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When they use the word “One” anything, it’s trouble.

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It is standard branding parlance to imply that the first is the best.

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Sounds like One BS to me.

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I’ve learned to just grow suspect of any global or health initiative just by looking at their ridiculously obviously stupid propaganda graphics as the first telltale giveaway. Let alone how obviously overly bureaucratic they have to be to trick people into thinking they are “experts”. (I’ve worked in Federal regulations for two decades, and have watched them devolve into madness)

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Tunnel-vision on a problem

Runaway without relief

The solution, unsatisfactory

Forever - frowning - grief

Sleight of hand is contagious

Salesmen sell by fright

Buy our solution today,

Or be dead tomorrow night.

… I'll take two.

And I'll have three,

Stampedes of turmoil

Swell the economy

Riches richer ever more

Destitution - poverty - poor

The whole world a worried wasteland

Burnt to its corporate core

Scorched of its suffering

Charred along its shore

Existing as a crisis

Madness, a memory

Of a great blue orb

Floating splendidly

In a state of harmony

On a tide of galaxy

A cosmic ocean beyond us

If only - we forgo - the fee

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Cultural Marxism comes in many flavors. Using health as the umbrella combines them all. It’s the one-size-fits-all solution run totally by self-appointed unelected bureaucrats.

Now, what could go wrong with that??

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Not Marxist! Fascist!

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Marxist in that it is designed to equalize downwards to a basis of universal servitude. Fascist in that it will do so by force.

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A perfect exemplar for the old saying, "Bullshit baffles brains".

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They hand over health to the foreign body WHO. But since health is everything the package is everything. Health in Europe in their legislatilion is 9 sectoral data spaces. Freedom is terrifyingly redefined as the free movement of goods services people and health data. So when they say Freedom is not what we think. When they say health it is a new instrument of control. The legislation further administers health care without face to face care. Doctor is scrubbed entirely. The medical profession at large by not moving as a whole is dying as a whole and how fast that will occur after the WHO comes into effect.... the medical profession will get the most shots mandated to practice. See my work on bill 36 passed in Canada as that bill is either copied for passing in your jurisdiction or soon will. All these weapons in laws are being administerrd in western nations identically. Whether jailing parents or professionals for not confirming a gender change or in Bill 36 speaking the new definition of misinformation. All the same play books each in different stages in fifteenth jurisdiction coming to a head to strip power

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There's something explained by the philosopher Karl Popper that I think has relevance:

Visionary social engineering, such as global One Health, is in essence a grab for power that assumes it understands what "the greatest good" is for everyone.

Piecemeal social engineering, though, looks at specific, local problems to be solved. It dispenses with a global greatest good vision and looks at concrete problems.

That's a very rough summary, advocating for piecemeal social engineering.

Problems can be, and are, solved at the local level and any coordinating oversight tends to take shape as power grabs of various sorts, to take decision-making power (and money) away from locals. Coordinating oversight should be purely advisory, not mandatory.

This is the significance of "climate change": it's planet-wide, therefore needs a global, coordinated effort. But there's no such thing as catastrophic CO2 warming. It's complete fiction but is a necessary narrative to get buy-in for global control to "save the planet."

If one takes away the false theory of CO2 catastrophe then there's no need for a Great Reset; as Schwab's books make clear, the moral foundation for the Reset is the necessity to save the planet. This is The Great Narrative that Schwab wrote about.

One more thing that we should be perfectly clear about and that is that those who now want power and control over the world, over individuals and localities, don't give a crap whether this is accomplished through a pandemic/health crisis that changes the world or a global climate crisis that changes the world. Either one would enable a global police state, and once that happens then technology allows them near-total control. No police state.

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It sounds like a direct path to United Nations focused agendas. It also looks like a way to lump land, sea, air, animals, and animals into an all encompassing category.

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This trial balloon ought to be shot down--with as many arrows as we can muster! They seek to perpetuate "one empire, under surveillance, with deceit and oppression for all."

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But cows, chickens, and eggs are not for human-animal bonding, whateverthefruckthat means.

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These people have no authority to do any of this. If our government alllows it the states must nullify. It is unconstitutional and therefore null and void in the US.

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How else do you get permission to control just about everything?

Strategically it seems very clever on their behalf.

For us. Malevolence on a scale only seen in fantasy.

As the high priests of the great reset will surely muddy the waters and justify any means to get their ends. And it'll all be legal.

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One of the first "Organizations" I would burn to the ground while discrediting everyone who "worked" there.

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Sounds like some of the input given to the god-like AI given the charge of managing the planet at a sustainable level.

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Or maybe something like this: Snake oil is a term used to describe deceptive marketing, health care fraud, or a scam. Similarly, snake oil salesman/ woman is a common label used to describe someone who sells, promotes, or is a general proponent of some valueless or fraudulent cure, remedy, or solution. And that's bingo.

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