My plan for dealing with monkeypox is to continue to avoid gay orgies, as I have done throughout my life.

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Who in their right mind would consent to take this? Has the hypnosis penetrated that deeply?

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Glutaredoxins from modified vaccinia Ankara can reactivate latent HIV viruses:

"Vaccinia virus (VV) was previously shown to encode a functional glutaredoxin, the product of the o2l gene, which is synthesized late in infection, after the onset of DNA replication. Here we report that an open reading frame in the VV genome designated as g4l encodes a protein that has sequence similarity to glutaredoxins and possesses thioltransferase and dehydroascorbate reductase activities."

Thioltransferase (Glutaredoxin) Is Detected Within HIV-1 and Can Regulate the Activity of Glutathionylated HIV-1 Protease in Vitro



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Again, we're rolling out a deadly shot for a not-so-deadly disease that could have been enhanced in a lab.

Joking but maybe not...

Perhaps they repackaged the deadly Covid shots, changed the label to say "JYNNEOS MONEYPOX VACCINE" -- new and improved! -- and then said to the FDA "OK, we're good."

Follow the Money(pox)...

Bavarian Nordic, maker of JYNNEOS and COVID-19 boosters, funding comes from Danish Ministry of Health (https://www.bavarian-nordic.com/media/314126/BN_Annual_Report_2021.pdf and https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bavarian-nordic-receives-funding-danish-114500161.html).

I searched for additional funding information about Jynneos or Bavarian Nordic but could not find anything substantive. Why? My tin-foil hat antennae are wiggling mightily!

I did learn that Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) severed ties with Bavarian Nordic for Hep B and HPV shots in May 2022 (https://www.jnj.com/janssen-discontinues-collaboration-and-license-agreements-with-bavarian-nordic-in-hepatitis-b-and-human-papillomavirus).

No more time to hop down this rabbit hole today.

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Aug 8, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

Going off topic here - apologies.

CDC Data = New Math

161 CDC estimated hospitalizations in Franklin County OH = 3 Franklin County OH actual hospitalization admissions

What's going on here?

These numbers are erroneously putting OH at "high levels" of cv and mask mandates are coming back in all sectors...and let's project what else will be predictable.

Same question: What's going on here?

New Math DOES NOT EQUAL Old Math

Is this going on in other states? One could leap not very far to that conclusion.


A video tutorial on how to look at the data in comparison to the CDC "data".

Perhaps this will be helpful for other states.


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The like is a thumbs up!!! Dr. Nass Thank you for highlighting the facts.

Obviously, if you inject poison into your veins, your body will be poisoned.

If you would not put this crap on your plate and eat it, how come people are so insane to allow some idiot/demon/psychopath/sociopath/narcissist or their enabler/robot in some lab coat to put this poison into their body? Yes, good question which we know Mattias Desmet has answered in Mass Formation.

I pity the poor animals and any others who have been used as the big pharma pin cushions.

It is obvious this is “money” pox, the “k” is silent!!!!

This must be a eugenics program. This is too insane to be this stupid and greedy.

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Is there interaction between Monkey pox vaccine and Covid vaccine?

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40% of people with monkeypox have HIV. What could go wrong with this vaccine? FFS.

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All of the above adverse effects sound awful but - by extrapolation from the past 2+ years - it is entirely possible that taking this vaccine will be a condition for employment/school enrollment. Vaccination is approaching death-cult status.

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If they try to bring back the Breathing Obstruction Devices see the open letter here from Chris Schaefer in Alberta to Deena Hinshaw with regard to such:


Then go and watch day one of the Citizens hearings from:


You can watch Chris Schaefer, OSHA, explain these are not even “masks”, but Breathing Obstruction Devices. Start at 3:27:45 until 3:43:01. Everyone needs to call these lies out!!!!

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wonder at these monkeypox war games what were expert's projections about vaccines?


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Covid came swinging right off the bat

With tweaks here and there, done in a lab vat

We sold them the shots, it's time to move on

For we must continue this work we've begun

A pox from a monkey, is next in our planners

For that shot we hope, they'll go bananas.

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The silver lining is that early evidence/stats so absurd like this (unlike COVID vax) might wake people up who believed the bs during 2021

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MP is not a "virus." There is no isolation of, and or any purified sample of MP "virus" anywhere in the world. It is the body detoxing itself and as toxins exit through the skin, lesions may appear that is misapplied to a fake 'virus" while making even more vax blood money.

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