So much work- you have done, Meryl. Thank you…. I sometimes have difficulty understanding it all, so you figure it out for us. So appreciative !! Every person must pray to God to help us overcome this evil upon us. David overcame Goliath, but only with God’s help. You are one of God’s angels on Earth❣️

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Thanks for the reassurance Merryl, it was disturbing this seemed to pass so quickly.

What scares me just as much is it seems governments are still trying to get you from within your own borders ... especially Australia.

Internally there's a new plan underway in Australia called the "National Immunisation Strategy for 2025-2030"... (Note the date of this strategy... Till 2030 🤔)

It's open for submissions from the public now, but if you download the pdf of the proposed goals, then you can see their business plan to try and usurp Australians bodily autonomy rights once more, but this time there is no room to say no possibly, by the way these proposed goals read*:

Proposed priority areas.

Priority Area 1: Improve immunisation coverage through universal and EQUITABLE access to vaccination, with a focus on FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE...

Priority Area 2: STRENGTHEN COMMUNITY engagement, awareness and ACCEPTANCE OF IMMUNISATION........

Priority Area 3: STRENGTHEN program GOVERNANCE, how we manage and MONITOR programs and account to the public.

Priority Area 4: Use DATA and evidence TO MONITOR performance,TARGET INTERVENTIONS and build confidence.

Priority Area 5: STRENGTHEN a diverse IMMUNISATION WORKFORCE to work with Australia's diverse population.

Priority Area 6: Prepare for EMERGING INFECTIOUS diseases and EMERGENCIES requiring rapid and/or TARGETED VACCINATION..."

Note the words/terms: "governance" "targeted" "intervention" "rapid" "vaccination" "emergencies" "acceptance of vaccination "

It certainly sounds like the government is building a web tomake sure you take an mRNA nasty, or other vaxs...

Condensing those "priorities" it reads to me the government want to make sure that:

Aboriginals are targetted hard (under the guise of "equity").

Make sure the community are propagandised to accept forced vaccination.

Install governance to monitor those who haven't taken their mandatory vax.

Put together a taskforce to target the unwilling.

Upon the next planned bullsh!t "emergency" targeted vaccination of the unwilling will be required.

Like a Jonestown scenario (for those of us awake enough to see mRNA is a long term multipronged poison)

Who needs the IHR amendments or WHO Pandemic treaty when this is being played out within your own country™

(™owned by WEFFIES and associates)


*Capitalisation added by me for emphasis

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If your nation has it you are subject to it. But if your nation did not have it but agreed to the WHO doing it, you would still be subject to it.

Either way you're screwed. I went after the biggest fish, helped to educate the world, and now your job is to educate the parts of Australia that still haven't got the memo. I will continue to help producing documents about the national efforts.

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I do wonder if this is being quietly enacted by other nations, as lockstep seems to be the way nations are going these days, with digital ID, CBDC etc etc.. ??

Yes, it is definitely up to us to fight it within our own borders, but also start to check if there are plans to enact something similar within other borders... I'd think this plan is backed by powers beyond Australia, and if it's in motion here, what other countries are putting similar wheels in motion?

Thank for all your hard work on the international front (I'm sure they're regrouping for another shot sometime soon too!)

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Yes it is in the US and EU and?

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Japan. 🥲

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I didn't know they're trying in the US and EU already too... Wow...

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Canada is gloating about vaccine manufacturing.

And the article below calls it “pandemic preparedness.”

“A massive new Toronto vaccine factory, tasked with making flu shots and preparing for the next pandemic, won’t start producing shots until 2027… “


Our unelected “Chief Public Health Officer” is very much into the WHO Pandemic Treaty.


And she and Provincial Health Officers were caught discussing surveillance of farms over H5N1. They long to be tyrants again.


So, yes, it sounds very likely that they have similar plans here in Canada and in other countries. Whole new pandemic industry. But way more people will refuse to comply at least.

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Jun 3Liked by Meryl Nass

Yes... I'm finding all the friends who complied are starting to say to me they wish they hadn't, and they all know at least one person injured, if not themselves... I think there'll be more resistance this time...

