more gnostic speech from the UN. When they say sustainable, you think they mean sustaining the Earth. When they say sustainable, they mean it sustains their power and wealth.

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I have a draft of an episode called "Words Kill" on the importance of language--how definitions are changed, words are co-opted to mean the opposite of their original intent, and perhaps most importantly, why we don't have words to capture concepts that they don't want us to think about. All of our global languages are ones of conquest and colonization, so the ideas of people who don't think that way are lost to us. You can't think in the abstract about a concept you don't have words for.

I'll bump it up on my to-do list and look forward to incorporating whatever you post.

Thank you for this article on Engdahl! I've just posted my YT video on Who Is Robert Malone, Really? https://youtu.be/bgmntsarsOw. I will have it out on Substack shortly with links, including to your article on Global Health and the Art of Really Big Lies.

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Their 2050 target is zero meat consumption, zero dairy consumption and zero private auto ownership. Humans have eaten and milked cattle, sheep, goats, horses, water buffalo, yak, camels, llama, alpaca, reindeer and probably some I don't know, for thousands of years, husbanding them sustainably without artificial fertilizers and using their manure to enrich soil to grow crops that in turn feed both humans and livestock. A well managed mixed farm is a beautiful model of interdependence. Are we supposed to believe that preventing all twenty-first-century humans from consuming meat and dairy products by 2050 will have no adverse consequences for all those species which humans have painstakingly domesticated and selectively bred for food? And that eliminating all these grazing animals won't cause an environmental catastrophe as the removal of millions of bison from the Great Plains did? Intensive rotation pasturing practices that mimic migratory herd feeding behaviors maintain the water table, promote deep roots for perennial grasses, and improve soil health and retention of precipitation. It makes a heck of a lot more sense to eliminate twentieth-century animal torture factory farms and return to what worked best, even if it is a lot more work for humans. Life without the occasional piece of old Cheddar or mild Gouda cheese? Unthinkable.

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We the people hereby reject, in its entirety, the determinations and decisions made by the unacceptable and self-appointed 'representatives' of our nation/s. These ridiculous assertions are made by unscrupulous individuals that are influenced by the WEF (New World Order) NOT BY SOVEREIGN NATIONS! Our decision is irreversible!

Covid & DEADLY Vax both part of The WEF Depopulation program.

RETRIBUTION = Severe and incessant.

Forgiveness = NEVER!

Great to see the truth coming out after 0NLY THREE YEARS???

The most egregious and inexplicable element of the VAX DEATH ARGUMENT?

'NO LIABILITY' for the makers of this DEADLY DEPOPULATION CONCOCTION! Unbelievable nonsense!

LIABILITY must be reinstated - NOW!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots and realised the deadly farce!

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While I’ve known from very early on in these current troubles that the WEF and its satellite governments and organizations want to cull a great percentage of the population, it has become increasingly clear that they are implementing their plans full force over these past three years.

And it’s on numerous fronts that they prosecute this war against humanity. Destroying our food is (obv.) one, the death jabs another, destroying our economic systems still another, and (as anyone reading this probably knows) many other battlefronts.

It reminds me of the mythical Medusa. When we slow their efforts on one front, they remain largely undaunted, for they simply step up efforts on one or more of the other battle landscapes while they regroup to push forth on the one that has slowed.

There are many evil people involved at all levels of this war. This evil that they’re doing is, in part, secondary evil -- evil conducted by man. But it seems there is an overarching driving force directing and providing strength to them. This emanates from primal evil - evil originating from an entity that was never human (i.e. demons - or whatever you want to call them).

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In Big Medicine, when a body part shows illness, like the gallbladder or tonsils for example, they just cut them out. They don't try and find the root cause or look at the body holisticly and take into account the synergistic relationships between the organs.

This approach to cattle in agriculture is similar. They refuse to look at nature in a holistic fashion just as Big Medicine refuses to look at the body in a holistic fashion.

Why? Mostly because of our profit models. A holistic approach to medicine and agriculture and cattle involves many different parts. If you are a surgeon that removes gallbladders, you dont want to refer business to the person who treats the root cause. That would put you out of business.

And Of course their model results are no doubt wildly inaccurate. But there will be a sliver of truth. They won't distinguish between industrial agriculture and regenerative agriculture. They won't model regenerative agriculture. It doesnt serve their profit models.

