Massive widespread civic participation is required to solve this problem. The corrupt tinpot dictators that infest our every branch of government thrive on both our apathy and absence, and so we must suffocate and constrain them by showing up and getting in their grill as often as we possibly can. Show them they are hopelessly outnumbered. Make clear to these parasites that we are hawkishly watching their every move (the scarce good ones will embrace these enforcement actions because they are actually there to serve the republic rather than themselves).

Excerpt from, with solutions here: https://tritorch.substack.com/p/apathy-is-the-fire-in-which-we-burn

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Excellent high-impact list, Meryl!

In my letter to Ron Johnson, I proposed #MakePharmaLiable, #RememberBabyAlex, and #PutPeopleOverPharma legislation:


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Nov 13, 2023·edited Nov 13, 2023

Sent to my do-nothing Senators. Can’t wait for my form letters, again… maybe I’ll send it to my new, same as the old boss, Congressman.

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Nov 13, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

I just sent this to my representative and told him he’s been asleep at the wheel while Dr. Nass is working 24/7 to save this country.

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Nov 13, 2023Liked by Meryl Nass

so far I have called 8 Representatives and demanded that they reject the amendments to International Health Regulations at the 75th world health Asssembly 5/27/22. biden has attmepted to shorten the time period so he can hurry up and get those amendments adopted. Im just trying to keep our sovereignty as a nation!!! It is so damn overwhelming to stay on top of all

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Congress' ineptitude, lack of teeth, greed seems a huge part of the problem... not one 'elected' official on either side of the aisle speaks for 'the people'. They 'tickle' ears with soundbites and extreme inaction. If the words of the Constitution were correctly interpreted by these persons...

The challenges faced from corporations, deep state would have been exposed...

Most all seem bought. 😔

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As far as I am concerned, to my congressman...I go, you go. I have granted you no power to allow any outside villains like gates, gavi, the WHO and UN to assume any authority in the US.

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These were my notes from the excellent presentation you starred in and shared recently, specifically in pertinence to what Congress can do, per Kris Ullman's section. It's partly redundant to what's above, but not entirely:


See ~1:44

The House, in HR 4665, which is the state and foreign ops bill, has defunded the WHO, and they’ve also said that these international foreign agreements on health need to have Senate approval

It passed the House, and it has the strong backing of subcommittee chairman Mario Diaz-Balart

“Those of you in the Senate, just keep it in there” (the language?)


Article 36 says that the WHO CA+ shall be subject to ratification/ acceptance/approval in the member states

^^Which version was this?


According to congressional research service, the IHR COULD require ratification: if Congress wishes to exert greater control over US proposals, they can require the administration to notify and consult with congress over such proposals

International Pandemic Preparedness act was slipped into the NDAA of last year.

As a result of it, John Nkengasong (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Nkengasong) has been made Ambassador for Global Health Security in the US, which is a new job created by the International Pandemic Preparedness act that was slipped into the NDAA

Fortunately, this act has much in it (various requirements) that could trigger oversight.

-The president needs to notify the health committee and the house energy and commerce committee about their strategic plans on global health security

-They need to outline their policy goals

-Within six months of passage, which would have been this past summer, they need to submit their strategy to congress

Where are the hearings on that plan? Where is the annual report on what they’ve done to implement this?

We can repeal, we can at least demand oversight (even without having a majority in both houses)

Later mentioned: The tenth amendment gives no powers to the Federal government over healthcare

(Of course, their loophole has been to use federal funding as a carrot and its removal as a stick)

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Thanks for the list. I sent it to my Maine Senator, Susan Collins.

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Sent to my two congressmen.

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Excellent! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has called or an army to go over the wall of the castle. The population can come up with that.

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If and when I write my Congressman, I'm going to tell him these solutions beat the possible alternative - half the states perhaps one day seceeding from the Union.

IMO that would be a real possibility if all these agendas come to fruition. I think the real reason our real rulers want these programs to happen is that these "reforms" will give them even more control and power. However, if half the country "opts out" of these programs, they are left with only half the population they can control in the future. Have they thought about that?

This said, I don't think they worry much about that scenario ... because they know 95 percent of the population is afraid to even mention the "S-word." So, really, their programs have already worked. The ultimate "check" on their power is off the table because people are already too frightened to mention it - less the State come after them for being another Thomas Paine-type traitor to the nation.

However, if an amicable divorce was a real possibility, our rulers might have to throttle back on some of these initiatives.

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What Congress can do and what they actually do are two completely different things. They can and should uphold their oaths, but they rarely if ever do so. Their votes go to the highest bidder, which is NEVER the taxpayer.

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Love you Doc. Keep fightin' the tide is turning.💔

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Thank you Dr. Nass. You are a treasure.

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Revoke the 2005 IHR

Disband public health offices which report to the WHO

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