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Even RFK Jr. won't touch it...it is the funding and people behind this...Bill Gates, The DOD (Prep and CARES acts...our Representatives in Congress were cut in for a share of $$$$).

..because our congress won't go against the big Satan The Intelligence Agencies.

Someone needs to put the blame where it belongs.


NSA? CIA? They have been scraping our data and studying how to make us give up our liberties for safety...via pandemics.

Got news for you all....an RNA virus cannot travel around the world, it mutates too quickly. It was all a

psychological act, coupled with a captured mass media, and deadly protocols.

I'm so done with people who tiptoe around the real villains.

the Intelligence Agencies. Who kill anyone who stands in their way.

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Well then. This is the most succinct informative vid I have seen on this whole covid crapper. Thanks for sharing.

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Ever since I heard of Operation PaperClip many years ago, I understood so much more about corruption in our government! I’ve been telling people about OPC (Op Paperclip) had everything to do with C19 in the 1st place and that Nazi mentality was all within the medical pharmaceutical biodefense industrial complex and 3 letter fed agencies. I had no idea RFK Jr was writing a book about it. PTL for his persistent to tell the truth.

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Some viruses or the transformed cells they are in can be seen with a light microscope and others can be seen with an electron microscope, but I’m not sure you ever took a biology class in college

Have you ever looked through a microscope?

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My father served for 30 year US Navy Medical Service Corps officer specializing in

preventive medicine.

When I was quite young, the Navy sent him to the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley and then

to the Biological Warfare School

Until the day he died,

one of his greatest fears was a pathogen escaping or deliberately released from a

bioweapons lab

The other was pathogens entering our nation across unprotected borders by ILLEGALS

Both have come to fruition.

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What a crock of s***, excuse my French

They are going to go to Great lengths to cover up the fact that there was no covid-19; that the vaccine is the killer

And after what Ann Coulter said about America would be great again if Trump would just die... Tells us that they're (the Scions) going to throw their support behind RFK now. ...he's going to be their new puppet, because everyone is falling out on Trump

The stupid idea that a bug got out ...Rand Paul is just as guilty of this nonsense.

I like this Meryl, but she's way out in left field with a hockey stick and scissors on this one

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Sure, we'll just pretend that Bobby and Mary haven't already admitted they aren't sure 'viruses' even exist and that there are major problems with virology... as documented via their email and audio/video responses here:


and here:


Funny too how there are zero studies demonstrating contagion and CDC admitted to having none.


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I'll watch your video, but even before I get started, I have to say that those who BELIEVE in the "Virus" are massively wrong - first of all there's the "isolation issue"/CON -


Then there's the RT-PCR test Fraud -


... and lastly one has the "genetic sequencing" SCAM -

Stephan Lanka challenges the meaning of “Genetic Sequence Data” -





Genetics genome in resolution


The "virus" Brainwashed Cult do not realise that this entire CON was created for the Jabs i.e. and Transhumanism/Depopulation/Disease-Causation/Reset PLANdemic. The RT-PCR test where dispatched by the Banksters - it's all planned and there is NO Virus, but playing as if there is distracts from the real cause of novel detoxing i.e. nanoparticles, chemtrails, 5G etc. and helps the Criminals as been seen as "doing their" best for our "greater good" -

Those who are so totally invested in this "virus" fairy tale will be watching the current "Court Cases" and believing that "We Are Winning" - this is FALSE - they are implanting more "Virus Fearporn" and BS "Lab Leak Speak" as to set up their next Big Con. They have always controlled the "INVESTIGATIONS" i.e. Titanic, JFK, 911 and now this ..... keep falling for the "virus" fairytale - Kary Mullis must be turning in his grave.

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It's absolute evidence-free rubbish that lab leak caused anything in Spring 2020.

The biggest problem with accepting and promoting the lab-leak theory is that it reifies the Big Lie that there ever was a "pandemic" caused by a "unique viral pathogen" in the spring of 2020. In so doing, the theory hides the crimes that were committed in the hospitals and nursing homes and provides cover for the criminals who designed and executed this top-down operation.

Not only does the "pandemic" narrative serve to conceal the fact that this was a mass murder spree set off by policies constructed, orchestrated, and mandated by identifiable individuals, but it also serves as a smokescreen for the entire "Covid Operation" that benefited the wealthy while steamrolling working people's lives. 