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Better be !

Because of their compliance last time, the tyrants had a field day.

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Although I have not had any unjabbed say this to me, if they are out there, I do not believe any of them when they say they will not comply.

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Yeah, I have my doubts they'll follow through when livelihoods are on the line again (most are hand to mouth with mortgages)... But these are also the same people who had no problem with taking the jab the first time, were keen to take it even, to hear this talk coming out of their mouths at the very least shows an awareness... So might change things...

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Yes, the big bad WHO has almost made us forget how repressive and authoritarian our individual governments can be. Australia seems to be one of the worst. I'm in Scotland, a double whammy these days, with an SNP Scottish government that's lost the plot and completely corrupted, and the UK government, historically one of the most repressive anywhere, that treats Scotland with contempt and a dumping ground for nuclear weapons.

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Jun 3·edited Jun 3Liked by Meryl Nass

What do Ozzys expect? Like Kiwis, they're well locked down in social narcosis.

The writing on the wall for all to see: Australian, Prof. Jane Halton (UCanberra) is the chair of the Board of CEPI. CEPI is the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and was founded in 2016/17. It was founded by the BMGF, the WEF and Wellcome Trust and relies on its funding from many governments (including UK, Australia, NZ, EU, Germany etc)

Prof. Halton has been at the helm of CEPI since 2017/8 and is an intimate appendage of the WEF, like another CEPI Board member, Alexander Pym.

Yet another member of the Board of CEPI and one of its non-voting henchmen is the Assistant DG WHO Dr Mike Ryan.

As we all know, follow the money and the policies, people, and politics become self-evident.

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Yet, when I have tried to point out this very fact in the last several months….you have repeatedly told me to bugger off and accused me of just causing problems.

And now you say…..”either way you are screwed” and it’s up to the average person to fight the powers that be here at home who have been happily operating in the shadows while the MFM thought leaders have been consistently drawing attention away from the local level by acting as if the WHO was the end all and be all.

While I appreciate the analysis of what has been unfolding on the global stage, I cannot understand why my past efforts to point out that ultimately it is at the local level that the battles must be fought was met with disdain and disgust. Not to mention attempts to shut me up.

And now….time is short. When exactly does the time on the clock run out….because I can’t shake the feeling that we are within the window now of whatever paradigm shifting crisis will occur to set in motion the final “build back better” chapter.

Thanks you your work. Although, it does seem that Roguski was more attuned to the import and significance of the game being played. And interestingly, even Malone does not consider the IHR benign.

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Social narcosis is a tricky thing to undo, particularly when it is heavily underpinned by invested politics, policies and people, underwritten by government money and bolstered ad nauseam by State funded MSM.

It remains now for the awake to do what they can to ensure their own survival?

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I think this is what the Anglican church in England, under Justin Welby, ex-fossil fuel exec, is doing with "reparations for slavery," in Africa, which turns out to be pharma networks for "equity" distribution for one thing. Under the rubric of "equity," they are going after the poor and the most vulnerable.

They've been slipping vaccine mandates in under the radar for awhile. In California, where no one even asked you anything about health at the state schools 15 years ago, now the childhood vax schedule is required to go to the universities.

They've hired a bunch of "influencers" in Africa to spread vaccines, where everyone is young, the sub-Saharans are already on hydroxy and ivm for malaria and river blindness (I think)

and the history of sterilization and human experimentation through "health" there is horrifying.

I hope Australia can find a way to fend this off. One of my fears about Trump, who has not disavowed lockdowns or Warp Speed, is that he will be used to talk the MAGA into vaccinating, after they relabel the vax or whitewash it somehow.

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You deserve hugs from everyone of us!! Thank you so much, Meryl. I watched the 2 hour 38 minute press conference panel of 9 lawyers from NZ, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Italy, the US, France and South Africa last night. I didn't see where Philip Cruzer was from, the facilitator. You probably had no need to watch it, or maybe you were there. Each lawyer picked a different illegal problem with the WHO, their PT, and the IHR Amendments, which they have been doing work on. It was immensely informative! We need more international thinkers and doers to engage with us on what each country is working on. Sending you heartfelt love and blessings from SEA.