We need to form new systems of medicine, agriculture and education in places not beholdento big business interests. Our future depends on it

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It's a race between the WEF, WHO and UN to see who can butcher the most humans in the least amount of time. Big pharma is also coming on strong as their drugs and vaccines become ever so more deadly.

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Their war on food is part of their eugenics program to depopulate the earth in order to preserve resources for themselves.

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By far my favorite line in this piece is "Mass protests forced him to flee the country." Sounds like a plan!

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Thank you for this info., Dr. Nass. I fear that there are a lot of major and dreadful battles ahead, and not as far off in the future as I used to think. These globalists mean business, and they're starting to pull out all the stops. Much more insanity from them forthcoming.

My heart breaks for all of us, but especially for younger people.

In the meantime, sending much love, gratitude, and respect to you.

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Bill Gates just became the biggest holder of seed banks! Now he owns the most farms and seeds. We just carry on!!

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At the start of the covid era I read an article from a Chilean MD on a WHO page about how metabolic syndrome (serious issue in Latin America too) would amplify the effect of every disease vector and the next day, considering to post the link on Fb, the article and every reference to it was gone. Nowadays the business model is clear: the mRNA jab produces pharma clients forever and anyone trying to interfere with that is silenced / banned / deplatformed / fired etc.

The same business model (creating a problem with "solution" of racketeering) is used for climate, population, resource use. IOW a racketeering forever agenda at the cost of everyone else. Consumption of insects for instance implies intake of chitin, which causes allergies.

A vegan lifestyle requires supplementing vit B12 or failing that. frequently consuming one's excrement. No word about that or similar issues on any site of the racketeering gang.

Fortunately the AI is quite stupid. It doesn't understand pun, can't interpret things like crossing lines of text on a photo, and certainly doesn't know that the heart of the global control network is backed up by lithium batteries, able to burn much hotter than food production plants.

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And you can be guaranteed that after all of these government hacks took their private jets to get to these meetings, they then filled their bellies with filet mignon, caviar, and the like. We all know good and well that none of these conferences are fully vegan, as they should be to adhere to the principles that are promoted there.

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When I see all those banks and capital firms I can’t help but think” don’t comply? We’ll shut down your ability to purchase food. “

We’ve seen it already with lockdowns, and needing vaccination cards to enter places.

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Thanks for getting this news out there, Dr. Nass.

ICYMI, here is a good documentary on the push for fake animal protein: Beyond Impossible (2022) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt15837464/

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Giorgio Agamben's latest post on Quodlibet

The truth and the name of God

Philosophers have been talking about the death of God for almost a century and, as often happens, this truth seems today tacitly and almost unconsciously accepted by the common man, without however measuring and understanding the consequences. One of these - and certainly not the least relevant - is that God - or, rather, his name - was the first and last guarantee of the connection between language and the world, between words and things. Hence the decisive importance in our culture of the ontological argument, which inextricably bound God and language together, and of the oath sworn in the name of God, which forced us to answer for the transgression of the bond between our words and things.

If the death of God can only imply the loss of this bond, then this means that in our society language has become constitutively a lie. Without the guarantee of the name of God, every speech, like the oath that assured its truth, is nothing more than vanity and perjury. This is what we have seen appear in full light in recent years, when every word spoken by the institutions and the media was nothing but vacuity and imposture.

Today an almost 2,000-year-old era of Western culture is coming to its end, which based its truth and its knowledge on the link between God and the logos, between the sacrosanct name of God and the simple names of things. And it is certainly no coincidence that only algorithms and not words still seem to hold some connection with the world, but this only in the form of probability and statistics, because even numbers can ultimately only refer to a talking man, they imply still some names.

If we have lost faith in the name of God, if we can no longer believe in the God of the oath and of the ontological argument, it is not, however, excluded that another figure of truth is possible, which is not only the theologically obligatory correspondence between the word and the thing. A truth that does not end with guaranteeing the effectiveness of the logos, but saves man's childhood in it and preserves what is still mute in him as the most intimate and true content of his words. We can still believe in an infant God, like that baby Jesus whom, as we have been taught, the powerful wanted and want to kill at all costs.

December 5, 2022

Giorgio Agamben

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