Other than Senators Ron Johnson and Rand Paul, there appears to be dead silence on both sides of the isle on either COVID therapeutics or adverse vaccine events. The data on both issues are more than compelling. Since the beginning of the pandemic we heard over and over that we must follow the science. Clearly we must be following something else - we certainly are not following the science.

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At this point we don't know how many people reported to have gotten a shot really got it.

My suspicion is that there may be a lot of people recorded as having had it but did not actually get it for the following reasons:

When the shots are given the form is filled out with the lot and batch number on the vax card. The solution is then drawn up and if this takes place in a private room, which it should for privacy purposes, who is to know if the recipient "accidentally" dropped his $100.00 bill on the floor which led to technician to "accidentally" spill the contents of the syringe into the trash can? The patient has the card. The tech has the money and who is to know where the injection landed? Who is going to talk?

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Reading articles like this the same day a vaccine mandate was voted on (Germany/failed) blows my mind.

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Very good question Dr Nass, why would anyone do what they recommend? I do know the answer though, people who do what they recommend don't have the information you are giving out, or don't take it seriously. They are steeped in the propaganda narrative, and it'll take really vaccine injury to themselves or someone they love in order to wake them up. Thanks for all that you do! 👍🏽🙏💕

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I personally would very much like a few of the many covid substackers (there's a lot now), to investigate the missing "approved" Pfizer Comrinaty vials. Where exactly are these shots been produced?Shipped to (which countries)? And who has actually received the shots?

While they are legally distinct, despite both having the Pfizer "Comrinaty" branding and with slightly different ingredients (excipients like TRIS etc), Pfizer has said they will only distribute the licenced version, once ALL the Pfizer-BioNtech "Comrinaty" (under EUA) is used up.

So how many vials were produced of the EUA version? Vs how many given out?

Question being, if any person on this planet has actually received the licenced version, experienced any sort of adverse event, then they are legally entitled to sue Pfizer for damages. Possibly BioNtech as well, although I believe their agreement was only for shared production facilities.

The point being, at this point in time, we are allowing Pfizer to have their cake and eat it too! Unless we can show which vials are actually being administered. Surely the batch numbers must correlate with the manufacturing location, details, dates etc?

If it's proven that what is being distributed is actually still the EUA version, not the licenced version, then I think it will help stop people from forcing it on to each other. Every single person I've spoken to vaccinated, does not understand the bait and switch that occurred. They all think the product is completely approved.

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To me it was the greatest viruganda fear campaign ever that gave it away day 1 which i date as 3-11-2020

They all knew to say the same stupid lies

We now know they got paid to say them, big surprise, on all news outlets

The fact they were saying and playing their same song all around the world told me it is a pack of lies

One time early on around then I heard it...once only...

Before you read the next line grab yet barf bag....


"I want to wash my ha- a- a - ands

I want to wash my hands....

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I no longer listen to anything ‘Public Health’ says (except maybe to make sure I do the opposite). And, I worked at a county public health agency for 14 years. It’s all lies and propaganda. Has nothing whatsoever to do with promoting my health. It’s very discouraging, but I’m glad I figured it out.

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Late Capitalism. Industry capture of too many levers in the economy. What we are watching is the destruction of the whole democracy.

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First Full Sequence of a Human Genome Completed.

April 1, 2022.

After two decades, researchers have generated the first complete, gapless sequence of a human genome.


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Thank you. Excellent post.

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Pfizer and BioNTech Submit Data to EMA for the Vaccination...

Side effects can be reported to EudraVigilance or directly to BioNTech using email, medinfo@biontech.de

"From 30 June 2022, EudraVigilance users will need to report individual cases of suspected side effects using the ISO ICSR/ICH E2B(R3) format and related ISO standard terminology for pharmaceutical form and route of administration.

Revised guidance on the technical requirements and process for transmitting individual case safety reports (ICSRs) is available below to help pharmaceutical companies, sponsors of clinical trials and medicines regulatory authorities in EU Member States prepare for using the new ICSR standard."


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Apr 7, 2022·edited Apr 7, 2022

"The paper concludes that while myocarditis is known to occur after COVID vaccinations, it is more common after getting the disease COVID."

The CDC engages in a distraction--a straw man. The question is whether vaccines increase the absolute risk of myocarditis, not whether the relative risk of myocarditis from covid is higher than from vaccines.

"It chose to examine this issue using a database that admittedly misattributed most vaccinations! CDC has access to everyone's vaccination data and could easily have have used an accurate dataset, but chose not to."

This is known as "cherry picking the data."

"It seems a case could be made that this is scientific fraud."

Of course.

"CDC even played tricks with data to mislead us."

I've done several analyses of CDC reports under an alias. The CDC has done "shell game science"--hiding the data pea under various adjusted data shells.

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Clue about motive for poor data collection by public health authorities, on post-injection injuries and deaths.

In 2017, HHS changed the 1981 definition of human subject in a clinical trial from a “recipient of a test article or control” to someone about whom data is obtained.

This suggests that VAERS, DMED other data collection failures may be deliberate (which we already know) and the reason why: no data collection means no human subjects. When combined with the acts themselves — injection with pharmaceutical products — being redefined as not clinical investigation once an Emergency Use Authorization is put in place by the FDA, no test subject has informed consent rights.



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Isn’t that 2,400 new staff to handle vaccine injuries?Thank you for you work in bringing these facts to all of us 👏🏻👏🏻😊

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Shame on them!

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