It starts at 20:55

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Philipp is from Switzerland, Zurich. I was watching the WHO meetings happening simultaneously...later found they were rebroadcasting from the night before to confuse us

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Jun 3Liked by Meryl Nass

Thanks Meryl I went straight to your site when I was confused about Roguski’s comments this morning.

You were there !!! As I knew you would be....you have meant so much to all of us throughout this process of WHO amendments which our president representing our country actually presented to the WHO.

Thank God for your dedication !!! !!!!!

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Jun 3Liked by Meryl Nass

Reminder to all:

Monday, June 3, 2024, 10 am ET

Anthony Fauci is scheduled to publicly testify before the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic.

In the wake of Dr. David Morens' recent testimony, this could be interesting.

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Jun 3·edited Jun 3Liked by Meryl Nass

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am from Romania and our representatives do not think they have done anything good, given that they have already signed a separate additional collaboration agreement with WHO. May God bless you and give you health and long life! May the Mother of God cover you from all evil! Amen!

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Jun 3Liked by Meryl Nass

Thank you Meryl. I had to clarify so I knew you would be on the case. I went to the rally. Now I need to dig deep here.

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Plenty of carpenters, plumbers, average Joe's got it right & stacks of Doctors ( continuing) got it badly wrong & trusting a bunch of lawyers errr, no thanks. Trust no one is just about right. It makes ZERO difference what those crim's from the WHO do, home base are the real tyrants & they'll do as they please if we don't tell them to piss off & MYOB.

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Amen. I have tried to say that repeatedly and have been told to stop being disruptive and to go away. And yet, here we are….how much valuable time has been lost? At the local level the agenda has been advancing….particularly in Dr. Nass’ home state. But she never seems willing to make those setting up the infrastructure quietly as the David vs Goliath battle makes for a nice distraction to the masses. Whenever the people need a hero….they will provide that hero.

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Chasing down the WHO, an subsidiary of the UN, is a complete distraction Laura, imo. Home town is where the real action is with the WHO being the ; "it's not us, it's them" falsification. My dear old Dad told me many, many, years ago; "Beware the mob, they'll take you with them." I didn't get it then, I do now. All the best.👍🇦🇺

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Jun 3Liked by Meryl Nass

This is exactly what I was hoping to see. Thank you.

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Jun 3Liked by Meryl Nass

Thank you Dr Nass for your meticulous work and helping us 'less expert' followers to SEE the differences of the IHR amendments. I downloaded the PDF you attached and shared it to contacts with this email message:

".... Please find attached the WHO IHR (International Health Regulations- with amendments).

This has 66 articles within a 62 page document including 9 Annexes (note no. Annexe 6 Vaccination, Prophylaxis & Related Certificates).

Dr Meryl Nass attached this document in her Substack today 3.6.2024 using highlights and bold for related changes (except headings which are in bold).

See pages 5-7, 11-16, 25, 29-32 (page 30 $ funding), 36, 43-48 (page 45 mentions mis and disinformation but no definitions on what these terms mean) and page 55.

Link: https://merylnass.substack.com/p/the-ihr-as-amended-yesterday-is-benign

Rgds.... "

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Jun 3Liked by Meryl Nass

Thanks Meryl. This is extremely useful, as many people have reacted to the signing of this document with horror and rage, which as you point out does not seem to be merited. Whew!

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From Brazil: Thank you very much! 🇧🇷🙏

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I tell myself not to forget that these WHO soulless people want us to eat cockroaches, and to prove it to us another chicken farm went up in flames a day ago.., and never forget 51% of our representatives have agreed to sign on to the WHO. It's simply incredible how people can be paid off, and some people just ignore all the "conspiracy stories".,,, and then there is our media who have totally betrayed us.

