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Vaccines may be useful in your opinion but the risk of fascist billionaires using them to exterminate the Untermenschen far outweighs their usefulness. Millions have been killed or disabled by them already during the 21st century holocaust.

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The "COVID 19 pandemic" had a goal, that is, a One World Death and Slavery System for All."

It appears to me that ...

THEY needed to "develop a pathogen" so that they could get a "genome" of the "pathogen" so that THEY could create a "vaccine" so that they could create a laboratory test of a specimen from the patient that would "diagnose COVID-19" so that THEY could implement "pandemic" response measures to "protect public health."

Dr. Michael Yeadon has stated in several of his many interviews that the four major "COVID-19 vaccine" makers all had to choose a part of the "COVID-19 molecule" on which to base their vaccine formula and all four of them just happened to choose the "spike protein" part of the COVID-19 molecule when they could have chosen other parts of that molecule. Dr. Yeadon finds that to be the big tell, that is, the revelation of the non-coincidental nature of the formulation of the COVID-19 vaccines that have maimed and disabled and killed millions of people.

( President Donald Trump got the USA out of WHO in 2020. Shortly after that, Donald Trump gave $1.16 billion US tax dollars donation to Bill Gates' GAVI organization at the Global Vaccine Summit. When the Resident of the USA was installed, he immediately took action to get the USA back in the WHO.

https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/vaccine-bait-switch-millions-pulled-from-who-trump-gives-billions-gates-founded-gavi/ )

Pandemics are the weapon of choice because order out of chaos can take place much more advantageously when the infrastructure is not destroyed.

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Impressive background and knowledge, but did you adequately document your phone calls with patients? That's the big question!!!

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Things sure haven't changed since those days. You bring a clarity to these issues which just seems to fly right over the heads of our bureaucrats. None the less someone has to do it and you do. Thank you.

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I wonder about impact of Smallpox occurring across the arc of history. I wonder how much of the severe illness and lethality was co-presenting synergistically with pernicious malnutrition, scurvy and other pernicious deficiencies in Vitamin D3, Zinc and Magnesium?

Smallpox would not be the only viral killer to co-present in that same way.

It's not bacterium. That's another thing entirely.

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Our whole life a preparedness for a fatal bioweapon, and even when the attack never comes, the preparedness will be the unexpected killer or at the least snap us off our tiny little life with all it’s everyday misery and happiness

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That genie is out of the bottle. There are kits available on.ine that permit anyone to do gene editing at home. Not sure how comprehensive the capability is, but if it's not yet total, it soon will be. We'll need to develop novel defenses for novel pathogens. Vaxes and masks have already proven to be entirely ineffective. Interesting times.

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I'm pretty sure substack allows free subscribers to comment. https://on.substack.com/p/new-on-substack-comments-for-everyone

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thank you meryl- i don't own a cellphone- can't download the app so can't listen- but thanks for all those who can@

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We have seen a lot play out since that historic presentation about the anthrax letters. That weaponized anthrax did have Ft. Detrick's "fingerprints" on it, though a scapegoat was declared, then found to be innocent, died, and so on..

We have met the enemy and he is "US", might be a fair statement these days. The enemy of humanity seems to be in control of the systems of defense for humanity, or at least pulling a lot of the levers in those systems.

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I totally reject the assertion that the G20 meeting and resulting determinations is in any way applicable to MY NATION = The United Kingdom. G20 was a WEF manipulation exercise of the gullible, unintelligent cretins that, in UK's case, was attended by an unelected Prime Minister (Rat Sunak) who is just another gullible puppet of Adolf Schwab!

Furthermore, I demand that Bill Gates's World Health Organisation be denied any more control over MY COPUNTRY'S sovereignty. Disband the redundant and incompetent WHO as it is now simply a vehicle to create further wealth for Gates & Co, and then enslave all of the remaining humanity that doesn't qualify as 'Elite' or has died as a result of the Covid injections which are simply a HUMAN CULL.

Haven't 'the establishment' given up on castigating and punishing the numerous medics that refuse to pedal the DEADLY injections - ridiculously referred to as VACCINES? The Covid 'Vax' myth is all but dead as the 'Died Suddenly' brigade increases exponentially.

All part of the WEF Master Plan to create an underpopulated (CULLED) planet with injected 'Sub-Human SLAVES.

Another new word from the Elite's WEF New World Order dictionary - "Vaxxident". An adverse reaction or DEATH following the injection of Poison - supposedly in the name of medical health.

Another PLUS for Musk letting the world know that Fauci was only in it for the fortunes that he made along with the other unscrupulous pharmacists and the Health magnates.

Musk - I'm still 'watching this space'! - Good or Bad?

Most of what he's done seems to come under the 'GOOD' column, as far as I'm concerned, but he's got a few fingers in Covid & Vax pies, so I'm wary.

Why is he keeping McCullough, Wolf, Kirsch & Malone 'exiled'? He should justify this strange action for those he NEEDS to keep on his side.

His stance on the DEADLY injections (laughably called VACCINES) would be a big incentive to support or trash him.

LIABILITY for DEADLY Meds makers is ridiculous and he should assist in the fight for COMMON SENSE to apply instead of letting Pfizer (etc) use their 'stolen' concession as a Licence to KILL with impunity.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed, watching and waiting to see Musk's 'true colours'.

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Y seem to be such a genuinely nice person.

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the ‘myth’ is not stopping Orange County, California Board of Supervisors from 12/20/2022 proposed agenda (item #11) to enter into rental agreement for OC Fairgrounds for the stated purpose of OC Health Agency Bioterrorism Unit distribution center for medicines and supplies 1/1/2023-12/31/2023 renewable through 12/31/2027:


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