul 10, 2023·edited Jul 10, 2023

In a dynamic and evolving security environment, a strong and adaptive U.S. military remains a central pillar for U.S. national security. The FY 2023 Defense Budget request provides resources to sustain and strengthen U.S. deterrence and advance vital national interests.

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And the "budget cuts" are never real budget cuts. They are just budgets that reduce the rate of expected budgetary allotments. So if some agency was going to get 7 percent more funding, but only gets a 5 percent increase - this becomes a "two-percent cut."

(And I still think these agencies end up spending more than the 5 percent they were suppose to be allocated.)

These people are definitely experts at gaming the numbers and "the narrative."

Plus, if they need more money, they just print it ... This is why protecting that "magic printing press" has been the key to the whole Status-Quo Protection operation. This is also why I think the Powers that Be must have central bank digital currency (and ultimately ban cash). They have to do this because even the magic printing press is NOT going to be able to print enough money in the future to sustain their operations and fund their next "reforms."

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Digital ID non-stop news developments today:

Just in from Chief Privacy Officer daily news

July 10 2023 national Digital ID program update:

Pending US Congress Age verification laws will require social media platforms to collect more of your personal information, from your birth certificate to biometrics.

The process may expose you to more

privacy threats, data abuse, data leaks and identity theft.

US Commerce Dept conducting pilot program for all social media users to biometric authentication login to protect underage children.

The Age Verification Law That Could Change Social Media in the US


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I hope you keep posting your information all over substack!!

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47% increase for vaccines in 2023. any chance we can see an itemized list of exactly WHAT that money was spent on? no, didn't think so.

the toxic crap of a covid jab HAD TO get on the childhood schedule (despite the fact that it is totally unnecessary for kids; even their warped rationale can't justify it being there!) in order for the 'program' to pay for it. seems to me that they have zero problem 'paying' for anything so wtf?

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Last but not least - the script:

"Mission Impossible II" - 2000 - Film - Chimera


"Chimera was a virus created by Biocyte Pharmaceuticals and its cure is Bellorophon. Biocyte intended to release the virus in the public worldwide so they can get massive profit from monopolizing its cure. The virus and its cure are based off the Greek myth where the hero Bellerophon defeats a monster called the Chimera."


Hence the vaccines are the diseases including all the "syndroms" generated since ages.

They are a curse.

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