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Hmmm. I am hearing a completely different assessment from James Roguski. I guess the only way to triangulate on what's behind the narrative is to read the original and most recent documents, and follow the history ourselves ... but so few of us have the resources to do that.

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Do you believe the carpenter or the doctor with a lot of legal experience who has consulted 8-10 lawyers about these documents? Your choice... Best yet, believe no one and if it matters to you study the document yourself till you understand it.

Then ask specific questions if you have any.

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Thank you for the message Meryl. 

I think this is the first time we have directly shared messages.

I hear you, respect what you have sacrificed to fight the evil, follow you, and have upvoted several of your previous posts. And I agree with your implied message of "do your own research". If more of us had done that to begin with, we would not be facing a population cull of historic proportions.

But on returning home from an English teaching stint, I could not help but to feel more than a bit uncomfortable with the implied argument that we should follow you because you are the science, and your team is the law. Does this not echo Fauci's reasoning from day one? I know you can do better than this, but as I am just a nobody, I do not expect to hear any more from you or your followers. As in the past, I will have to pay due diligence to a more nuanced understanding of "the" truth.

I've also put in my time and efforts over over the last few years ... the first of several demonstrations I have joined as far back as fall of 2021 (the anti-Phizer march in Shinjuku, the Australian Embassy protest shortly afterwards), and just a couple of days ago ... the 40,000 to 50,000 anti-WHO protestors who turned out at Hibiya Park in Tokyo. You can see me dead center at about 8:33 wearing the same, gray "Arrest Fauci" t-shirt that I wore at the Aussie Embassy protest almost 4 years ago.


But as a former Professor myself (resigned in protest from a tenured position in applied linguistics at a Japanese college ... and also the former biology lab director at Temple Univ. Japan for about 20 years), I find his argument regarding the WHO’s deliberately obfuscating legalese and a redefining of terms as similar to the same tactics used by Big Pharma regarding definitions of "vaccine”, “asymptomatic carrier”, “natural immunity”, “safe and effective”, etc. I am old enough to remember Big Tobacco using the same techniques, and I also find his line of reasoning to just follow the money to be compelling, if for no other reason, that it matches my 41 year experience of the Japanese Corporate Nation-State.

From personal experience, I realize how difficult it is to lose social status when stripped of credentials or work status. For 10 years now, I am no longer "sensei", just another aging foreigner among many. 

It stings to realize all the time, money, and good will I put into grad school, research, and community activism ... and about ¥500 ... might buy me a cup of coffee. I had to pay the rent by working as an Assistant Language Teacher at public schools, following orders from "teachers" who were born after I had already been on the college circuit here for 20 years. It can be galling to say the least.

But using "carpenter" as a veiled ad hominem argument to question Roguski's character or capacity, might rankle more than a few Christians among your followers. And if I am not mistaken, the majority of doctors bent a knee to the values of Mammon by accepting a cash pay-out per shot ... both in the states and here in Japan. Back in my tenured position, the most enlightened and observant conversations I've had about education and human nature were over a few beers with the contract work, cleaning lady.

Like the proverbial blind men trying to describe an elephant by touching only the part from where they stand, I don't think anyone has a monopoly on truth. That being said, I acknowledge your expertise and hard work, I will continue to read and try to integrate your opinions with my own, and will continue to try my best to triangulate.

Cheers from Japan Meryl.

Keep up the good fight.

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That comment rankled me too. No need for it. the advice to read up, was all that was needed. I too came across wide awake construction people, who were spot on in describing what they saw around them.

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I am a lawyer who has raised the same issues in the past and have been told to get lost. Yes…it is entirely distasteful for some in the MFM to assert their “expert” status as the end all and be all. It concerns me….are they just looking to be the next power that dictates without question by the unclean masses? Worse still is the possibility that they are a Trojan Horse. Certainly are enough red flags to give one pause. Trust but verify….and do not surrender your sovereignty or right to question or critically think to anyone. People must remember that part of the Covid mess was to beat up the masses so that they would look for authority figures (both those who agree with the official narrative and the resistance) to deliver us from the madness.