This statement below is 100% absolutely false and the catapulting of this lab leak nonsense must desist. Those in the "health freedom movement" who perpetuate this lie are doing a great service to the bio-security state and much worse an incredible disservice to the public at-large.

"That research is extremely dangerous and regularly leads to disastrous lab leaks which sicken and sometimes kill those exposed to the pathogens. While COVID-19 was the most consequential lab leak, many more preceded it, and prior to the pandemic (where everything got censored), the lab leak issue was widely discussed within the scientific community."

The lab-leak theory reinforces the idea that "the virus" is a grave problem that needs to be solved rather than a fear-based control mechanism. It bolsters the notion that a "deadly" man-made, "novel" virus caused an "unprecedented medical emergency" for which a raft of invasive policies—including the worldwide suspension of basic civil liberties—would become justified.

A further but related result of focusing on the "lab-leak" conjecture is that it shores up the "deadly novel virus suddenly appeared" narrative, which provides the rationale for the biosecurity complex to siphon trillions from taxpayers through the aptly named "pandemic preparedness" industry.

Another consequence of accepting the lab-leak supposition is to distract attention from how the perception of a pandemic/mass panic was conjured with staged Hollywood productions, doomsday models, and the meaningless PCR tests that fraudulently manufactured cases and spuriously attributed deaths from other causes to Covid.

This entire issue needs to be confronted head-on in the health freedom movement. Some apparent health freedom advocates who have captured the attention of huge audiences are, wittingly or not, doing the bidding of the bio-security state. By maintaining and heightening the fear factor of the gain-of-function bogeyman, these influencers are creating fertile ground for future psychological "terror" campaigns.

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Once again thanks for sending this crystal clear video. RFK Jr. Is the utmost truth teller and no one refutes him because his research and references are above reproach.

So if the punishment of the Nuremberg trials wasn’t truly carried out what can we expect with this band of protected villains unless we get him in the White House?

Go Bobbie!

It will be business and politics as usual.

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Hasn't Dr David Martin been saying, or almost screaming, nearly all of this since early in 2020? RFK is a super-star!

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A remarkable summary. Thanks for sharing.

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Excellent summary.

All candidates this year should be asked:

Will you ban research which makes pathogens more dangerous?

Will you support medical freedom?

Will you ban programmable money?

A candidate who cannot commit to these measures does NOT deserve a vote.

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No it is a practical example. Its like when someone is coughing and nose running. Do you run up and try to French kiss with them?

I will not take the Vax. I do not take prescription or any other kind of drug. I have not been to a doctor in over 4 years. I am 68.

During the Plandemic movie Dr. Nass was asked what the main problem was with big Pharma. Her face lit up and she quickly said, Conflict of Interests.

So we can ask, who pays your bills? Or is it just raw ignorance, that keeps you motivated to irritate those you should be trying to embrace, if you truly stood for medical freedom.

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The Wuhan Cover Up is summarised on the U Tube Video thanks Meryl have shared. We see the Nazi war criminals have not gone away; the question is how will we see them come to justice for mankind they have killed and continue to kill for money, power and greed.

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Thank you for posting this and for all you're doing. Started reading the book (excellent) as soon as it came out. To the community, nO MaTTeR WhO you think are the "real" culprits, nO MaTTeR WhO you are thinking of voting for in the upcoming Presidential election, your critical thinking minds may be interested in an action item. After all, Dr. Nass provides us with excellent analysis, truth, as well as action items. Here's something you can do: The Biden administration has denied Secret Service protection to candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 3 times now! It is *totally unprecedented* to deny an application for protection! The U.S. has granted SS protection to all major Pres. candidates up to a year prior to an election. RFK, Jr. recently polled at a 52% favorability rating (Gallup) just as one example. I'm not asking you to vote for him; this is an appeal to your reasonable nature. The other major candidates have been granted protection, so it is only fair for RFK, Jr. as well! Please sign this petition for his safety. https://security.kennedy24.com/?recruiter_id=473180 “It may not seem very significant what you do, but it’s very important you do it.” (~Gandhi) Thanks!!

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