IMO- The Monkey Pox among other diseases are contained in the jabs. Mass non compliance is our best 'peaceful' way to turn things along with a Common Law court to convict ALL of these scumbags for crimes against humanity.

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Thank you Dr. Nass for your brave forge for the truth. Someone has to expose these criminals that hide behind the “mask” of humanitarian help.

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Softening us for the kill is right. Thanks for making the connections to maxwell/ WEF/ etc. They’re all tied together and carrying out they’re 21/30 agenda right in front of our very eyes.

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Jun 7, 2022Liked by Meryl Nass

So great that we have you and you were around and know of these people. Interesting connections you are able to form an opinion of. Love your honesty , transparency and standing up about the anthrax vaccines.

I’m amazed at the ineptness of the board in Maine as well as the judge , lawyer etc. None of these people educated themselves on who you are. Possibly one of the reasons so many of our institutions are broken. People now don’t take the time to be informed and instead Google things. So many are self absorbed and seem incapable of original thought or fall for the propaganda that’s surrounding them . Thankfully I also learned about propaganda in school. Glad you reminded that recent generations don’t have that education. With all the propaganda happening in the last years they are really bombarding us. I’ve shared some info about this with some of my friends young adult children. One 19 year old was particularly fascinated and plans to write a paper in college about it. Cheering her on.

Thanks for connecting some dots and your fighting for the moral and ethical issues concerning c-19. I have much respect for all those willing to speak up and tell truths.

I’m long past the nasty slams saying I’m a selfish American not getting vaccinated. I thank you for being a voice of reason in this hyper partisan medical nightmare we are experiencing and I’m very sorry for the unfair treatment you are enduring . Always appreciate your substack and blog as well. Be well. 💐

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Why hasn't the DOJ released Maxwell client list? Because that list is used to blackmail those clients by our Fed Gov.

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i am glad Russia is winning the war. i wish the US of Arrogance would just back the hell off...and the HATO partner commits self stabbing

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small circle.

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Keep 'em comin doctor Nass! We are on the same page and get strength from one another. 💪🏽💜

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Here are some quotes from UNC's Ralph "Bioweapon" Baric in a recent Raleigh News & Observer propaganda piece extolling the virtues of Remdesivir and tacitly asking for more funding to pump out more bioweapons, err...drugs.

“We didn’t know about SARS-CoV-2 until it emerged,” said Ralph Baric, a coronavirus expert at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “How do you develop a drug that works against an unknown?”


Gain of function Baric "didn't know about SARS-CoV2"?

Are you sure, Ralphie?


Baric will lead the group as it creates treatments for virus families that could pose a threat.

“The idea is that in a future pandemic, if we didn’t have a drug that worked, we would have a core set of molecules that are close enough so that you’re not starting at home plate, you’re starting at second or third base,” he said.


Got that? More gain of function for virus families that COULD pose a threat.

*i.e. the ones that he can cook up in the lab to release again, and then sell his useless drugs to "cure" the disease.

And yeah, the patents will all be ready in advance. ::wink wink::

From another article, this one not propaganda Microsoft powered:

"Patent US10702600 for the vaccine candidate mRNA-1273 was in fact registered in its new composition on March 28, 2019.

That is 9 months before the official outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in China and the availability of the official Wuhan sequence MN908947.1, the virus initially called 2019-nCoV and then renamed by the World Health Organization SARS-Cov-2 to the strong genomic identity with SARS of 2003 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, when virus and disease were called the same)."

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Well, Maxwell is sitting in prison as we speak. Who's next? Can it possibly be Fauxi himself? The system is brittle--hard but fragile. Humpty Dumpty time!

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How about we set the stage for their eradication

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Very reassuring medical article explains that 50 years of viral mutation, compressed to 4 years, allowing monkeypox to spread rapidly in humans across the globe happened coincidentally after the virus jumped to humans, and only took 4 years instead of 50, because the human immune systems made it mutate 12 times faster. See how that works?

What the surprising mutations in the monkeypox virus could indicate about the new outbreak


​ To be "fair and balanced" I'm including this conspiracy theory that the 50 years of mutations, compressed to 4 years, that allowed monkeypox to spread effectively in humans on a global scale, for the first time ever, happened in a lab, and was even the subject of one of those "tabletop exercises", like a war-game without a war, that predicted it's date of discovery within a week, and just last year. You've seen this kind of paranoid rambling with graphs, analysis and footnotes before... They even quote Robert Malone MD ,and he's a "vaccinated, vaccine-developing anti-vaxxer" as he says himself.

Study Finds Latest Monkeypox Outbreak Is Result of Biolab-manipulated Virus Possibly Released Intentionally


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Jun 7, 2022·edited Jun 7, 2022

Actually, the Russian Chess Master today taught a class with only 2 students (French OMacron and German Scholz) and this is what he told them in substance.

1. The stagflation in the US is 100% due to fiat money printing. The Fed printed $5.9 Trillion out of thin air and Yellen should have expected the inflation to skyrocket. The special operation in UkroNazistan launched in Feb 2022 has nothing to do with gas price in the US that produces more oil than any other country. Period.

2. The EU stagflation is 100% due to myopic energy policies. Wind or Solar energy in the cold northern hemisphere is a recipe for disaster and cannot replace fossil fuels.

Stop blaming Russia for your stupidities. Period.

I think Putin is right. Currently, there are more than 6000 products derived from petroleum or its derivatives. How can Wind/Solar (green) magic be used to create those products? The EU chicken coop is run by magicians!!!

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Fantastic connections. Thank you!

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Fear, fear, fear, and more fear...

It works with compliant.

It is draining on people resisting.

I hope civil wars start out.

I'd rather die than end up in NWO death camp .

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