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Meryl resorted to the same middle finger tone when the debate was about the authenticity of Dr. Malone's (Deep State player or Patriot).

She must be watched carefully !!

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It’s the disdain and the suggestion that a person can’t be discerning that I object to….,especially when it is the attitude of those who profess to be about looking out for the average person. Are they not interested in the observations and impact of others….only their view is legitimate? And backing it up with chest thumping about being @the expert” got old for many of us back in 2020.

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This is the very definition of fiddling while Rome burns. This minute needling narcissistic objecting reeks of trolling. Maybe it is a censorship industrial complex/Mckinsey/Shadwick/Stanford Lab front opening. Someone on covid and coffee was attacking Dr. Nass and Bret Weinstein's "backgrounds". So Dr. Nass should spend all her time coddling and kowtowing to your online affrontedness and suspicions instead of fighting battles that are about the future of humanity? How bleeding self-involved can you be? Or, conversely, whom do you work for?

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Thank you so much. I hope this all shakes out in the near future for us who are not up to studying the documents. I'm going with you.

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It is quite interesting how two people from the same camp have two different takes on the same outcome… ;-)

Maryl: “Defeated!” James Roguski: “Adopted!”

I guess Meryl is ‘the cup is half full’ kind a gal and James Roguski is “the cup is half empty” kind of guy…

Or, simply put, it is in James’ best interests to choose the pandemic treaty defeat as an Armageddon is still unfolding rather than celebrate with Maryl a win…

I guess James has a book coming out: “WHO Power Grab - Armageddon is Nigh”

Or, why would anybody bother to subscribe to his substack if the war has been won???

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I saw Roguski's post claiming this was a huge defeat for medical freedom. I found his argument to be based on emotional appeal, without the kind of level-headed mastery of detail that Dr. Nass has shown.

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Well said. I agree

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“temporary recommendation” means non-binding advice issued by WHO' (A77/A/CONF./14)

Does that mean Non-temporary recommendations will be BINDING then?

'2. The implementation of these Regulations shall be guided by the Charter of the United Nations

and the Constitution of the World Health Organization.' (A77/A/CONF./14)

Guided by the Charter of the United Nations?

The Charter was the foundational document for the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, which are themselves tools to further the values espoused in the United Nations Charter. (from the Web page UN Charter).

Meryl, I think the WHO is not to be trusted!

We better, I believe, find ways to VOID the WHO AND the UN completely.

And we urgently have to start to design a new world the way we want to see and implement it.

With the right legal advisers who find ways to make us untouchable.

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You seem to have missed the next paragraph that says standing recommendations are also non binding advice

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Thank you Meryl for reply.

Still not entirely at ease with it; the WHO website says: ' The Director-General has the authority to issue standing recommendations when considering that these are necessary and appropriate to address a specific public health risk, and in accordance with the criteria enumerated in Article 17 of the IHR.

'The Director-General has also the authority of modifying or terminating standing recommendations.'

Not at ease with this last sentence when I looked it up yesterday.


But yes, I try to be positive!

We have to!

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He can issue advice, like he did for covid, and the nations can follow the advice or not. Nations did not have to follow but, their leaders being controlled, they followed, even though there was no legal compulsion to follow the WHO during COVID.

Some obeyed the WHO so to avoid blame: "It was the WHO's fault"

In earlier versions of the IHR (since 2022) nations would have been forced to follow. This adopted version puts the onus back on governments and now you need to work on your own government, as we have been doing in the US.

As I have said, we won the first battle. We did not win the war.

Door to Freedom, David Bell, Brownstone have provided everyone the tools to understand what is happening and fight it at the national to local levels.

Everyone still has to fight this in their own country. But we now have a good start.

And we just beat them at the WORLD CONTROL level.

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I get it. You are such an angel to explain this!

Believe me, I have been writing my government + the media for 2 years now. I will keep doing it! Thank you ever so much!

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As people, let us declare that the W.H.O has no standing with us the people. People create laws and constitutions, and we have no approved any of this If enough of us treat these documents as one would toilet paper, we win.

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