A signal reminder: Sen Chris Murphy---then a Representative in 2015---sponsored Obama's "Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act" in the House while Senator Rob Portman-R Indiana did the same in the Senate. What this did was overturn the Smith-Mundt Act of 1947 (the same year the CIA was chartered) to keep any federal agency from promulgating any US Gummint propaganda to be used in furthering the gummint's aims using public opinion.

The original appropriation also came with money set aside (as bait) to entice organizations, journalists, bloggers into this devious backdoor propaganda. This law stands (and speaks to us) today.

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Mar 4, 2022·edited Mar 4, 2022

'In addition to demanding misinformation data from the tech platforms, the surgeon general called on health care providers and the public to submit information about how Covid-19 misinformation has negatively influenced patients and communities.

'“We’re asking anyone with relevant insights — from original research and data sets to personal stories that speak to the role of misinformation in public health — to share them with us,” Dr. Murthy said.'

Of course he's assuming such reports will comport with his point of view. What an opportunity for skeptics of the mainstream narrative to flood him with alternative views!

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Congress shall make no law ... But the bastards are going after our rights to free speech!!!

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It's pretty appalling. Luckily he doesn't seem to have the authority to enforce this. Also, who gets to define "misinformation"?

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Tell them to start with Florida now that they have made it legal for doctors to prescribe any generic medicine.

Robert Malone clarifies that point in the comments to this substack

"BUCK THE CDC! "Florida is the Land of the Free!"

Thank you Gov. DeSantis and Dr. Joe Ladapo.

Robert W Malone MD, MS

16 hr ago"


It looks like this was posted near the time of the announcement from the truth squad.

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This nefarious bill sounds like it merits an entry in my Letters series (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/archive).

Dr. Nass, do you know to whom we can submit letters/public comments (and by what deadline) to prevent this Spanish Inquisition legislation from passing?

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These fascist bastards are using the constitution for toilet paper. Let them put that in their 'misinformation' pile. They anoint themselves as the determiners of what is and is not true. Why not let people read and hear all sides and views and make their own determinations? The only reason to be opposed to that is protect the propaganda of real misinformation and disinformation. I don't need bureaucrats or fascist bastards determining what is truth for me.

There was a time when politicos would not dare propose or advocate for what these cowardly bastards are asking. That time was not so far in the past. How did it come to this? Party loyalty. Loyalty to the Party has moved people in stages to the point where those who once and still do condider themselves liberal are now supporting out and out fascist ideology.

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The language is so egregiously over the top Orwellian. As is the feeling I get from reading it.

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I will.

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So, time to fight fire with fire. Time to produce (prior to May) a short but impactful readable catalogue of the ACTUAL misinformation. Something much shorter than, but using info from, RFK, Jr.'s fabulous book. I needs to be called, of course, COVID MISINFORMATION! Who will step up and make this a fast, collective effort?

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Ukraine can be used to advance: War On Domestic Terrorism

Ukraine and the New al Qaeda by Whitney Webb


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Fear mongering viruganda r us

The CDC fbi niaid fda gooney loons are singly the largest purveyoirs of misinformacion

They suffer themselves from the worst sort of mass psychoderlform

They think they are doing good, the most scariest of fascist claims

To save you we shall be forced to retire expire and denier your sovereignty

Thanks to the surgeon General of war upchuck murthy

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I'll have to come back and read your article about hacksxxxine injured ben loosehands Lujan passing fascist legislation after I puke mentally

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