Thank you for your hard work studying this issue and writing it all down in your Substack so promptly. You may very well save lives. I have historically believed in our medical systems (not too proud to admit that now) and the advancements of medicine but the learning/awakening of the past 2 1/2 years has changed everything for me, once you see it you cannot unsee it. I have no plans to ever accept these vaccines, no matter what sacrifice is required. It is likely I will never get another vaccine of any type again. Your courage is very admirable. Thank you again!

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I'm watching whether the employer and school mandates rear their heads for Round 3 - I will never forgive nor forget this move, how institutions offloaded their critical thinking these last several years to two-faced government bureaucracy.

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Meryl, how can these be mandated.....with no data and all the existing data from the other shots.......I am so scared......these need to be stopped......what can we do......

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And when the lockstep effort to inject the depopulation shot flounders , they can start a war with Russia. Tie one on in Taiwan.

They used to say it had to be cold.

Now they don't care how hot their shitty sludge gets.

Thanks for the factual updates of the nucklear big Harma hacksxxxine Harmacide and viruganda report.

You are a hero, a Shero. Rah rah rah.

You honour Womanity with your truth telling of this goddamm scamdemic.

The unprecedented coordinated effort is just jaw dropping to the curb

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Truth be told...if vaccines and mRNA gene therapy injections (quit calling them vaccines) really worked, it would be one and done. Do I need a booster every 3-6 months for my natural immune system? No...it's been working rather well for over 70 years with no vaccines in about the last 50 years. Vaccinology is another one of many of big pharma's rip offs designed to keep you sick and a life long patient for more of their useless drugs.

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Dr. Nass, You are a true hero! Thank you for all you have done and sacrificed fighting these unbelievable crimes against humanity. I do hope that the truth comes out to all and that many people are punished severely for perpetrating these crimes. It is beyond my comprehension how so many people can be so evil, how so many people can be such cowards to remain silent, and how so many people can be so stupid to not see what is being done to us.

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They said you need to have gotten the first 2 (3, whatever) Alpha shots to be eligible for the bivalent ones, so if one is unvaxxed then it’s too late? (lol)

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Concerning news. Anyone with a background in risk management or any related disciplines should see immediate red flags. Yet according to the officials, they're not. Am I missing something?

How long did it take for agent orange exposure to show its effects?

How long did it take thalidomide?

Radium paints (Radium girls)?

Asbestos related cancers?

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics linked to mitochondrial damage?

Cigarettes and tobacco related deaths?

Or for HIV to mature into AIDS?

All these processes from my understanding take time to mature and to show symptoms. Most take many years. Asbestos for example can take 15-20 years.

There are no genotoxicity studies performed that I am aware of. There are no reproductive studies either. Nor is there sufficient bio-distribution data in humans. All pretty important pieces of information in my mind.

These are very concerning risks to be ignoring for an illness a large portion of the population don't even know they have because they are deemed asymptomatic but positive.

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Is there any valid scientific proof that omicron was the cause of death for a single person? Any autopsies done on a victim of omicron?

It appears that these infection waves for a variant only last about 3 months. Basically everybody has already been exposed to BA5, Is there any proof there are people who do not have immunity to BA5?

If people have already had 3-4 doses of the wuhan juice why do they need more wuhan spike?

All of this is part of the biggest criminal fraud in history.

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And can you comment on Geert Vanden Bosches video from March I believe during which he expects a relatively large spike in death and disorder. He explained we'll see one of the highly vaccinated countries have an explosion of death and disease in the vaccinated and recognize that this will cross the globe and occur everywhere, rapidly.

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Sep 7, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

Outstanding article Meryl. We are indebted to you for your willingness to go deep into the weeds and authoritatively sort out the intentional noise generated by the ptb. Getting the details right is more than half the battle.

After almost two years, it is now apparent that the gene sequence injection technology platform is a colossal failure. Many of us warned before the December 2020 roll-out that it never passed proof of concept in animals let alone humans and that it should never have been attempted. Time and a plethora of deaths, disabilities and chronic illnesses have confirmed that prediction.

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This is the most important article in months. Everyone, please share via direct link from your websites, from your own substacks, and share across every type of social media. EVERYONE needs to see this.

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Everyone forgets that antibodies are only a correlate to immunity if the individual being tested was naturally exposed to the whole pathogen. Antibodies are used as a correlate thru natural exposure because they are the maid services that cleans up debris after tcells kill the pathogen as a final step. If natural exposure occurred then the existence of antibodies implies the entire immune process has already occurred. Nothing can be implied once the pathogen is injected and thereby avoiding the directionally aligned immune system at boundary entryways (mucus membranes, skin...) neutralizing antibodies have never even been hypothesized as exixting that idea is a Faucci day dream. See GigaohmBiological.

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That chart is frightening. If the shots do provide two three months of protection, I wonder if they are pushing this out in hopes of avoiding a Covid catastrophe during the midterm elections.

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“There is international coordination regarding bivalent boosters, and a major effort will be undertaken to get them into arms, despite historically low levels of severe COVID, Why?”

Here’s three reasons:

1. Medical tyranny & vaccinations are the cornerstone to implement global reset.

2. Calling pandemic & instituting lockdowns

controls the people and stops protesters.

3. The WEF wants the technology inside you that can determine your carbon footprint by 2030.

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Amazing amount of information

So comprehensive and clarifying. Thank you!

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